Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Beautiful decor

To the editor: We want to say “thank you” to James and Molli Martin for their beautiful Christmas decorations at Sunshine Mill. The lighted cross was special, and the entire display brought a smile to us (and to many) every time we saw it. Also, all the lights and decorations around town, the lighted stars on the hillsides, big lighted trees, added to the festive air. It was all enjoyed and much appreciated.

Letter to the editor: Climate change

To the editor: I believe, I believe! I believe in climate change! I’m a true believer and absolutely convinced the climate is changing…..just as it has constantly for the three or four billion years the earth has revolved around the sun (which, by the way, affects our climate much more dramatically than anything mere humans are capable of). So how ignorant is it to talk about climate change as something new? The Ice Age was just 10,000 years ago (a mere wink of an eye geologically speaking). And if that’s too remote for you, the Little Ice Age ended less than 200 years ago, and was preceded by an extended period of (drum roll here) global warming.

Letter to the editor: Action needed

To the editor: I would like to respond to RaeLyn Ricarte about how to re-establish the proper separation of powers. This cannot all be put on the president’s hand when Congress is so broken. Even Thomas Jefferson was pragmatic about extending the power of the president when he thought it important.

Letter to the editor: Proud American

To the editor: In response to a letter of Dec. 29th titled “Return to values,” I disagree. Not all people are raised with an “entitlement mind set” and “lack work ethic, common sense and a responsible attitude.” All people? Are her own family and friends included in this broad statement?

Letter to the editor: Irresponsible act

To the editor: This letter is addressed to the heartless individual who dumped the white cat recently on the west side of town.

Letter to the editor: Return to values

To the editor: In the last week there have been several letters to the editor supporting gun control. Gun control is not the answer. These people seem to think if gun control is legislated then there won’t be any more shootings. They don’t seem to understand that the only ones turning in their guns will be the law abiding citizens.

Letter to the editor: Trump is egotistical

To the editor: “What in the hell do they think they are doing?” “How in the hell do they think they can accomplish anything by doing that?” Quoted directly from Donald Trump’s mouth while he was being interviewed on national television. While being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly he constantly interrupted him.

Letter to the editor: Hope in life

To the editor: Flagrant criminals, openly brazen thieves suing for their share of the plunder. This is called “higher education?”

Letter to the editor: Help for Guard

To the editor: Gift card donations have become a very valuable resource for the neediest families of the deployed Oregon National Guard Soldiers. Families of these soldiers often experience financial difficulties, especially during the holidays. The gift cards offer some financial relief for them, and demonstrate our appreciation to our soldiers and their families.

Letter to the editor: Global warming real

To the editor: Despite Ms. Ricarte’s insinuation that global warming is just a massive conspiracy, significant evidence exists that global warming has continued from the peak of the last ice age through recent times.

Letter to the editor: Guns bring death

To the editor: Does RaeLynn Ricarte realize that President Obama keeps “harping” (her vulgar term) about gun control because Americans keep dying from gun violence at the current rate of 89 per day. Apparently, gun rights are more important to her than the 12,410 lives lost so far in 2015. Six hundred and forty nine of these deaths being children under the age of 11. Let’s not hurry to celebrate the booming business at Old Mill Bargain Center because there is statistical evidence that increased gun sales result in increased gun deaths. The Chronicle’s “Dialogue” heading asked, “What is behind record gun sales in the US.” The answer is the NRA, spineless politicians and fear.

Letter to the editor: Real cost of wolves

To the editor: Considering the condition of our local government, even our state, national and international problems all needing attention, I could write a letter every day about all the wrongs. However, a letter to the editor the other day might seem trivial in the world of wrong ideas but it’s a place to start.

Letter to the editor: Help foster children

To the editor: Did you know that over 165 kids in the Gorge currently call foster care home and most of them are in Wasco County? I serve as a board member for Columbia Gorge CASA, a local non-profit organization that recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to advocate for the needs and well being of children in foster care.

Letter to the editor: Festival a success

To the editor: Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make the 2015 Festival of Trees a success.

Letter to the editor: Why bail out banks?

To the editor: A while ago, I was going to refinance my house – had my home for more than 36 years so it seemed like a simple task. There was an $80,000 loan on a house worth more than $160,000, what more could a bank ask for?


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