Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Republican time

To the editor: Let’s try something different when we vote. We have not had a Republican governor in 30 years and Greg Walden is our only representative in the U.S. government.

Letter to the editor: Proven record

To the editor: Should Rod Runyon get re-elected? Commissioner Runyon was the leading no vote on Commissioner Steve Kramer’s motion for county landowners to vote to assess their homes, ranches and farms $2.03 per thousand dollars of value to fund the Wasco County Road Department. City landowners who use or don’t use county roads were opted out of the vote by City officials. If you rent or lease anything in the county, your rent would have naturally increased as increases are nearly always passed on.

Letter to the editor: Keep Runyon

To the editor: I am supporting Rod Runyon for county commissioner because Rod Runyon IS the voice of change.

Letter to the editor: Time for Bailey

To the editor: Support Bailey! I believe there needs to be a change at the Wasco County Commission and this change is best represented by Bridget Bailey.

Letter to the editor: Support chief

To the editor: Mosier Fire Chief Appleton was fired by the fire board last Thursday. With that action, fire board members have gone beyond frugal to destructive and dangerous. There was no public discussion before that decision, no input sought from the volunteers who are Mosier Fire. The action taken is completely contrary to the highly qualified recommendations made by professionals in modern Fire/EMS to our board.

Letter to the editor: Ostrye for judge

To the editor: I have known Judge Karen Ostrye for more than 20 years.

Letter to the editor: Alphabet as argument

To the editor: I can appreciate the simple beauty of Mr Winans’ letter in last Thursday’s Chronicle. It’s hard to limit yourself to a mere 20 words or so when expressing a complex opinion.

Letter to the editor: Time for new players

To the editor: Time for a change. Considering the large increase in the city budget from $35 to $58 million and the recently knowledge of our city’s budget being $12 million over Hermiston’s convinced me to speak out. The water rates are a bone of contention in almost everyone’s conversation. Many people refuse to water their property at all for fear of exceeding their limit. Small business owners are feeling their rates are unfair also. Learning of the six year automatic increase already in place is further frustration. Those of us struggling to live on a fixed income in the private sector are alarmed. We won’t receive increases in retirement benefits that can compete with the increases in our service.

Letter to the editor: Control city spending

To the editor: Kudos to The Chronicle for its recent article on City Councilor Carolyn Wood and challenger Taner Elliott. The article exposed important differences between the two candidates. Here is my take: Carolyn Wood, who makes her living managing properties, touts her over two decade’s experience, as the most important reason to vote for her. For experience, Wood has been on virtually every board in the county and has two stints on city council for a total of 12 years. She has city budget experience and has helped it grow from $35 million in 2007 to almost $58 million today.

Letter to the editor: Runyon is a leader

To the editor: I am writing to promote the re-election of Rod Runyon. I have known Rod for over 25 years as a coach and also as a fellow local insurance agent. More recently, I have become a friend and supporter for Rod. He is the perfect example of a community leader. I see him EVERYWHERE! He gives to the community every chance he can through volunteer work. He is a creature of service. We have all heard the phrase, “Time is money.” If that is truly the case, we are the richest county to have Rod Runyon as our county commissioner.

Letter to the editor: Paying unfair rates

To the editor: Back in 1999, I discovered my parent’s sewer bill (inside city limits) was $17.25 while mine (outside city limits) was $29.25. I called City of The Dalles to find out why. I was told that since I don’t pay city taxes, I would have to make up for it by paying more on the sewer bill. This has continued for years with ever increasing hikes.

Letter to the editor: Don’t fire chief

To the editor: I attended this week’s meeting of the Mosier Fire District in which the board fired the chief — and I am absolutely appalled!

Letter to the editor: Support three

To the editor: In the next few weeks we will have the privilege and honor of selecting leaders for our state, county and city. This is a responsibility that is very important to me and one that I take very seriously.

Letter to the editor: Event success

To the editor: Friends of Cross Country would like to thank everyone who made the second decennial Bob-A-Long such a success last Saturday — especially The Chronicle and Al Wynn for advertising, Breakaway Promotions for providing the music and helping with take down, Scott McMullen for organizing the T-shirts and everyone who participated either by walking, running, bobbing along, or simply sending a donation if unable to attend.

Letter to the editor: Keep Runyon

To the editor: Why should I vote for a change when present commissioner Rod Runyon works well with the commissioners, who are all doing a good job?


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