Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: City headed right way

To the editor: Here is what I have to say about former city councilor Carolyn Wood’s letter to the editor (Sept. 19) and the accompanying editorial regarding the city manager’s termination:

Letter to the Editor: Carving out new jobs

Carving out new jobs

Letter to the Editor: Don’t need dictator

Don’t need dictator

Letter to the Editor: Earthquake readiness

Earthquake readiness

Letter to the Editor: Wonderful events

Wonderful events

Letter to the editor: Help for homeless

Help for homeless

Letter to the Editor: Greater than the sum

Greater than the sum

Letter to the Editor: Lessons learned

Lessons learned

Letter to the Editor: We need Hillary

We need Hillary

Letter to the Editor: Council act unethical

Council act unethical

Letter to the editor: Appalling action

To the editor: On September 14 four members of The Dalles City Council dismissed City Manager Nolan Young with no public discussion or explanation. The action was effective immediately. In the nearly two weeks since then no one, to my knowledge, has explained their action. This is appalling.

Letter to the Editor: School conversation

When I read the article in The Oregonian, Monday, Sept. 21, on the statistics that reflect the dismal achievements of The Dalles High School I was moved to write this.

Letter to the Editor: City changes needed

Our water rates, the highest in Eastern Oregon, are scheduled to go higher this November.

Letter to the editor: Did not support firing

Did not support firing

Letter to the Editor: Invitation to mayor

Invitation to mayor


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