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Letter to the Editor: U.S. has racist history

To the editor: The United States has a sordid history of oppressing blacks and minorities for over 400 years. Slavery began in the Virginia Colony in 1609. In 2017, we have yet to live out the true meaning of our creed “…that all men are created equal.”

Letter to the Editor: Thank Gibson for view

To the editor: I wanted to thank Mark Gibson for his view on the NFL protests. His was not an angry, loud response, but a well-thought-out perspective on what should be the expectations of all Americans when it comes to liberty and equality.

Letter to the Editor: Unsettling story

To the editor: This newspaper’s recent insert, The Gorge Sportsman, included an article “Reeling in the Rulebreakers” about Oregon State Police’s sport fishery enforcement effort in the Columbia River Gorge.

Letter to the Editor: NFL for equality

To the editor: When I see the NFL players kneeling with heads bowed — supported by their staff — I see it as praying for more equality in our country. Equal justice, equal opportunity and freedom from prejudice.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t repeat mistakes

To the editor: Last month, a few days after the 150th anniversary of Karl Marx's Capital, President Trump embarrassed himself in a speech to the United Nations. World leaders laughed after he made ignorant remarks about socialism, and its supposedly universal track record of "poverty and misery." How do we begin to set the record straight? What Trump failed to grasp is that there is no single economic program called socialism. And, of the many different socialisms, the track record ranges from horrific failure to smashing success.

Letter to the Editor: Question for NFL

To the editor: If some can justify not standing and respecting our national anthem and our Stars and Stripes as a First Amendment matter of "Free Speech,” others can justifiably consider the same as "Hate Speech,” correct?

Letter to the Editor: No more disrespect

To the editor: With the NFL players in the news for kneeling during the national anthem, what do the readers of The Dalles Chronicle and the citizens of this town think about the U.S. Flag and the national anthem? (Send a reporter out onto the streets.)

Letter to the Editor: Thank you!

To the editor: On behalf of all the Kiwanians, community members, and all the children that benefit and enjoy the numerous Kiwanis projects, I thank you!

Letter to the Editor: Due respect

To the editor: Every year the people of God are redeemed from the bondage of Egypt, from servitude to the world, which corresponds to the birth of Christ.

Letter to the Editor: Rewarding reception

To the editor: Our compliments to the people of The Dalles, Mosier and Hood River.

Letter to the Editor: Proud of Villaneuva

To the editor: I am very proud of one NFL player. His name is Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise. This man is a former captain in the Army and ex-Ranger who did three tours in Afghanistan.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you Eagles

To the editor: On Sept 16, The Dalles Eagle Riders held their fifth annual Poker Ride benefiting two local veteran groups, Point Man Ministries and Outside the Wire. Smoke was still present in the gorge but the participants and volunteers still had fun!

Letter to the Editor: Who is extreme?

To the editor: In the Sept. 8 Chronicle “article,” “Walden Talks Politics...”, Congressman Walden stated “Indivisible, which seems to draw a lot of extremists, is not a movement designed to build agreement and unity.” Walden's assertion is absolutely untrue.

Letter to the Editor: Smoke and mirrors

To the editor: Enough smoke and mirrors.

Letter to the Editor: Ask first

To the editor: To the person who complained about the "unkempt graves" at IOOF. Have you visited regularly over the past several years? Have you noticed that things are looking much better? Do you know how big the budget is to run the cemetery, or how much water they have to keep everything green?


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