Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Wise strategy

To the editor: As a reaction to Islamic terrorism, I find myself indiscriminately loathing all things Islamic.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for help

To the editor: On Feb. 18, Mid-Columbia Health Foundation, the fundraising arm of Mid-Columbia Medical Center, had the pleasure of hosting a spaghetti feed for our “Level the Playing Field” project at The Dalles High School-Kurtz Gym. The Level the Playing Field project was created to provide upgrades to The Dalles High School weight room and wellness programs for District 21 staff. About 300 people came out to support the event.

Letter to the editor: Let people win

To the editor: I have a question as to the development of the proposed Walmart Super Store planned for the city of The Dalles. I noticed that this much needed store has been blocked by “local citizens” or is it “local business” over the last six years or since 2009.

Letter to the editor: Boiling frogs

To the editor: I always thought that was a funny story, the one about the boiling frog — put a frog in boiling water, he’ll jump out, but if you put him in cold water that is slowly heated, he will be cooked to death. And scientists have shown this to be true. That poor, foolish frog!

Letter to the editor: Common sense

To the editor: Regarding Connie Krummrich’s recent letter in the Chronicle: All of the common sense gun control measures are already on the books. All that remains are useless “feel good” measures that only restrict law-abiding citizens’ legal use of firearms.

Letter to the Editor: Level the playing field

To the editor: The “Level the Playing Field” project is a coordinated effort between the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation, Mid-Columbia Medical Center and North Wasco County School District No. 21 to promote wellness for the students in our community. With studies showing Wasco County having a significant childhood obesity problem and the antiquated equipment of the school’s training facilities, MCMC saw a need that they could help meet.

Letter to the editor: Goodbye Mike

To the editor: Community. Big events in one life can disrupt little routines in many others, in Community. Mike’s Bakitchen has been about the wonderful baked delicacies, but even more it’s been about a meeting place for coffee and conversation, Community.

Letter to the editor: Don’t harm cats

To the editor: Kitten season is almost here. Are you ready? Do you have an unspayed female? Either a pet or perhaps a stray that you are feeding? Luckily, there are several organizations here locally that can help.

Letter to the editor: Need gun safety

To the editor: I was extremely disappointed to read in The Chronicle that the Wasco County Commissioners are opposed to common sense gun control measures that are expected to be proposed in the Oregon Legislature.

Letter to the editor: Waste of time

To the editor: I have found the letters about the oil trains and the city council fairly interesting. I just have one question, why is the city council wasting its time? Doesn’t it have more important, and useful, things to look into?

Letter to the editor: Rand was fraud

To the editor: In her last ’Crosstalk’ offering, Ms. Ricart chose to sing the praises of Ayn Rand. Rand became a darling of the Tea Party who embraced her pseudo philosophy which sought to justify the privilege of the wealthy and demonize not only the lazy, undeserving poor, but the working middle-classes as well.

Letter to the editor: Cat burglar

To the editor: I must express my disappointment about the past few months with a certain “Cat Burglar” in my neighborhood. I help to take care of a veteran who lives with me and on Dec. 16, 2014, his companion cat that walked around the block with him went missing. Of course we thought he had just strayed away but a few weeks later another cat at the residence went missing, A week later another.

Letter to the editorial: Overview of society

To the editor: After 50 years of watching and listening to people from all over the world, I notice one thing: There are people who can deal with problems, people who can’t, and some that are border cases.

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Editorial cartoons from Feb. 9

Editorial cartoons from Feb. 9, 2015

Letter to the editor: Good movies... and bad

To the editor: I recently sent a letter to Columbia Cinemas, telling them a big “Thank you” for their cooperation with YouthThink to offer the free Saturday family movies. This is a great way to give families a fun activity together while benefiting the community with the canned food donations. So I wanted to thank Columbia Cinemas for supporting youth and families in this area.


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