Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Challenge

To the editor: This is an open letter to Oregon Governor Kate Brown... I am the proprietor of a country grocery store in Dufur, built in 1905 and serving our community for over 100 years.

Letter to the editor: Sad day

To the editor: I have just learned that our federal representative, Greg Walden, is endorsing Donald Trump for president. For me, it is a sad day for honor and values in Oregon and America. How is it possible that Mr. Walden can suspend his value system in order to align with his political club over the wellbeing of our state and country? Or, has his value system shifted to such an extreme during his long tenure in Congress that he has lost perspective on what makes our country great?

Letter to the editor: Herd mentality

To the editor: To Rianda Linebarger who responded to Celeste Moss about TDHS play March 2016: Your points are valid that this is the real world and there is need for young men and women to have appropriate outlets to discuss sexual and controversial issues.

Letter to the editor: Vote wisely

To the editor: Our founding fathers gave us a plan for almost perfect liberty, providing we manage our states and counties with care and vigilance.

Letter to the editor: Venue change

To the editor: I was just reading the article about the summer concerts that the city is funding and they will be held at the Lewis and Clark Festival Park downtown. My husband and I tried to attend a few events there with poor results. I am in a wheelchair or scooter, there is no handicap parking available, it is always closed due to needing more room for the event, you have to park somewhere downtown and walk.

Letter to the editor: Support Kramer

To the editor: The Dalles Chronicle endorsement of Rodger Nichols, a former member of the Chronicle “family,” over incumbent Steve Kramer should come as no surprise to anyone who is breathing.

Letter to the editor: Rigged system?

To the editor: Am I not qualified to vote because I’m a registered Independent? Receiving my “secret voting envelope,” I find only a one-page ballot limiting my choices to county measures and candidates.

Letter to the editor: Higher wages

To the editor: This letter is for every person in the gorge who has wondered in the last year if they can ever get beyond just a minimum wage job. Yes, you can. If you have an interest in cooking, and are willing to give us 12 weeks to train you, for FREE, we can help you find that future career beyond minimum wage.

Letter to the editor: No change

To the editor: The county commissioner race was endorsed by The Chronicle Editorial Board and its decision was for Rodger Nichols. I don’t know who of the staff made the decision. There have been some new employees who haven’t been aware of our present county commissioners.

Letter to the editor: Kudos to police

To the editor: I wish to commend our local police and deputies for their efforts to reduce or eliminate the drug problems occurring in our neighborhoods. I speak as a concerned citizen and neighbor of South County. I have lived in South County for 22 years and have seen an increase in drug activity and thefts in our area.

Letter to the editor: Vote Nichols

To the editor: I have known Rodger Nichols for more than 30 years, and believe he is the kind of person we want representing us on the Wasco County Commission. I admired his work so much that I hired him away from The Chronicle to be the news director for our group of radio stations. He has done an excellent job, and I will be sorry to lose him when he takes office next January.

Letter to the editor: Falsehoods

To the editor: This election will have a permanent negative effect on the U.S.A. At the last election, I felt that would be the last normal election. Knowing what I do about end-times and prophecy, we are in very troubling times.

Letter to the editor: Top choice

To the editor: Oregon is fortunate in having three outstanding Democratic candidates for the office of Secretary of State, Richard Devlin, Val Hoyle and Brad Avakian, who all bring their respective strengths to the race. However, I would urge Oregon Democrats to cast their vote for Brad Avakian to be our next Secretary of State.

Letter to editor: Thank you

To the editor: Wasco County 4-H would like to thank The Dalles Fitness and Court Club for generously donating the use of its pool to local area students involved in the underwater robotics ROV program. TDFCC has allowed our two teams access to their pool for several weeks so that students can ready themselves for the upcoming competition to be held in North Bend, Oregon April 29-30.

Letter to the editor: Get involved

To the editor: What Happens in Tygh Vegas: Not a bad name. It’s different from everything else which are the same ones you hear at every fair around the country. You can take any theme and turn it in to something bad. It honestly just depends on how you think. If the community wants to get involved why doesn’t the fair board ask the community for suggestions and hold a vote?


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