Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Thanks to sponsors

To the editor: The Gorge chapter of Ducks Unlimited recently held its 32nd annual fundraising banquet at the Hood River Inn.

Letter to the Editor: VA gives good care

To the editor: As a vet receiving VA (U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs) health care since 1984, I have always had positive experiences with the professionalism and health care I have received.

Letter to the Editor: Attend town halls

To the editor: Saturday, March 4, U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley held a town hall in The Dalles at the high school auditorium. It was very well attended by an enthusiastic audience.

Letter to the Editor: Respect owed judges

To the editor: In her editorial on February 7, RaeLynn Ricarte said “Make no mistake about it, the protests mounted by Democrats — and legal ruling by Judge James L. Robart of Seattle — have all been orchestrated to delegitimize Trump and stir up public dissent.”

Letter to the Editor: Walden owes answers

To the editor: Greg Walden has introduced health care legislation to preserve the pre-existing condition protections of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare), but his Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act is contingent on the full repeal of the ACA.

Letter to the Editor: Long winter is over!

To the editor: Hopefully, our long rough winter is now over! We have many people to be thankful for.

Letter to the Editor: Women’s health care

To the editor: As a woman and a health care provider, I am tremendously concerned about the effect on women’s health care of the Republicans’ plan to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

Letter to the Editor: Free press essential

To the editor: I read with interest the Tuesday, Feb. 28, opinion piece, “Are media outlets now the enemy?” Kudos to you for being a media outlet willing to examine this challenge to your motives. The survival of our democracy requires the participation of an informed electorate, and as Burkhardt points out, a free press is essential to the informed part.

Letter to the Editor: Corruption is deep

To the editor: The Republicans rigged the presidential election of 2016. The Russians intruded into the election with the knowledge and participation of the Trump campaign. The FBI deliberately interfered with the process and affected the outcome. This corruption and betrayal is broad and deep.

Letter to the Editor: Stand united

To the editor: Many of you did not vote for Donald Trump. Others did so while holding their nose. Some cast their vote for Trump with great fervor. The outcome of the election was his Electoral College win but certainly not a great mandate.

Letter to the Editor: Legal path

To the editor: On Feb 16, “Day without Immigrants,” 735 kids in Hood River skipped school. I applaud our superintendent, for reminding that despite this cause, attendance is important.

Letter to the editor: Keep elements of ACA

To the editor: I am relieved that Rep. Walden is determined that people with preexisting conditions can get health insurance but I am concerned that he doesn’t have a viable plan to make insurance affordable.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t make it a mess

To the editor: Prior to the ACA, maternity coverage was rare and costly in the individual insurance market. If Congress drops the requirement to cover maternity, we will likely return to those bad old days. Rep. Walden is a leader in reform efforts, and will have an important say in whether families continue to have access to affordable maternity coverage.

Letter to the Editor: Help appreciated

To the editor: This is a big “THANK YOU!” to all the people who donated items for our Christmas day bags. Each year, we pass out 50 bags to our diners at the Community Meal site. There are 13 items in each bag.

Letter to the Editor: Need more prayer

To the editor: Our thanks need to be given to Franklin Graham who went to every state asking for prayers for our nation. Thousands turned out. That is why the vote turned out the way it did, and it gives us hope since so many Christians prayed.


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