Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Time to wake up!

To the editor: When the pilgrims threw off the British Red Coats, it was for a reason; to gain freedoms they did not have. This country has had to protect these freedoms ever since. The individuals involved are our heroes. They are not terrorists!

Letter to the editor: Oil pre-refinery

To the editor: Due to the oil train disaster in Mosier, there has been much uproar among the public, but no one has provided any solutions. Their view is to shut down the rail oil tank car traffic in the Columbia Gorge corridor, without seeking alternatives. I am offering a solution that can resolve safety concerns.

Letter to the editor: Favor pipeline

To the editor: Oh, this ol’ river of ours could tell us a lot. This grand old lady of the Gorge, this wise old matriarch.

Letter to the Editor: Vendors call for change

On behalf of the Gorge Grown Food Network board of directors I want to thank everyone who has supported the changes to the Hood River Farmers Market. Saying goodbye to the Hood River Middle School location was a difficult decision, but due to space and timing challenges with school in session, vendors called for a change.

Letter to the editor:

To the editor: I find it quite odd that The Dalles Chronicle has failed to truly acknowledge that any tragedy has happened in Orlando. A few small articles printed on the third page of today’s paper is hardly an appropriate response from such a community of loving and caring people.

Letter to the editor: Shop local?

To the editor: “Shop locally.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? But as a woman with very little mobility, downtown The Dalles is impossible. I’m especially angry that two parking spaces in front of Klindt’s have been swallowed. Nearly all of the handicapped parking is the heck and gone away from shopping spots. Crud, if I could walk from the spaces at the transportation center, I wouldn’t need a walker.

Letter to the editor: Thanks city

To the editor: I live on Thompson Street and I want to thank Mayor Steve Lawrence and the city council for getting our street fixed without $10,000 out of our pocket, interest and a lien on our property. Past City Manager Nolan Young badgered the residents of Thompson Street for years over this.

For the record, from June 14

For the record, from June 14, 2016

Letter to the editor: Thanks OVH team

To the editor: Once again, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to the Oregon Veterans’ Home for yet another smooth transition via a second knee replacement operation from Mid-Columbia Medical Center into the home.

Letter to the editor: BLM, Trains, Trump

To the editor: I would like to respond to the recent letter to the editor regarding the BLM land management problem, the oil train issue and “Tyrant Trump.”

Letter to the editor: Give me a break

To the editor: The oil train wreck was not a good thing, but come on people, don’t you think you are carrying it too far? How many trains go through the area every year and how many incidents have there been?

Letter to the editor: Clean plant

To the editor: There are days here in The Dalles that breathing is a problem for me when I detect the stink of naphthalene concentrations in the air. I am not the only citizen affected.

Letter to the editor: Shop local

To the editor: Everybody talks about buying local. Local produce, local dry goods, shop local because that money stays here instead of going elsewhere. The community harvest cooperative grocery (co-op) which has been started here is looking to provide you with locally grown produce as well as other items. When I heard of it I planted more fruit trees so the fruit will go on its shelves and into your home.

Letter to the editor: Near miss

To the editor: I found myself greeting friends last night with “glad to still see you.” Crass, yes. But when the shock of a situation of this magnitude is still passing through you…well, some of us try to find the bright side. We’re still alive.

Letter to the editor: Focus has sharpened

To the editor: My focus has sharpened from three recent events: The Malheur insurrection, the Mosier oil train derailment, and the presidential candidacy of the Tyrant Trump. First, understanding the formation of rules in the code of federal regulations will be helpful. Federal regulations, and state regulations for that matter, are not generated by some unknown and unnamed bureaucrat.


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