Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Egg drop support

To the editor: Each year the Dry Hollow fifth-graders do a scientific engineering problem when they design an egg drop container that will keep an egg from breaking when dropped from around 30 feet. And, every year Mr. Sawyer at True Value Hardware in The Dalles donates the use of a lift for our project.

Letter to the Editor: Applaud leadership

To the editor: As a small business owner and city councilor in Dufur, I applaud the leadership demonstrated by Speaker Kotek and Senator Hass with their compromise proposal to provide more revenue for our schools and critical services.

Letter to the Editor: Disagree with Ricarte

To the editor: I read your June 6, 2017, Crosstalk opinion piece about pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Letter to the Editor: Help for food bank

I am involved with St. Vincent de Paul Society of The Dalles and we operate a Food Bank on Ninth Street in the basement of the St. Vinnie's store. Tuesday night we lost the compressor on our walk-in freezer. I would like to thank Carolyn at the Discovery Center, Mike Ballinger, Josh Molnar of Muscle & Fitness and Liz Polehn, our food bank manager. Without their help we would have had to get rid of all the frozen product and that just wouldn't sit well with us.

Letter to the Editor: AHCA fails

To the editor: The AHCA bill passed by the House would reduce Medicaid payments by $834 billion and premium support by $276 billion. Taking these dollars out of our health care system will hurt people in the Second Congressional District.

Letter to the Editor: Oligarchy

To the editor: Coal is the cause of Appalachia poverty.

Letter to the Editor: Federal fallback plan

To the editor: Our U.S. Congress and staff do not have free health care. At our last town hall meeting in The Dalles, Greg Walden said that he was under the same Affordable Care Act the everyone else was. This is mostly true.

Letter to the Editor: Universal health care

To the editor: I recently read a commentary in the paper ("Obamacare doesn't work" by Kris Wilhelm) and I wanted to clear up a misconception the author and many people have about what can constitute a pre-existing condition to insurance companies.

Letter to the Editor: Very successful event

To the editor: Thank You!! The 2017 Wasco Memorial Weekend Country Breakfast, sponsored by ABC Huskies Child Care, had another very successful event and we are very grateful for the amazing support demonstrated by the Sherman County community.

Letter to the Editor: Support science

To the editor: Neil deGrasse Tyson says we have relied on science and our ingenuity to become a great nation. Science is a fundamental part of the country that we are. He also says that in today’s world people have lost the ability to judge what is true and what is not. When you have leaders who do not know much about science standing in denial of it, that is a recipe for the complete dismantling of our informed democracy … as Vice President Pence did when he said, “Let us demand that educators around America teach evolution not as fact, but as theory.”

Letter to the Editor: Trump stupidity

To the editor: Every time I feel Trump can go no lower into abject stupidity he proves, he can. And, in fact, goes into it with vigor and gusto as if he has done something unique. Trump announced that he's pulling out of the Global Climate Summit, because in his words," Global warming is a hoax.”

Letter to the Editor: Domestic terror issue

To the editor: This Memorial Day, in addition to our fallen war heroes, many of us paid special tribute to three brave men on Portland MAX. Last Friday two of them were brutally murdered, and one seriously wounded, as they attempted to stop a hate crime in progress.

Letter to the Editor: Set priorities

To the editor: Protecting our environment or big businesses making more money, which is more important to you?

Letter to the Editor: Walden disloyal

To the editor: When Greg Walden voted yes on the despicable health care bill he helped create, it certainly erased any doubts some people may have had about where his loyalties lie — not with his constituents, but with his party.

Letter to the Editor: Walden’s role

To the editor: This week the nation is to learn if Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord. Rep. Greg Walden would be wise to encourage him not to.


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