Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Register now

To the editor: My name is Russ Brown. I will be running for public office in the upcoming Nov. 5 election for The Dalles City Council. Although the election is several months away, this seemed a good time to remind people who are not registered to vote, to do so.

Letter to the Editor: Consenting adults

To the editor: I would like to thank Darlien France for pointing out to us all that the Republican party does not believe that all citizens should be afforded the same rights as guaranteed by our Constitution. (Letters March 20).

letter to the Editor: Puppet leader

To the editor: (Edited for length.) Scrolling through the past letters to the editor, I cannot help but notice all of the letters regarding Obama, good or bad, right or wrong, whether the media covers him responsibly. This is all a false dichotomy meant to distract and divide.

Letter to the Editor: On butt patrol

To the editor: I saw a man at a stop sign empty his ashtray in the street. I saw a lady do it in the parking lot. She had no shame exposing her butts.

Letter to the Editor: Linthicum for congress

To the editor: Rep. Greg Walden rails against Obamacare yet votes to fund it. Rep. Walden votes against extending unemployment benefits which benefits mostly low and middle income workers while voting to give farm subsidies to very high income people who don’t even farm.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, TDMS band!

To the editor: I just attended The Dalles Middle School spring concert and Mr. Angeloni, the band director, has done it again.

Letter to the Editor: Gardens of paradise in Dufur

To the editor: Today I visited the Dufur School briefly, and was impressed with the atmosphere. It made me wonder why everyone looked so happy to be doing time in the cells of academe.

Letter to the Editor: A cycle of seasons

To the editor: Did you ever feel that at least in our climate, spring usually begins some time before the official date of March 20?

Letter to the Editor: Happy Independence Day!

To the editor: I’m totally in favor of the plans for a gala fireworks display and celebration on Independence Day.

Letter to the Editor: A nasty smell

To the editor: Perhaps Pat Jones of Mosier needs to live a little closer to the Amerities plant (as should I) to see if the creosote odor is a good smell that’s good for the city of The Dalles.

Letter to the Editor: State-controlled

To the editor: The state-controlled media is becoming famous for suspending reality when covering news of the White House. Do you ever wonder who is in charge? Wait! Don’t look over there. Ignore that man behind the oval office curtain. It’s not what you think. Just because the state-controlled media gets airborne when he says jump doesn’t mean we should jumpstart our brains then jump to conclusions.

Letter to the Editor: Doll furniture needed

To the editor: I work and live in The Dalles. I enjoy a number of hobbies, the company of my friends and family and the love of my pets.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Stone

To the editor: Mission: Provide an opportunity to introduce or reintroduce our military wounded combat veterans to the outdoors.

Letter to the Editor: Not on Republican platform

To the editor: In response to the story concerning the GOP supporting gay marriage in The Chronicle on March 11, this is not true. The Republican platform does not endorse gay marriage. The Dorchester is not a Republican-sponsored event where this straw ballot occurred.

Letter to the Editor: Taking a stand

To the editor: I admire Nevaeh Gomez Barajas for taking a stand for her generation and speaking out on an issue that has frustrated youth in this area for a long time. Three siblings can be a lot of work for an eldest child, so having a place to go to enjoy being an 11-year-old is important for healthy development. I myself grew up in the Columbia Gorge area and came across the same frustration when I was that age.


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