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Letter to the editor: Keep mayor

To the editor: The Dalles needs Mayor Steve Lawrence for two more years to continue moving our community forward. Steve and the council looked hard at our city budget and with a different mind set from past leaders. Roads are being repaved and repaired without an increased gas tax, water and sewer rates were scheduled to increase 50 percent in the next five years. Lawrence and the council stopped the increase and are working to find a way to lower these rates.

Letter to the editor: M100 facts

To the editor: I am very disappointed in the The Dalles Chronicle’s editorial board’s lack of endorsement of Measure 100 and misstatement of facts. Did the board even bother to read the information in the voter’s pamphlet regarding the ballot measure? Twenty-two newspapers across the state have endorsed Measure 100.

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Letter to the editor: Vote Harris

To the editor: I am supporting Susan Harris for mayor and hope you will too. She has the business background and community experience that makes her an excellent candidate for mayor of The Dalles.

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Letter to the editor: Harris is best choice

To the editor: [The Dalles Mayoral Candidate Susan] Harris doesn’t need a list, everyone is just sick of the dictator! The Quackenbush Gang, wow the list is impressive… the way you push this list on social media gives the impression everyone else should be intimidated and shamed for not being on it. Seriously?

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Letter to the Editor: Harris for mayor

To the editor: Unlike Lawrence’s “Red Flag” hidden agenda, Susan Harris will be transparent.

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Letter to the Editor: Don’t vote corruption

To the editor: This is probably the most important election in the history of the United States. We have endured the last seven years of a corrupt administration; one that followed Bill Clinton’s more guarded yet corrupt administration. Don’t forget Bill’s administration delivered us the housing bubble that caused the recession.

Letter to the Editor: No more red flags

To the editor: Vote Harris for Mayor – No more Red Flags or Smoke and Mirrors!

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Letter to the Editor: Appalled by Trump

To the editor: President Reagan wrote: “A nuclear war cannot be won, and must never be fought.” I am appalled, and frankly terrified, at the casual, ignorant way Mr. Trump talks about nuclear weapons.

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Letter to the Editor: Who has the time?

To the editor: The City of The Dalles has changed for the better. Mayor Lawrence and our current city council put in the time it takes to make knowledgeable, educated decisions in the best interest of our community.

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Letter to the Editor: Harris will unite us

To the editor: In Mayor Lawrence’s recent letter to the editor, he seemed to be promoting a mentality of “Us vs. Them.”

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Letter to the editor: M100 is protection

To the editor: African elephants and rhinos may seem far away but Measure 100 is a way to help protect them. Poaching endangered animal parts is big business, and a cruel one. Among illegally trafficked goods, only drugs, weapons, and human trafficking generate larger dollar volumes worldwide.

Letter to the editor: Deteriorating civility

To Mr. Rooper: You observed in your letter to the editor that signs for GOP candidate Donald Trump have been taken from yards and you blame those supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. I would like to add that Clinton signs have also been taken from yards, so it seems that neither side has clean hands in the campaign.

Letter to the editor: Bitter vs. poison

To the editor: Little good may come from electing Hillary Clinton for president, but much harm will certainly come from Donald Trump. Daily, Donald Trump shows himself to be a buffoonish celebrity with a superiority complex, the temper-tantrums of a toddler, and no grasp of our Constitutional system. He is a mean little would-be authoritarian who luxuriates in the adulation of his rallies — but quakes with rage if a reporter dares to question him or protester stands quietly in opposition. Who else tells supporters to throw punches at demonstrators? Who else in our troubled country threatens his political opponents with prison?

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Letter to the editor: Town not divided

To the editor: It has become obvious to me that my opponent, Susan Harris, and her supporters, are willing to say almost anything to try and get her elected. Remember, people will say a lot of things but that does not mean they speak the truth. Besides taking my lawn signs or threatening businesses who display my signs, they continue to allege that this town is divided and needs to be healed.

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Letter to the editor: Brad for state office

To the editor: The time has arrived when we make our decisions on who will lead Oregon forward into the 21st century. A significant race that hasn’t received the coverage it deserves is the race for Oregon Secretary of State.


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