Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: A beautiful tribute

Our dear Rt. Rev. Rustin Ray Kimsey meant so much to many. My children were both baptized by Rusty. Megan Kimsey Jarman is my dearest friend for almost 43 years.

Letter to the editor: Thank you, Dufur

To the editor: The Oregon Rally Group, on behalf of the Oregon Trail Rally, would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to the people of Wasco County, and particularly Dufur, for their continued support of our event. This year, we had over 50 competitor teams participate in the rally in Dufur, along with several hundred team support staff and event volunteers. The rally was a huge success, and continues to be a huge draw for both competitors and fans around the county.

Letter to the editor: Google article humor

To the editor: I must admit that I look forward to the occasional articles on Google that are published in The Chronicle. I find them humorous and always good for a laugh. In particular the statement from Scott Hege in regards to the $800,000 Google is paying out instead of taxes. Supposedly twice as much as anyone else is paying.

Letter to the editor: Cruelty is disgusting

To the editor: Details in The Chronicle of the senseless injury inflicted upon a helpless cat are deeply troubling. How anyone can view torturing an innocent, voiceless victim and then leaving it to die a slow, agonizing death is beyond my understanding. Such cruelty is disgusting, reprehensible and criminal.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for support

To the editor: Flagstone Senior Living would like to thank MCMC’s Spiritual Health Center for their recent support as we grieved the passing of a number of cherished residents in our Memory Care Unit.

Letter to the editor: Big and little Jesus

To the editor: Most people believe in Jesus. Some believe he was an influential person in history. Some believe he was a prophet, but second to another, later, wiser, voice. Some are very religious about their belief and put up Christmas lights and Nativity scenes.

Letter to the editor: Chronicle in the dog house

To the editor: Being a dog enthusiast, and avid watcher of the annual Westminster Dog Show, it was a real thrill to watch and see a local win the most coveted award given at the show this year!

Letter to the editor: Google’s fair share

To the editor: Google is good for our town. I think most would agree with that statement, but there are many who have concerns about how the tax abatements work and whether our city/county/state is receiving a fair tax revenue stream from the new data storage center.

Letter to the editor: Fireworks important

To the editor: I am writing to you in order to voice my words of the importance in regards to the Fourth of July fireworks display. As a child who grew up in The Dalles, the fireworks display is one of my many fondest memories.

Letter to the editor: Following the rules

To the editor: Some have called into question the value of certain types of investigations done at the behest of the Office of The District Attorney. Oregon law provides that prosecution of crime is about accountability, reformation, deterrence and responsibility for one’s actions.

Letter to the editor: Review of awards

To the editor: On March 5th the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation had the pleasure of celebrating the ninth year of the Tradition of Compassion Philanthropy Awards.

Letter to the editor: Bullying at NORCOR

To the editor: Does The Dalles Chronicle support, endorse, promote Bullying, Fear Mongering, Sexism, Egotism, Lying, Hypocrisy and Bigotry of the Oregon Justice System as I experienced since 19 Feb 2007?

Letter to the editor: Call for help

To the editor: To those who anticipate or are facing foreclosure: Please give us a call. We are here to help.

Letter to the editor: Proud of students

To the editor: Amazing! I attended “Godspell,” a musical play by The Dalles High School Thursday evening and was delighted to see and hear a brilliant performance.

Letter to the editor: Those annoying calls

To the editor: I get them all the time and, even after having the number blocked to telemarketers, or whatever one wants to call this, the calls still come. I decided to play a game with the pests, and lately I have had fewer calls. When the phone rings and it is a nuisance call, here is what to do (Be sure the call is not a friend or anyone important. Be real sure):


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