Letters to the Editors


Arts and Entertainment calendar

Friday, Aug. 12 The Ananas and the Papas perform 7 to 9 p.m. at Gorge Community Music. Groovy tunes from all over the planet. Tickets $8 in store and online at gorgecommunitymusic.com, or call 541-296-2900. Neon Cruise downtown The Dalles. Classic cars roll through town all evening, part of The Dalles Summer Celebration and Neon Classic Weekend. Willy and Nelson perform 7 to 10 p.m., Zim’s Brau Haus, 604 E. Second St., The Dalles. Saturday, Aug. 13 Neon Classic Weekend, part of The Dalles Summer Celebration. Stone in Love, a Journey tribute band, headlines the performance at Lewis and Clark Festival Park, First and Union streets, downtown The Dalles. The Scepter Brothers, a Northwest 60s band, opens the show at 7 p.m. followed by Ants In The Kitchen, a funk, soul and rock band. Doors open at 6 p.m. Festival seating, all age show, 12 and under free. Tickets $15 advance, general admission (all ages) $17 day of show. Up close tickets $20, 21 and over, standing room only. Mid-Columbia Car Club’s Show in the Shade at Sorosis Park, all day. Raffles, vendors, goody bags and trophies. Over 140 classic cars have already registered for the event, which is part of Cruise the Gorge.St.

Letter to the editor: No rezone

To the editor: The Klickitat County Planning Commission last month had a hearing regarding Dallesport, Block C rezoning from Suburban Residential, single family to multi-family, high-density subdivision zoning.

Letter to the editor: Thank you

To the editor: This is an open letter to the law enforcement officers of The Dalles and Oregon State Police Troopers: It is with a sincere and grateful heart that I say thank you for your perseverance, courage and dedication to your responsibilities and to our community of families, children, schools and individual community members.

Letter to the editor: Clinton mockery

To the editor: I do not question the patriotism of Mr. Khan and have compassion for his loss, but I resent him being a shill for Clinton and waiving the Constitution under the nose of the American people.

Letter to the editor: Health center

To the editor: This week, Aug. 7-13, is National Health Center Week, and we are proud to be part of the gorge’s own community health center, One Community Health.

Letter to editor: God's plan

To the editor: Today we see a great deal of media coverage of non-traditional family configurations but see little attention given to traditional opposite-sex marriages into which children can be born.

Letter to the editor: Wake up!

To the editor: When a man tries to stop another from committing suicide on an overpass and others just drive by or take videos or even encourage him to jump, I have to wonder what kind of a society have we created?

Letter to the editor: Going strong

To the editor: On behalf of The Dalles Sister Cities Association, I wish to express our appreciation to The Chronicle and staff writer Jesse Burkhardt for last week’s excellent article on our recent student delegation to Miyoshi City, Japan, sister city of The Dalles. This journey would not have been possible without crucial assistance of many individuals and organizations.

Letter to the editor: Trump's wall

To the editor: There should be a wall. This wall should be across the northern border of Texas, northern borders of New Mexico, and Arizona, the northern and eastern border of Nevada, and isolate all of California. Mexico should pay for it.

Letter to the editor: Proactive department

To the editor: I recently read about the review of the Public Works Department and wanted to write about my experiences with it since I moved to The Dalles last year, both positive. In one case there was a dead animal on the street in front of my house.

Letter to the editor: Trump brings hope

To the editor: Election views: Donald Trump had his TV coverage and now it’s Hillary’s turn — what will the outcome be? What are the differences between the two? Trump started out with 17 candidates in the GOP race. Hillary started with two but ended up quickly with only Bernie Sanders.

Letter to the editor: Thank you, stranger

To the editor: I want to give a big thank you to one of your citizens, but I didn’t get his name at the time. My daughter and I were making a quick trip out to the coast, so she could see the Pacific Ocean and we could ride our cycles on the 101. I was letting her drive so I could get some sleep, second time pulling a trailer. One of your citizens and his wife waved to get her attention and get us to pull over.

Letter to the editor: Border wall needed

To the editor: Imagine a stranger walking into your home. Imagine that the stranger brought friends, none of whom you know. Imagine if those strangers stayed in your home without an invitation — eating all of your food, sleeping wherever they want to sleep, using up all of your resources and then finally taking your job. The common American household has at least four walls and locks on their doors. Why walls and locks? To keep out intruders, of course.

Letter to the editor: Appreciation

To the editor: I have to agree with the writer who appreciated Mark Gibson’s objectivity in his opinion pieces. This dichotomy between “inflammatory” and “thoughtful” styles seems to be present in all of these presentations. One is rational, the other skewed by the inflammatory rhetoric so prevalent in too much of our public discourse.

Letter to the editor: No race war

To the editor: Thank you, Mark Gibson, for your inspired and thoughtful response to Tuesday’s editorial question, “Is racism growing worse in the U.S.?” You looked at respected resources, and drew your conclusions from them and from your own experience. I hope your co-editor had a chance to thoroughly read your writing, because it may help her feel less threatened by national events. There is no way an “anti-cop ideology is being promoted by our president.” This is inflammatory nonsense.


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