Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Faux news

To the editor: Glen Summers’ letter titled Fabrication Nation got the initials right but they could just as easily stand for Faux News.

Letter to the Editor: Valid concerns about wolves

To the editor: Reading Ms. Lutje’s letter of 3/11/14, it‘s clear she has no idea of what‘s involved in getting a good steak to her table. She has a business far removed from ranching. Most cattle sold for slaughter in this part of the country are humanely killed, because inhumane treatment would affect the meat quality the ranchers try hard to insure so that we may all enjoy a good meal. Her idea of a pack of wolves running loose in ranch country is naive. Example: What would happen if she and her dog out for a walk met a pack of dogs, each weighing 100-150 pounds, who decided her dog was appetizing?

Letter to the Editor: Renters have rights to

To the editor: A single, asthmatic mother of three lived across the street. She told the landlord about skunks under the house, he refused to do anything. They moved, lived here and there with relatives. It was too disruptive to the kids. She came back. The first night back, the friend gets a call from the 6- year-old “Mom was coughing but now she’s not.” She had died of an asthma attack.

Letter to the Editor: Downtown is dying

To the editor: I recently I had the opportunity to hang out with an old friend. We decided to walk downtown The Dalles. We quickly learned that there is not much at all to do downtown.

Letter to the Editor: Fabrication nation

To the editor: In the past I wrote that political lying in America has become pandemic. It is worse than that.

Letter to the Editor: Mural season

To the editor: Spring has sprung (almost) and it’s time to get out and enjoy our beautiful city, so how about starting by joining the Dalles Mural Society. On Thursday night, March 20, from 5 to 7 p.m. we host Business After Hours at the La Cabana Restaurant on the corner of Second and Federal streets in historic downtown The Dalles. Not only will you sample some of LaCabana’s delicious food, drinks and desserts, you will also be given a guided tour of the four murals on the four corners of Second and Federal, if you wish. Plus view our framed murals at the restaurant.

Letter to the Editor: Duck helpers

To the editor: The Gorge Chapter of Ducks Unlimited recently held their 29th annual fundraising banquet at the Hood River Inn. The Gorge Chapter Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended the event for their support and participation.

Letter to the Editor: Beyond irritated

To the editor: The letter from the Mosier gentleman who told The Dalles residents to deal with tie plant odor (when he lives in an area unaffected by the smell of creosote) made me irritated. However, Ms. Jones’ rebuttal to Miss Barajas’ (an 11 year old girl) made me feel angry.

Letter to the Editor: Bored? Get some work done!

To the editor: Miss Barajas, an 11-year-old girls says there is “nothing to do” in The Dalles and “teen-agers wouldn’t be in trouble if there were some fun things around.”

Letter to the Editor: A good stink

To the editor: Wake up, America. The odor I smell from Amerities smells like money to me — family-supporting jobs, which we need badly in this country.

Letter to the Editor: Keep rural values

To the editor: Hats off to Stan Ashbrook’s letter with regards to Dallas, the little silky rooster in Dufur. I used to live in Dufur, in fact was just across the road from Stan’s place and would like to say that I loved every minute of every day living out there in the little rural community where agriculture and farming co-exist within the city limits of town. I now reside in Rufus of Sherman County where life is pretty much the same and every bit as enjoyable. Please remember: It’s not what you can do for Dufur, but what Dufur can do for you.

Letter to the Editor: Knee-slapper

To the editor: Knee-slapping drama… you gotta love it! With the uprising of Dallas the Rooster, being potentially ejected from the city limits of Dufur, I felt moved to comment.

Letter to the Editor: Generous donor

To the editor: Last week, the TDWHS Drama Department received an anonymous donation of $2,500. First and foremost, on behalf of the entire department, we would like to extend our gratitude to whoever made this generous donation.

Letter to the Editor: Serious situation

To the editor: The front page article in The Chronicle about the serious financial situation

Letter to the Editor: No surprise

To the editor: With regard to your headline story Feb. 26 about St. Vincent de Paul, who couldn’t see it coming?


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