Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Gun control

To the editor: I don’t get it. We can spend millions of dollars and sacrifice hundreds of lives to combat terrorism from overseas, but we can’t manage sensible gun control right here at home.

Letter to the editor: Iraq money

To the editor: I haven’t heard this point of view expressed much on the news, but whoever controls Iraq will control the money machine. It’s a very large money machine. The only people the controllers will need are those folks who will pump the oil. Everyone else can get out of the country; they only cost the regime.

Letter to the editor: Stop shooting cats

To the editor: Last night, our kitty, “Opie,” came into the house bleeding profusely from his eye and crying in pain. We called The Dalles Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Davidson agreed to meet us at the clinic. His examination later in the evening showed that “Opie” had been shot through his eye and the extent of the damage done was as yet undetermined, but the eye was destroyed.

Letter to the editor: Compassionate strangers

To the editor: The kindness and compassion of strangers in front of Walgreens on Thursday morning, June 5, renewed my faith in the goodness that is in people.

Letter to the editor: Rolling kindness

To the editor: On Sunday morning my family and I were making a trip to Condon for funeral arrangements. We were to meet at noon.. It was 10 am and we needed to stop at JCP to purchase burial clothing due to my mother in laws extreme weight loss. Three very nice women let us in early and assisted in picking out the right clothing.

24-7 classical radio

To the editor: As I go about my day, I find a number of people unaware of a classic music station available on our radios. For the past few years, AllClassical FM from Portland has been broadcasting on two frequencies for The Dalles area; 88.1 which we share with the Hood River area and through the Gorge to Cascade Locks and 96.3 which I myself prefer since it seems to receive the best reception in the downtown area as well as next to the larger stores on the west end. The station also broadcasts on the web from their web site AllClassical.org.

Letter to the editor: Concert success

The Dalles-Wasco County Library Foundation would like to publicly thank the following people and entities for their help in making our recent library expansion project fundraiser a success: Dan and Crystal Ross of Silver Wire Productions, Tim Schechtel of the Mint, Rebecca Street Physical Therapy, Bob and Mary Hill, Cal Scott and Kathryn Claire.

Letter to the editor: Constitution in crisis

To the editor: What happened on June 6 in 1944? Close to 160,000 Allied troops supported by 5,000 ships hit the beaches against Nazi Germany. By the end of that first day, known as D-Day, more than 9,000 Allied troops were dead or wounded. How sad I am that our young people of today have no idea of history and the sacrifice that saved America. A letter to the editor was published on June 3 from Kyle Van Cleave in response to a letter written by Jack Bartell on gay marriage and the fact that a judge does not have authority to declare same-sex marriages. When a state does a petition drive and the vote comes in against an issue, then it comes back and is overturned by one person — this is not the way our constitution and our laws are decided.

Letter to the editor: Warfighter

To the editor: I am contacting to inform you of the Warfighter movement. This is a movement that I am proud to be a part of. We stand here today united to end Warfighter discrimination and stop PTSD phobia.

Letter to the editor: Fabulous fair

To the editor: I had the privilege to attend the Female and Fabulous Fair at Water’s Edge. What a wonderful event for the women of the community. The “Girl Talks” and the lectures were very informative. Breakfast was yummy. I also had a great massage thanks to Barbara Hicks, wine tasting and a cooking demonstration. All these events were free.

Letter to the editor: Two-year-old teens

To the editor: About the teens who are loitering the yards and street, why are they doing this? Trampling flowers in a flower bed — acting like 2-year-olds. They are just doing it for attention. Well, give them attention. Why should they get away with it?

Letter to the editor: Right or wrong?

To the editor: Regarding Patricia Griffith’s letter published June 1, 2014, I agree with the content and spirit of the letter. It would also be worth considering the amounts that are donated by the wealthy to worthwhile efforts, such as the Schnitzer Concert Hall, OPB, Salvation Army and so on. It would be interesting to know how much is donated by the wealthy as a percentage of all donations.

Letter to the editor: City admin needs to go

To the editor: The May 30, article in The Chronicle concerning the 12th St. home owners who were being charged more than 200 percent interest by The City of The Dalles for an unpaid sewer improvement charge seems typical to me of the kind of government we have had in The Dalles since the arrival of City Manager, Nolan Young more than 15 years ago.

Letter to the editor: Tax the users

To the editor: Requiring Wasco Co. property owners to finance the maintenance of our roads makes as much sense as asking those who have no property to do so. There is no debate about the need for a new revenue source for our roads. The question should be, how do we collect the revenue from those that use the roads?

Letter to the editor: Religious blindness and bigotry

To the editor: In response to Jack Bartell’s letter about the overturning of the marriage law: I am saddened to know that such religious blindness, and bigotry, lives in our town. No person, organization, religion, or belief should ever be allowed to dictate what is and isn’t right for someone else.


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