Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Oregonians first

To the editor: You no doubt have seen the latest political ad on TV; the one that says that Sen. Jeff Merkley has “voted six times to raise the debt ceiling.” Of course. To do otherwise would be to shut the government down. What I don’t understand is how shutting the government down will make any money for the fat cats or put Oregonians first.

Letter to the editor: Key helpers

To the editor: The new Wahtonka community school has been up and running for a month and a half now.

Letter to the editor: Hurrah, Floozies

To the editor: Just a little thank you to the group of Floozies who are the welcoming group of The Dalles.

Letter to the editor: Sky’s not falling

To the editor: The folks at City Hall want us to believe that the sky will fall unless we increase taxes to improve our roads. We need more money, says our city manager, because, according to him, past city councils failed to address problem. Nice toss under the bus.

Letter to the editor: Lets talk roads

To the editor: I’m Dennis James, a member of the Wasco County road advisory committee. I believe I’m the only person who volunteered to be a member. The other members were asked to participate. That doesn’t make them any more or less than me, it just shows me that people don’t want to be involved. I live and work with our county roads and I want to be involved with their operations.

Letter to the editor: Almost horrific

I stopped completely half a block back to give her plenty of room, but she just kept barreling toward us, and I thought we were going to have a head-on collision.

Letter to the editor: Thanks, firefighters!

To the editor: God bless all the local and visiting firemen and firegals — I met one, her name was Heidi. There are not enough words in all the languages of the world to thank these people enough. I thanked all I came in contact with and it was a lot — people who know me and where I live know I had the chance to do that.

Letter to the editor: City on top of it

To the editor: I belong to Floozies and Friends. We are volunteers who welcome the sternwheelers when they dock in The Dalles and have a blast doing so.

Letter to the editor: Emperor Obama?

To the editor: Once again President Obama has shown his disregard for American law by getting involved in an investigation of a black man’s shooting by a police officer. His prior intervention in the Trayvon Martin shooting was unprecedented and incredulous.

Letter to the editor: Thanks, car club

To the editor: Thanks to the Car Club for a great show in Sorosis Park Saturday Aug. 9, and thanks to The Dalles Lions Club (who had a booth there serving great food) for treating a group of Arizona Hotshots to lunch after they rested in the shade of Sorosis Park following their three harrowing nights fighting our fires. The Dalles rocks!

Letter to the editor: Thanks, firemen

To all firemen: I would like to thank you for saving the Rockwell family house and property. I would also like to thank you for all the hard work you do to put yourself in danger to save others in danger. If it weren’t for you firemen, my family house would not be here. So because of you firemen I am safe, my family is safe and my home is safe. So once again I want to thank you for the hard work you do.

Letter to the editor: Thanks, neighbors

To the editor: To the farmers, neighbors and fire crews who put out the fire in our wheat field on Fivemile Road this past July 4, we feel extremely fortunate that you were willing to make such great efforts to help save our crop.

Letter to the editor: Work together

To the editor: (Edited for length.) Congressman Greg Walden’s letter of May 23 states “I will always fight for the truth.“ In the July 9 article on Walden’s visit to Dufur, Raelyn Ricarte wrote: “He was chastised by Dixie Schanno for not doing enough to address immigration issues.” Walden told the crowd, “Obama had called House Speaker John Boehner to inform him that Democrats would not consider immigration reform prior to the November election.” Not true. I don’t know what planet the congressman has been on, but the US Senate passed the Immigration bill S-744 on June 27, 2013 with a vote of 68-32.

Letter to the editor: Career politician

To the editor: At the July 17 Goldendale Chamber of Commerce candidate meet and greet, Commissioner David Sauter stated that among his most important accomplishments of the last eight years is the successful marketing and contract renewals for the Roosevelt Regional Landfill.

Letter to the editor: On the ballot

To the editor: As many of your readers know, this is the first contested judicial election for the third position in the seventh judicial district in a generation.


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