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Letter to the editor: Shame on county

To the editor: Shame on You Wasco County! The county seems to have some major issues. Is the county using my tax payer dollars to hire extra auditors, lawyers and staff to prove a point? The many articles that have appeared in our paper are ridiculous and quite embarrassing to me as a citizen of Wasco County. It’s nothing but a “he did”, “she did”, “he said”, “she said,” it makes the ones that are in charge of running our county look incompetent.

Letter to the editor: An event to remember

Thanks for attending Color Dash

Letter to the editor: Gift of learning

Thanks for help during car accident

Letter to the editor: A colorful dash

To the editor: It's not often that a group of 1,000+ gather in one location in The Dalles, but on May 16th it happened, and it was a colorful sight to behold!

Letter to the editor: Research needed

To the editor: Your Sunday (June 7) article on oak woodlands was excellent for oaks west of the Cascades and in California, but is somewhat misleading for oaks in Wasco County. For instance Sudden Oak Death Syndrome is “taking out the larger oaks” in California and Southern Oregon, but it does not affect White Oaks, the only kind in Wasco County. This article talks about conditions and research in California and the West Side because absolutely no oak research has been done east of the Cascades. Oak woodlands in the Willamette Valley and Puget Sound areas are unhealthy, and that is where all the research and restoration ideas for oaks are coming from.

Letter to the editor: An honorable man

To the editor: I have known Eric Nisley since he was a boy in school. He was a good kid and grew up to be a good and honorable man. Our town is fortunate to have him. Thank you to Tom Peachey for addressing that disgusting article which, by design, appeared to be an attempt to publicly humiliate Eric and his family. The designer of said article is either seriously ill-informed or has a severe mean streak, which is not an attractive quality.

Children’s Theater audition is June 15

An audition for the Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) production of Sleeping Beauty will be held Monday, June 15 at The Dalles High School from 10 a.m. to noon. All those auditioning should arrive at 9:30 a.m. and plan to stay for the entire two hours. The play will be performed on Saturday, June 20, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Dalles High School.

Letter to the editor: Deep gratitude

To the editor: Thank you to the Wasco County Masonic Lodge #15 AF & AM for their generous sponsorship to The Dalles Art Association Summer 2015 Children's Art Camp.

Letter to the editor: Amazing market

Wow! Opening day for The Dalles Farmer’s Market. Almost 400 shoppers moved through the market SSaturday. Sixteen vendors — handcrafted furniture, local honey, meat products (pork, beef and lamb), vegetables and much more.

Letter to the editor: Public good?

To the editor: I have been bothered for some time (and I am not alone) about the listing in the Chronicle of admissions to the hospital. With all the forms we have to sign regarding privacy at the hospital why is it posted in the paper? Is this even legal?

Letter to the editor: Complaint deceptive, misleading

To the editor: I write to address your recent article regarding Wasco County District Attorney Eric Nisley. I have been a practicing attorney in The Dalles for the last 36 years. I am truly saddened by this bar complaint, which is both deceptive and misleading.

Letter to the editor: Heartfelt thanks

To the editor: On the day after Memorial Day several awesome students, as well as staff members from The Dalles High School came to my house and put in many hours of work to help me out. When I came home from school that afternoon, I was shocked and happily surprised to see they had painted my house, done a lot of yard work and planted flowers, and had fixed up the screens and doors on my back porch. They also built a ramp so I can now wheel my father into the house, and they replaced the front porch light. They replaced some windows, fixed my wash basin, and repaired electrical outlets. They did more things than I can list in this letter.

Letter to the editor: In defense of the DA

To the editor: My name is Josh Marquis and I have been the district attorney in Astoria since 1994. Having been active in the Oregon District Attorneys Association (ODAA) made up of all 36 elected county prosecutors, I served as president of that organization in 2001. For at least 15 years I have known Eric Nisley and consider him a friend. Eric was selected to be the ODAA’s president just a few years ago.

Letter to the editor: Thanks to stranger

To the editor: This letter is to the stranger who helped our family: On the morning of May 29, 2015, you spotted a lost and confused person.

Letter to the editor: It’s time to speak out

Here are a few thoughts on a recent Crosstalk about the topic of patriotism.


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