Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Too fast

To the editor: I am 13-years-old and I am concerned about the speeding on Thompson Street. I have two little brothers that like to play in the yard but they can’t because of the people driving so fast.

Letter to the editor: Making music

To the editor: I am a recent participant in the Oregon all state band. I would just like to say, if you are in a local band, that working to all state band would be a great goal. It is a amazing experience where you can join others that take music seriously and create the most beautiful music.

Letter to the editor: ‘Blunderland’

To the editor: Although I’m not an author, I somehow feel compelled to compose a realistic children’s story that would reflect the ways, nature and mannerisms of our political figures in the nation’s capital. How the Congress and Senate achieve great goals by thoughtfully evaluating each bill that comes their way…and how the president presides over this satin-smooth scene. My title would be “Malice in Blunderland.”

Letter to the editor: Honesty thanked

To the editor: I wish to express my appreciation for the crowd at a recent ball game. I take tickets for the Sherman Huskies and try to be there an hour before game time.

Letter to the editor: Fond memory

To the editor: Hello I would like to share a little story about some folks we met at Multnomah Falls last week, Jan 21st to be exact.

Letter to the editor: Better coverage

To the editor: The Chronicle’s front-page story January 23 covering an interested person’s public records request concerning Wasco County’s decision to leave the North Central Public Health District was enlightening and truly newsworthy. However, one has to ask why it took an interested person’s effort to generate the Chronicle’s reporting of the records involved.

Letter to the editor: Uniting Americans

To the editor: This morning, I thought about the State of the Union issues, and the congressional vs. presidential state of stalemate. I know a way to pass something through Congress that would also get the swift signature of the president… sort of get the “ball” of cooperation going.

Letter to the editor: Clean up park

To the editor: I like to walk my little dog at the Lewis and Clark event site. The parks department does a great job during the summer at keeping the grass cut and the park clean.

Letter to the editor: Look for the truth

To the editor: Who do you serve? Do you serve veterans? Do you serve patients? People? America? Your church? Money? Status? Service is a good thing; people who serve usually are better people.

Letter to the editor: Missed coverage

To the editor: Tonya Brumley was recognized as Woman of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chronicle’s coverage of this does not state her work nor her work with organizations.

Letter to the editor: Vets deserve help

To the editor: This letter is in reply to Larry Bakken’s letter “Never Enough” on Jan 10: Mr. Bakken: I also served in the U.S. Navy (two Korean campaigns). You probably volunteered for military service, as I doubt that you were drafted against your wishes — as some were.

Letter to the editor: Spell out problem

To the editor: I’m pretty perplexed here. We keep hearing that the public health office is doing an excellent job, there are no complaints and yet we are thinking of dropping our partners from Gilliam and Sherman Counties and restructuring? We are having an assessment/ evaluation done which will take time and money, we will have to purchase new equipment and we will lose money from the tri-county district…for what reason again?

Letter to the editor: Theatre donation

To the editor: As you well know, theatre is an indispensable feature of our rich cultural landscape. At its best, theatre provokes deep thought and reflection, begging for acceptance and empathy.

Letter to the editor: Support for parks

To the editor: I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the community of The Dalles for extending their support during my recent tenure as the interim Executive Director for the Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District.

Letter to the editor: Protect our rights

To the editor: It is good that Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday. At least once a year America needs to be reminded of the work that great African American did for America. Too, America needs to be reminded of the progress in race relations that have been made … and the progress that remains to be made. Dr. King would be pleased that the president of America is a black man. He might not agree with all of the actions of that president, particularly the manipulated divisiveness brought on by the present administration, but he would see that some of his “dream” is finally being realized.


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