Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Not part of solution

To the editor: Last week I attended the town hall held here in The Dalles and have decided to write this letter about what I heard and what I expect to come about as a result of his “listening” efforts.

Letter to the Editor: Stabilize market rates

To the editor: Most people receive health insurance through their employer. Suppose for a moment that your company changed its benefit plan to match proposed AHCA changes, waiving protections for pre-existing conditions and community rating.

Letter to the Editor: Urge Walden vote

To the editor: In 2008, Congress enacted a law we call GINA, the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act, to prohibit employers and health insurance companies from discriminating against individuals on the basis of their most private and personal information, their genetic make-up. House Bill 1313, recently introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), would take away much of the protection GINA gives us.

Letter to the Editor: Haters, be ashamed

To the editor: Mama Hattie and my Sunday school teachers taught me that to hate was a diabolical sin. An example is the nightly proliferation of low-level jokes and questionable humor thrown at Trump on television talk shows.

Letter to the Editor: Keep digging safe

To the editor: After a long and dreary winter, it's time for outdoor spring projects to start. NW Natural reminds contractors, homeowners and landscapers to call 811 when a project involves digging 12 inches or lower.

Letter to the Editor: International salute

To the editor: What a lovely idea to switch the July celebration from our national holiday to Canada Day, July 1.

Letter to the Editor: Protect children

To the editor: To Rep. Greg Waladen and the community: In these times of extraordinary fear and anxiety, imagine being a child. Rep. Walden, will you protect children from being separated from their parents?

Letter to the Editor: Represent us

To the editor: I want to say right up front that I have been a moderate Republican for years. That changed this year, due to the extreme positions taken by the old party of Lincoln.

Letter to the Editor: Ignoring July 4

To the editor: How can the Fort Dalles Fourth Planners, aka The Dalles Main Street organization, think that by totally ignoring the actual day — the 4th of July — to celebrate our national holiday (and it still is a federal holiday!) they are adding anything to the celebration?

Letter to the Editor: Learn from past

To the editor: The United States is a country of immigrants; who all initially suffered prejudice and poor treatment. Can we not learn from the past and act more humanely towards our latest immigrants? Acts of injustice undermine all of us.

Letter to the Editor: Bad behavior

To the editor: I attended the Walden town hall on Wednesday (in Hood River) and was disturbed and appalled by the behavior of many other attendees. We live in a great country and democracy is a great thing. Debate is a welcome part of democracy but booing, interrupting, yelling, stomping feet, calling names and not allowing Mr. Walden to respond is not productive engagement.

Letter to the Editor: Story choices

To the editor: Are you drawing straws in the Chronicle newsroom to see who writes what story? In the universe of Big Stories, cows having “gas” must be important to someone. RaeLynn did as fine a job as anyone could with informing the readers of such.

Letter to the Editor: How to attract...

To the editor: How to attract honey bees; plant flowers. How to attract yellow jackets; use old meat. How to attract illegal citizens; sanctuaries.

Letter to the Editor: Embarrassing

To the editor: I went to both of Greg Walden's town hall meetings last week in The Dalles, and Hood River.... I have never been so embarrassed in my life. The disrespect, booing, not letting him talk was horrible.

Letter to the Editor: Appalling rudeness

To the editor: I attended the town hall meeting held by Congressman Greg Walden in The Dalles on April 12.. I was appalled at the rudeness of people. He is our representative to the United States Congress and people would not even let him finish answering any of the questions they asked.


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