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Letter to the editor: A culture of unity

To the editor: When our small community works together, we accomplish great things. Examples are the new swimming pool, the addition to the library and the Fourth of July celebration.

Letter to the editor: Google brings support

To the editor: The Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA) works to promote the Columbia River Gorge as an excellent place to locate and operate businesses in the technology sector. Our beautiful region, including Wasco, Hood River, Sherman, Klickitat, and Skamania counties, is an attractive place for growing technology companies.

Letter to the editor: Proud of health care

To the editor: This week (August 9-15) is National Health Center Week, and the Gorge should be proud to have its own community health center — with sites in Hood River and The Dalles, serving members of Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Skamania and Klickitat Counties. Like other federally-supported health centers, One Community Health (formerly known as La Clinica del Cariño) makes the costs of care affordable, with the quality of care as good as any one finds in private practices – and studies prove it.

Letter to the editor: Google growth great

To the editor: The Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA) works to promote the Columbia River Gorge as an excellent place to locate and operate businesses in the technology sector. Our beautiful region, including Wasco, Hood River, Sherman, Klickitat, and Skamania counties, is an attractive place for growing technology companies. The Gorge is home to multiple broadband and telecommunications services that provide the infrastructure diversity for tech companies to do their jobs, and some of the best recreation and scenery in the country for employees and their families to enjoy.

Letter to the editor: Google helps youth

To the editor: If you have children in school or follow education in the news, you probably hear a lot about “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). And for good reason. People working in these industries typically earn twice the median wage ($30 per hour) than the average across other sectors ($16 per hour). Even more, one out of every nine jobs in Oregon is STEM-related — and that figure is growing. That is why providing quality STEM education for Oregon’s students is critical.

Letter to the editor: A govt. for the people

To the editor: Last week I listened in on a national conference call with U.S. Rep. John Delaney of Maryland who discussed the Open Our Democracy Act, HR 2655, which he recently introduced. The call was convened and hosted by Jackie Salit, President of IndependentVoting.org, the largest association of independent voters in the country of which I’m a part. On the call, we got the inside scoop on this important legislation.

Letter to the editor: Benefit for women

To the editor: I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to Fort Dalles Rodeo Association for once again, hosting a spectacular rodeo here in The Dalles! It was amazing to watch the Fort Dalles Rodeo Association and its many volunteers come together to provide fun, family entertainment for our community. It is encouraging to see so many organizations come out to support the event.

Letter to the editor: Rodeo generosity

To the editor: While attending The Dalles Rodeo, I wore my favorite The Dalles Lion’s Club baseball cap. I have many hats, but this one I will choose before even my University of Oregon hat. Sometime after the National Anthem, I noticed my hat was missing. I desperately retraced my steps but could not find it. I checked on the way out at the gate for any lost and found items that may include my lost white cap with the lion’s logo. No luck.

Letter to the editor: Fulfilling God’s law

To the editor: Homosexuality is the Emperor’s New Clothes. You have to see homosexuality as wonderful or you are unfit for your position or you are stupid or you are incompetent! Does a child have to tell you the truth? If you investigate the role of fathers and their children’s homosexuality you’ll find that their relationship wasn’t good (maybe only as perceived by the child). I leave it to you to get online and investigate what is meant by good in this situation. Actually, many if not most societal problems are caused by fathers’ failures. True Christians don’t believe homosexuals or anyone else should be harassed — that’s nonsense. Asking true disciples of Christ, though, to support a homosexual marriage is like asking a Muslim to draw a picture of the prophet Muhammed. I presume you wouldn’t consider doing that.

Letter to the editor: It’s about fair share

To the editor: I think Rep. Huffman’s political barometer was acting up a bit when he decided to support the proposed Google Tax Abatement. When I explain to folks how the enterprise zone that worked so well to get Google to set roots here and excused them of several hundred million dollars of property tax is being offered for a third time, people are thinking it is time for Google to start paying their fair share.

Letter to the editor: New record system

To the editor: Next week, the five Mid-Columbia Outpatient Clinics will begin converting to a new electronic health record system. We believe this upgrade will help us work more efficiently and effectively. The new system will also give our patients access to their own health information through an online portal called My Chart.

Letter to the editor: Ghastly mistake

To the editor: You made a ghastly mistake in placing the dark black “Sex Abuser...’ headline above the picture of the honorable young man ( Fritz) who is battling Tourette’s syndrome, in your July 22 2015 issue. At first glance especially when the paper is folded, it looks like he is the perpetrator. What a thoughtless and inconsiderate layout.

Letter to the editor: Proud of police dept.

To the editor: As I hear about national cop abuse of power the more proud I am our Police Department. Over the 4th of July weekend they and the Sheriff's Office handled 78 calls, most involving excessive drinking. Angry drunks are so unpredictable and prone to excessive violence that I cannot imagine stepping in to stop it. They didn't choke hold anyone, shoot a minority, use excessive force or haul people in on trumped up charges.

Letter to the editor: Awesome article

To the editor: I would like to thank The Chronicle for the awesome article about Travis Fritz. He is a wonderful young man who, in his young life, has overcome many obstacles. It is great to know that he has finally gotten the recognition that he so richly deserves.

Letter to the editor: Detergent danger

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