Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Thanks for support

To the editor: We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community for the support and words of encouragement over the past few days. Losing our business to a fire is a big loss not only to us, but also to the town of Wasco and all of Sherman County.

Letter to the Editor: Health care is a right

To the editor: After reading this week’s Crosstalk, I would just like to challenge RaeLynn to do an in-depth story about how the Affordable Care Act has helped the people of this community.

Letter to the Editor: Unwelcome criticism

To the editor: This is regarding all people who bash our city government and how the city is run. Seems most of those folks come from the other side of the river (Washington).

Letter to the Editor: Animals suffer in heat

To the editor: Please take care of the animals! They can suffer just as people can.

Letter to the Editor: Awful cartoon choices

To the editor: When I was in my early teens I delivered The Dalles Chronicle and I have been a faithful subscriber for many decades. This letter is prompted by the declining quality of The Dalles Chronicle, especially the editorial content. Emblematic of the decline are the awful political cartoons.

Letter to the Editor: Assault by coal dust

If a citizen throws trash from a car, an activity which should not be condoned, that person is subject to being stopped, cited and fined. Why is similar activity by a railroad company lawful?

Letter to the Editor: Ignoring major aspect

To the editor: In your article “Garbage burns at county landfill” there was a major aspect that you totally ignored. Saturday morning we awoke to the horrible smell of toxic burning garbage, even though we live over a mile away from the landfill.

Letter to the Editor: No immigrants at jail

To the editor: An open letter to NORCOR board members: We are a group of concerned citizens who have been educating ourselves about the complex issue of immigration and how it is being handled here in Wasco County and our regional jail area. We are fully committed to seeing the federal contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) cancelled and NORCOR serving only as a facility for regular criminal justice matters.

Letter to the Editor: No Eagle!

To the editor: Donald Trump addressed the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. He made a feeble attempt to use the Scout Law to organize his speech. How does Trump measure up to the Scout Law?

Letter to the Editor: Disregard for life

To the editor: I have heard the story of a group of teens who stood by while a disabled man drowned. People are outraged and offended. Who could do such a thing? Why do people behave this way? It doesn't make you a better person than those kids just because you can come up with some ideological argument that justifies you standing by and watching people die when you could have done something to help.

Letter to the Editor: Blame is shared

To the editor: This is in regard to Beverly Sherill’s accusations against our president. Yes, Beverly, he is our president and he is not a politician. Thank goodness!

Letter to the Editor: Maupin has big news!

To the editor: Deschutes Rim Clinic in Maupin has exciting news! Thanks to Senator Ted Ferrioli and Representative John Huffman and all of Rep Huffman’s work on our behalf, our ask of the State Legislature is in the process of being fulfilled!

Letter to the Editor: More funding, not less

To the editor: Bill Gates recently stated, "…of all things that could kill more than 10 million people around the world, the most likely is an epidemic stemming from either natural causes or bioterrorism."

Letter to the Editor: GOP breaks promises

To the editor: Trump promised that he would not cut Medicaid. Republican House and Senate representatives promised to replace Obamacare with something better—they didn’t say they had in mind to make huge cuts to Medicaid and to throw many millions of us off health care insurance.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Not Real News’ fan

To the editor: I really like your “Not Real News” section. Keep it up!


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