Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Let’s work together

To the editor: My name is Glenn Pierce. I have been retired for two years from the North Central Public Health District (previously named Wasco/Sherman Public Health Department). I was the former Environmental helath Specialist for 27 years in Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam counties.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for pool use

To the editor: I would like to thank The Dalles Fitness and Court Club for donating use of their pool to the 4-H Robotics Program.For the past two weeks, TDFCC has kindly allowed us the use of their pool in preparation for the upcoming Marine Advanced Technology Education Center (MATE) competition in late April. The 4-H Tech Club hopes to send a team of The Dalles students to the competition which involves designing, creating, and refining submersible robots to complete missions related to this year’s theme: Science and Industry in the Arctic.

Letter to the editor: Oil threatens gorge

To the editor: Oil? In Our Gorge? Get Outta Here!!! Nestled in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area are the Hood River, Bingen/White Salmon, Cascade Locks, The Dalles and Stevenson communities enjoying the economic benefits of tourism and agricultural bounty. Hood River county can boast of having the third lowest unemployment rate in Oregon.

Letter to the editor: Climate solution

To the editor: Re: the March 11 “Global warming: Real or a power grab?” Cross Talk. The argument that global warming is an evil UN plot to seize control over our lives is a specious one.

Letter to the editor: Tax dollars at work

To the editor: Every time I see “DA” or “Nisley” in the paper I read it first. It brings a warm glow and feeling of safety to see our tax dollars at work on our behalf. That not only his time/our taxes, but the time/taxes spent in investigations by TD Police Dept., other officials, and witnesses in his pursuit of dangerous criminals is well spent. His latest effort is to prosecute a dastardly man...

Letter to the editor: Clintons’ ‘wiggle’ out

To the editor: For those of you who missed Bill and Hillary’s early years in heavy politics, I will simply say that their Empire in Arkansas was rampant with scandals and travesty.

Letter to the editor: Closer looks at taxes

To the editor: I understand how important it is for this town to have something for young adults and teenagers to do. I think that more needs to be done to provide some form of activity since the pool was pushed back. I have no problem with the skate park, and I think that it is beneficial to the community. What I have a problem with is that a governmental organization that receives money from the county is begging for $5,000 to create a sun shade.

Letter to the editor: Play was a success

To the editor: Bravo and Congratulations to the kids at The Dalles Middle School in their performance of Annie Jr. last weekend. The students worked really hard, they are very talented, and the play was a great success. Thank you to Leslie Sullivan for orchestrating an outstanding performance!

Letter to the editor: County ill advised

To the editor: The lawsuit filed against the Wasco County Commissioners by Chip Wood is valid and necessary. The decision by the commissioners to leave the regional health district seems to be ill advised and not thought through, and possibly violated public meeting law.

Letter to the editor: Kudos on fun time

To the editor: Kudos to Ms. Leslie Sullivan and The Dalles Middle School for presenting the outstanding musical play, Annie, Jr.

Letter to the editor: Alfa loved her customers

To the editor: To everyone on Alfa’s The Dalles paper route, she loved every one of you. She died Oct. 5, 2014. Thank you.

Letter to the editor: Democracy amuck

To the editor: I believe it was an Eastern Oregon representative who stated, “The low carbon fuel standard is a tax that ‘is not’ spent on highway maintenance. I see it as a legislated “flat tax,” considering how many people purchase gasoline.

Letter to the editor: CGCC in trouble

To the editor: Due to financial problems, there is a mass exodus happening at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). There were staff layoffs at the end of February and an email to the staff indicated layoffs will happen through June. In addition to the layoffs, many staff are leaving of their own accord, getting new jobs elsewhere.

Letter to the editor: Price of plant odors

To the editor: I want to express my support for the Tie Plant and all the accompanying creosote, petrochemical odors. Without that plant The Dalles would be just another beautiful little town in the Gorge.

Letter to the editor: Call to the class of 2005

To the editor: This is an open call to all students and faculty that were a part of the first, and only, graduating class The Dalles Wahtonka “Union” High School in 2005. The class officers are in the process of planning our “10 Year Reunion,” and are looking to send out invitations this month. If you would like to receive an invitation or information about the reunion, please email TDWHS2005@gmail.com.


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