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Letter to the editor: Voting for Pat Arnold

To the editor: Why I am voting for Pat Arnold: As a lifelong Klickitat County resident I have seen good times and very bad times. I have made a point of reading all materials available, including statements made by both candidates in print media and on social media.

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Letter to the editor: Harris is enthusiastic

To the editor: I first met Susan Harris in 2001 on a soccer field. I was coaching and she was an enthusiastic and involved parent. Since then, I have known Susan through school, community events, church, as a neighbor, as a client and as a friend. Susan is smart, energetic, driven, respectful, well-grounded, hard-working and honest. Susan is well qualified to be our Mayor, and she will be a dependable, positive leader for our community.

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Letter to the editor: Support surprising

To the editor: While I should not be surprised, I have to admit I still am. RaeLynn Ricarte writes that she doesn’t defend Trump, but she will vote for him. What does she think her vote does? I have two daughters.

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Letter to the editor: Vote for Kabakov

To the editor: For those who have not voted yet and did not make it to — or last to the end of — the recent candidate’s forum at the High School, I wanted to offer my impressions. I had already decided not to support the incumbent mayor, and this newspaper’s editorial gave the reasons, I won’t repeat them. Solea Kabakov looked promising, but city politics is hard and starting with the mayor’s position didn’t seem like the best choice. So I went into the forum expecting to support Harris. Unfortunately she lost my vote there due to her position on the oil trains. To say as she did in response to a question about the oil trains that she is “all about the jobs” was out of place.

Commentary: Questions arise about Elliott’s vote on street improvements

Mike Courtney points out in his letter supporting the incumbents in the city elections that one of their accolades was getting Thompson Street paved. I would like to ask the question, “Would Thompson street have gotten paved if Taner Elliott didn’t own property along it?” Hmmm?? Let’s see. In 2012, Elliott bought a large parcel next to Thompson Street between 15th and 16th streets and started Elkhorn Development. He built one house then stopped because street development costs would cut into his profit.

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Commentary: Chronicle got it wrong — TD open for business

The Editorial Board endorsement Sunday, Oct. 23, couldn’t be more wrong. Three pieces of property have recently been purchased by the Urban Renewal Agency. None have been “given to a developer.” One was a failing building — the old Elks building — that is being re-purposed as the National Neon Sign Museum. The decision to do something with this building was out of the pragmatic view that if someone didn’t do something soon it would fall down.

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Letter to the editor: Stolen signs

To the editor: The GOP headquarters has given out many campaign signs for Trump and Pence with “Make America Great” on them. We have found that these signs are being stolen and destroyed.

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Letter to the editor: Support fire bond

To the editor: We are writing this on behalf of Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue’s upcoming bond measure. If you don’t already know, this is a $3.85 million bond to purchase new equipment to replace the outdated trucks and other equipment that our firefighters need to protect our fair city.

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Letter to the editor: New leadership

To the editor: Oregon voters have the power to change the course of state management in this election and the opportunity to do so when they vote for Bud Pierce, Dennis Richardson, Jeff Gudman, and Daniel Crowe. These are change candidates for Oregon who can bring a new perspective to Salem because they are not bound by special interests or party politics. They simply love Oregon and want better for this diverse and beautiful state.

Letter to the editor: For the record

To the editor: In response to The Dalles Chronicle’s city council endorsement editorial of Oct. 22, I wish to state for the record (once again) that I did not support the termination of Nolan Young’s employment with the city. I was the lone vote in opposition, I did NOT participate in a coordinated effort as implied by the editorial, and I publicly challenged the process leading up to his removal.

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Letter to the editor: Time for change

To the editor: I knew that I had to stand up and run for mayor in this election. I think others who would have been a good fit for the position chose not to participate because they knew what an ugly, ugly campaign this would become. I have pretty thick skin, but I’m not going to suggest I don’t have to swallow hard when lies and twisted truths about me are expressed. Bullying breeds bullying. Sad.

Letter to the editor: City needs Susan

To the editor: After spending hours writing a letter in support of Susan Harris for mayor, listing the problems and disappointments I have with our current administration, I ran out of space and almost gave up. Upon further reflection, I followed my personal rule that this is a small town and we need to be able to work together without insults, especially with our volunteers. That said, I fully support Susan Harris for the position of mayor of the City of The Dalles.

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Letter to the editor: Press no longer free

To the editor: The free press of America is no longer free. Does that worry you? If you watch or read CBS, ABC or NBC during the current political situation, you are being directed and guided to their way of thinking. I watched one of the three magnum news groups during a news report the other evening and they spent six minutes reporting an unsubstantiated accusation against Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. They then spent 22 seconds reporting his denial.

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Letter to the editor: Something to consider

To the editor: I am still somewhat astounded at the Fire Department’s request for passage of a new bond. The sales pitch sounds reasonable: It will cost no additional taxpayer money since it will replace an existing bond that is retiring. I love the idea of no increase in taxes.

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Letter to the editor: M97 brings fairness

To the editor: Driving by The Dalles Chamber of Commerce, I notice a big “NO ON 97” sign. Measure 97 would force corporations to pay 2.5 percent of gross sales over $25 million. From the 1940’s to the 80’s the corporate tax rate was 70-90 percent. Since the 80’s it’s been around 30 percent. We had a middle class during those higher tax rate days and since the 80’s our middle class has been steadily shrinking.


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