Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Wonderful impression

The Dalles men extremely helpful

Letter to the editor: Don’t miss good news

Front page of Chronicle all positive

Letter to the editor: Larger than what? Bacteria?

To the editor: I just received my new Century Link phone book for the Columbia Gorge. It proclaims that it has larger print. That made me happy since I could not read the last phone book without a magnifying glass.

Letter to the editor: Water rates unfair

To the editor: I was pleased to see the city is taking a look at the water rates. I think it is probably good to look at other cities but, as the mayor says, it is hard to make comparisons — every city is different. The way the water rates are currently calculated in The Dalles is not fair.

Letter to the editor: Kudos to ODFW

To the editor: While I agree with Mr. Summer’s ‘Hats off to ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)’ for purchasing the land on Tygh Ridge/breaks of the Deschutes, I feel differently about what it should mean.

Letter to the editor: Wasting time, fuel in Biggs

To the editor: This past week I followed a semi down Highway 97 from Wasco about 11 a.m. No vehicles ahead of us. I arrived at Biggs Junction with all of the new wide turning lanes and double lanes on both access ramps off of I-84.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for service

To the editor: Linda Brown, Wasco County Clerk retired on June 30. I want to express my appreciation for Linda Brown’s loyal service to the people of Wasco County. She served over three and one-half decades and always had the interests of the people first in her mind.

Letter to the editor: Time for change

To the editor: Rural Oregonians in general and East Oregonians in particular are growing increasingly dismayed by the manner in which Oregon’s legislature and Oregon’s urban dwellers have marginalized their values, demonized their lifestyle, villainized their resource-based livelihoods, and have classified them as second class citizens at best.

Letter to the editor: Hats off ODFW

To the editor: Saw a pickup the other day with a bumper sticker on it that read, “Anyone but Hillary” accented with a little cross-eyed mule. Hmm. People in America are uninformed, but someone must be paying attention to all the lies she has or is putting out. That is when and if she bothers to talk to anyone. More on this later…

Letter to the editor: Market support

To the editor: Every Saturday morning farmer and craft vendors sell their goods at the City Park, on Court Street, in The Dalles. There are vegetables, fresh fruit, baked goods, nuts, wood products, jewelry, flowers, fresh meat, and more! The market opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 1 p.m.

Letter to editor: Good neighbors

To the editor: I was amazed and grateful for a recent effort to stop a wildfire near Heritage Landing at Deschutes State Park on Thursday, June 25. A small car fire lit off the tinder dry grasses along highway 30 just west of the bridge crossing the Deschutes river. It occurred at about 8:30 p.m.

Letter to the editor: Money shuffle

To the editor: The frivolous audacity of The Dalles “turkey vultures” picking from your property taxes and mine.

Letter to the editor: Good neighbors

To the editor: An investment in Rural Oregon for nearly 60 years, Outdoor School has provided high-quality, place-based science education to generations of Oregon students. Launched in 1957 in southern Oregon, Outdoor School is a tradition that has enriched and inspired over one million Oregonians.

Letter to the editor: Visit TD mini-museum

Military exhibit downtown

Letter to the editor: Bad global situation

What is happening to the world I used to know?


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