Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor; What is art?

To the editor: While not knowing precisely how to define it, I certainly know it when I see it. Art — true art — creates within us a stirring of emotions. Whether the emotions are positive, negative, or a combination of the two, art without an emotional response is not really art. I want to applaud Ms. Browning and her drama students for bringing art to the stage of The Dalles High School. I witnessed this gift of art while watching the joy expressed by each and every member of the cast as well as the behind-the-scenes tech crew during rehearsals and performances of their spring musical. Joy and laughter and avid motivation? From 'high-schoolers'? Miraculous. Art.

Letter to the editor: Real life

To the editor: This is in response to the letter that Celeste Scott wrote about the musical at The Dalles High School, "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” I am a 15-year-old freshman that attends The Dalles High School, and I am also involved with its theater program.

Letter to the editor: Happy meals

Sometimes we approach our jobs, especially the ones we’ve been doing awhile, with a casual ease. When I stood to hear the nomination of Meals on Wheels for Outstanding Community Service Organization it caught me a little off guard, do we really do all that stuff they are listing off? Then I thought, “Wow, we do!”

Letter to the editor: Thank you

To the editor: The board of St. Vincent de Paul Society of The Dalles would like to thank the gorge community for their continued support of our ministry. As you know we had to close the store in July of 2014 because of economics. We leased the store to St. Vinnie’s of Eugene and they did everything to the store that we as a board had hoped to do at some point in time.

Letter to the editor: Great event

To the editor: Last Saturday, the Klindt’s staff had the pleasure of working at the regional Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) tournament, hosted again this year by Jim Tindall at the Dalles Middle School. We were amazed by all the hard working young readers who got up early on a Saturday morning to participate and all the wonderful community volunteers who showed up to make this event happen. The community should be proud of these kids and volunteers. And we are lucky to have Jim Tindall serving as librarian for our school district.

Letter to the editor: Caring monk

To the editor: This past weekend I was fortunate to get a tour of the Trout Lake Abbey with some friends. While I’m not a Buddhist I was looking forward to learning more about the abbey. We were welcomed by Kozen, a monk dressed in a modest brown robe who helped start the Trout Lake Abbey.

Letter to the editor; Duck habitat

Duck habitat To the editor: The Gorge Chapter of Ducks Unlimited recently held its 31st annual fundraising banquet at the Hood River Inn.The Gorge Chapter Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended the event for their support and participation. We would especially like to thank the local business community for the many generous donations that made our banquet another great success.

Letter to the editor: Limit control

To the editor: We recently purchased Simpson doors for our home remodel. To my amazement, the doors were made in China. Simpson Lumber websites stated that they had to export the manufacture of lower priced doors to other countries to be competitive.

Letter to the editor: Cat cruelty

To the editor: I am responding to a write-up in the “For the Record” section of Feb. 24, edition. Kids were seen putting a rope around a cat’s neck, tossing it up onto a rooftop and then causing it to fall, almost hanging itself. Can someone please explain why this conduct is not animal abuse? Grant you, a lot of people would say, “It is just a cat.”

Letter to the editor: Music needs

To the editor: March is ‘Music In Our Schools’ month, a good start to this letter. Does this community know we do not have a year round choral program at The Dalles High School? The administration, for some reason does not deem it necessary. How do you build a good music program if you only have it spring term?

Letter to the editor: True leadership

To the editor: Leadership can be really difficult sometimes. Party line votes don’t often result from thoughtful deliberations. Our region has a couple leaders who are facing criticism for standing up for their thoughtful deliberations. Senate Bill 1547 is the result of a ballot initiative. The initiative would have required our state to derive 50 percent of its electrical energy from renewable energy by 2040 and eliminate imported coal generation from our states electric portfolio.

Letter to the editor: Thank you MCMC

To the editor: I would like to share with you an experience I have never had before. Last week I ended up in the Mid-Columbia Medical Center’s emergency room. I liked it so much that within a few hours I was back for seconds. This time I got bumped up to ICU, where I was until Saturday.

Letter to the editor: Great direction

To the editor: Great ‘up tempo’ direction The Chronicle is taking since Frank Perea has become publisher. The Feb. 17th edition with front and aback pages totally covered by, and for, our children and families. “It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

Editorial: Housing issues

To the editor: Housing stability is a critical issue for survivors of domestic violence statewide. One of the most important issues in the lives of domestic violence survivors is the challenge to maintain safe, stable, and affordable housing. Without stable housing, it is difficult or impossible for survivors to hold down a job, keep children in school, and stay healthy and safe. Advocates all over the state of Oregon see the serious impact that Oregon’s statewide housing crisis is having on victims of domestic violence and their children.

Letter to the editor: Avoid malaise

Avoid malaise To the editor: For Republicans with a high energy, conservative bent, there is hope for winning back the presidency. But not with a candidate that’s still in a “moderate-malaise-daze.”


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