Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Jail tax is a bad idea

To the editor: The NORCOR board is asking for a permanent tax rate for operating expenses, this is a bad idea for lots of reasons!

Letter to the Editor: You win, we lose

To the editor: Awesome work, Greg. Once again, it looks like you are working for Trump and Ryan and not for us.

Letter to the Editor: Fresh thinking needed

To the editor: When I read the recent letter from Carolyn Wood, I heard appreciation for the service of CGCC board members two or more decades ago. But I heard nothing about what they have done lately. Longevity is not reason to extend longevity.

Letter to the Editor: Support challengers

To the editor: Please vote for Segal, Campbell, McCabe and Morgan!

Letter to the Editor: Bikers: Amazing gifts

To the editor: More than 150 motorcyclists lead out the Cherry Festival parade each year. This is called the "Teddy Bear Run." You may have noticed that they carry a teddy bear or stuffed animal as they ride.

Letter to the Editor: Make America equal

To the editor: Rep. Greg Walden encountered ferocious opposition over his support for Trump’s health care plans in local town halls last month. And Bernie Sanders is now America's most popular politician, according to polls. The time has come to pursue a bold economic agenda in the United States.

Letter to the Editor: Oligarchs in D.C.

To the editor: Robert Solow, 1999 Nobel Prize winning MIT professor of statistical economics, showed economic growth is 90 percent from technological progress and 10 percent from entrepreneurial investments.

Letter to the Editor: Stop spreading doubt

To the editor: A few years ago we heard our political leaders say global warming wasn’t happening. Now they say it’s happening but that they’re not certain how much "man’s activities have to do with it.” Casting doubt on science isn’t new, in fact it’s what the tobacco industry did years ago to keep us from knowing the dangers of cigarette smoking.

Letter to the Editor: Johnson needs to act

To the editor: On June 3, 2016, a Union Pacific oil train derailed in Mosier, exploding in flames. The train derailed just several hundred feet from Mosier School, almost incinerating hundreds of children. These Mosier residents are just a few miles away from Rep. Mark Johnson’s district; one would think he would be leading the charge to protect our communities and our rivers from the threat of oil by rail. Instead, Johnson voted to oppose common-sense measures to improve oil train emergency response and hold railroads accountable.

Letter to the Editor: Truth hurts liberals

To the editor: Why does the large-as-a-barge liberal media hate and despise the lightweight canoe-sized conservative media? There’s a simple three-word answer: The truth hurts.

Letter to the Editor: Support Dr. McCabe

To the editor: Last week I opened my mailbox and found my May ballot tucked inside. After opening the ballot envelope, and scanning the various races and contestants, I thought it timely to write my first Letter to the Editor.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Before I Die’ wall

To the editor: The “Before I Die” wall in City Park is a global art project, one of thousands in over 70 countries across the globe, and is part of a grass-roots effort by the nurses and social workers of Providence Hospice of the Gorge to encourage reflection and conversation about what matters most before we die. For more opportunities for honest conversation and connection around life and death, all are invited to The Dalles Wasco County Library every fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. for The Dalles Death Cafe.

Letter to the Editor: Time for change

To the editor: One of the greatest assets our community has is Columbia Gorge Community College. Excellence requires leadership and innovation, and yet CGCC stays stuck on neutral, not accelerating. It’s over time for change, which I will be voting for on this month’s ballot.

Letter to the Editor: TD store helps vets

To the editor: On behalf of the Mt. Adams Institute, a local nonprofit supporting veterans secure employment in the public lands and natural resources sector, I would like to thank The Dalles Home Depot for its generosity in assisting us install energy efficiency windows at our training facility.

Letter to the Editor: Ironic scheduling

To the editor: I would like to pass along information in regard to the "community-led networking event for candidates and voters" happening on the evening of May 9 at Route 30. It seems that the date selected may have been chosen knowingly on a day that the incumbents at Columbia Gorge Community College could not attend.


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