Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Rod is best choice

To the editor: I write this letter in support of Rod Runyon for county commissioner. His dedication to Wasco County and its tax payers, in my opinion, is fundamentally strong. However, just as important is his strong community involvement.

Letter to the editor: Time to allow pot

To the editor: In response to Mr. Van Valkenburgh’s letter. His opinion on Measure 91 is the same closed-minded nonsense I’ve been hearing for 40 years, and it is been wrong for 40 years.

Letter to the editor: Elect new city leaders

To the editor: We are writing as life-long residents of this community with many concerns for the actions taken in the past few years by some of our current city councilors.

Letter to the editor: Governor change

To the editor: Elections are coming up soon – do you know the candidates? Who do you think should be our governor? Do you want the big spender?

Letter to the editor: Taxpayer Champ

To the editor: Taner Elliott is a champion for the taxpayer. He’s an ambitious, go get ‘em kind of guy and is someone you can count on to stick up for us and fight the fights with city hall.

Letter to the editor: A vote for Bailey

To the editor: I grew up in The Dalles. I watched Bridget Bailey grow up, taught her in the sixth grade, and bid her farewell when she went to college.

Letter to the editor: Visit our Farmer's Market

To the editor: Well the end of the Farmers’ Market season is close at hand.

Letter to the editor: Keep The Dalles moving

To the editor: As a council person I take the position very seriously. The primary responsibility of The Dalles City Council is to provide for the health and safety of the residents by providing a trained police force and maintaining the utility infrastructure and streets.

Letter to the editor: Time for change

To the editor: This is a very important year to make sure you are registered to vote and to find out more about our candidates. Will we continue to support those in office who love to spend money that we don’t have? We have a governor who wanted to go along with our president on health care. Do we have the figures of this financial failure? It is time for a change.

Letter to the editor: Ostrey for judge

To the editor: In the recent bar poll, a survey of the preference for judicial candidates by attorneys in the 7th Judicial District, the overwhelming response was in favor of Judge Karen Ostrey.

Letter to the editor: No spanking

To the editor: NFL football player Adrian Peterson, who recently hit his 4-year-old with a stick, justified it by saying that his father raised him the same way. He claims that corporal punishment helped him turn out to be a successful football player. I believe Adrian has been successful because he was taught to work hard, not to give up, practice a lot, and play as a team.

Letter to the editor: Hope in activism

To the editor: In response to the many who watched the PBS series "The Roosevelts," I wanted to discuss why FDR ended up rallying around progressive causes such as the minimum wage, union rights, Social Security and progressive taxation.

Letter to the editor: Wildlife support

To the editor: I would like to give a BIG thank you to Jean at the Rowena Wildlife Clinic. I found an injured animal outside my house and had nowhere to take it. I couldn’t just leave it on the street. I have a sick pet in my house and no money to pay for veterinary care for any other animals. When I called Jean she just said “yes, I will help you.”

Letter to the editor: Vote Richardson

To the editor: As you study the issues and ponder the candidates running for office in this November election, I invite you to seriously consider casting your vote for State Representative Dennis Richardson as our next governor of Oregon. A Vietnam veteran and graduate of the J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University, Dennis Richardson settled in southern Oregon.

Letter to the editor: Park firing raises questions

To the editor: The recent termination of Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation Director Scott Green leaves many questions.


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