Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: End-times realities

To the editor: I have had several people ask me to write another letter, so here goes… I have gleaned a lot of info on end-time prophecy fulfillment primarily by a man who God called 45 years ago to do just that.

Letter to the editor: Last days of museum

To the editor: Time is running out for those who want to experience the Mini-Museum of Military Memorabilia (M-4) because it will be dismantled soon after Veterans Day. The M-4 may be just a window display, but the items on view stir strong memories of times gone by and of those who did their part to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

Letter to the editor: Believe in our vote

To the editor: As a past Wasco County planning commissioner, president of Wasco County Fruit and Produce League volunteer representative, I feel the need to comment on the recent letters on our current mayor and city councilors.

Letter to the editor: Railroad roulette

To the editor: The gorge is threated by an onslaught of dirty fossil fuel transport proposals: two coal-by-rail projects and 15 oil-by-rail projects. If all these proposals are approved they could add over 100 more trains travelling through the gorge per week. Each project, however, has to run the gauntlet of an environmental review process where we, the public, get to provide input.

Letter to the editor: Good leadership

To the editor: I am very thankful that we finally have leadership in city hall that has been sadly lacking for years. We now have a mayor and city council that genuinely cares for the citizens of The Dalles.

Letter to the editor: City deserves respect

To the editor: My wife and I are writing a response to the letter to the editor from Norm Davis that was published on Oct. 29.

Letter to the Editor: Keeping children safe

My children attend Colonel Wright Elementary School in The Dalles. My kids are fairly young and since I live only a block away, I chose to walk them at first, then let them go on their own once they got the hang of it.

Letter to the Editor: MCMC staff helpful

Question: How do you feel wonderful after being chased down and seriously bit by a dog? Answer: Receive treatment at Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

Letter to the Editor: City needs to explain

I don’t know how many people in our city have noticed what is presently taking place in city government. I have noticed and what I’m seeing really concerns me.

Letter to the editor: Medicare reminder

To the editor: Dan Crofoot wrote in a letter to the editor last Sunday that he is disappointed that his wife had to drop her Walgreens drug program when she turned 65. His letter is a reminder that the Medicare open enrollment begins Oct. 15 and is an opportunity for Medicare beneficiaries to evaluate and change their prescription drug coverage. Beneficiaries may comparison shop at https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/home.aspx.

Letter to the editor: Change holiday name

To the editor: This week the Oregon cities of Portland and Corvallis, as well as the state of Alaska, began observing the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day. The “new” holiday was first celebrated in Berkeley, Calif., in 1992, on the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Caribbean.

Letter to the editor: Why raffle a gun?

To the editor: One of my first and favorite memories about moving from Colorado to the gorge in the past year, was going to several Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts shows, especially in some of the beautiful parks in the area. I was excited to go again on October 17th to support the National Guard. It wasn’t until I read about one of the raffle prizes that I stopped all thoughts of attending, and I doubt I am the only one that feels this way. With the feelings of Roseburg still fresh in our minds, and for me living only miles from both Aurora, Colo., and Columbine High School, all I can say is “what are you thinking?”

Letter to the Editor: Election time change

The last election cycle saw two new council members elected. The margin of votes each new councilor won by suggests to me that the voters (taxpayers) were looking for change.

Letter to the Editor: Celebrate central role

Central Service professionals are being celebrated for their important role and commitment to patient safety during the annual International Central Service Week, October 11-17.

Letter to the Editor: Kittens need help

This is a letter to all the cruel people in this area. This newspaper would refuse to print this if I wrote out all the colorful names I call you.


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