Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Support trade policies

Our economy in Wasco County is a key concern for all that call it home.

Letter to the editor: United for change

To the editor: In response to a recent editorial, the United Employees of Columbia Gorge Community College, AFT-Oregon Local 4754, on behalf of 51 faculty and classified employees, want the gorge community to know we are committed to furthering the quality of public higher education in our community.

Letter to the editor: Spotlight on Sunshine

To the editor: It was a blast from the past! There’s nothing that compares to finding old friends and reconnecting with them — especially if you’ve watched them on national television. One day, last August, I took a gamble and decided to friend my old friends, Jim and Molli Martin. It had been over 20 years since we’d spoken, so it was a gamble; and to make it even more of a gamble they were now in the national spotlight with their new venture of Copa di Vino at Sunshine Mill.

Letter to the editor: Volunteer for children

Supportive. Hardworking. Disciplined. And reaching for academic success. This is Chenowith Elementary and its fantastic staff and students that are led by Principal Anne Evans.

Letter to the editor: Disagree with opinion

As per Ms. Ricarte’s assumption, “If we don’t sign the agreement with Pacific Rim nations, they will undoubtedly gravitate to China…government ownership over private enterprise.” How naïve, RaeLynn, as we look at the next paragraph.

Letter to the editor:CGCC endorsements

To the editor: There are three open Hood River positions on the May ballot for community college board members in the Columbia Gorge Community College district. After serving for 15 years, I’ll be stepping down to possibly apply for part-time teaching positions at the college when they arise.

Letter to the editor: Found treasure trove

To the editor: Today, I visited the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center with my wife, daughter and two grandchildren for the Mother’s Day Brunch and open admission. I must admit that it has been years since I visited the exhibits.

Letter to the editor: Reorganize CGCC

To the editor: I recently had the privilege of chairing the Columbia Gorge Community College budget committee. The committee spent 10 1/2 hours over three evenings carefully studying the proposed budget. They engaged in a spirited debate which did credit to the public budget process. While the committee only has legal authority in approving a budget, we took the additional step of making two recommendations to the college board:

Letter to the editor: Thanks for support

To the editor: I am writing to share our appreciation to those in our community who supported The Dalles High School Band Parents in our two fundraising events this Spring.

Letter to the editor: David and Goliath

To the editor: In order for the Republican Presidential Candidate to actually win the 2016 election, he or she must stress and overemphasize a new “David and Goliath” approach. In this day and age the Republican nominee has to not only go up against the Democrat candidate, but also the large as a barge mainstream media who were impressively instrumental in reserving Obama an oval office position in 2008 and 2012.

Letter to the editor: Historic visit

To the editor: Our book group just spent a delightful evening at the Ft. Dalles Museum discussing Molly Gloss’s book Hearts of Horses and viewing many of the old saddles made here by Kuck and Bonney among others. The new director, Cal McDermott, gave us some insight into the changes being made in the museum’s displays as well. If you haven’t stopped in lately, I highly recommend a visit!

Letter to the editor: Dog police

To the editor: PLEASE to all you dog owners, the weather is getting too HOT to bring your dogs to town shopping. I go to Safeway and park out at the end of the parking lot, and guess what? So do the people who leave their dogs in hot cars. Either because they know it’s wrong or to keep them from barking at people. Either way, just don’t do it — that one-inch cracked window isn’t releasing enough heat. I crack all my windows when I go in and when I get in it’s HOT and I have no dog waiting, mine is safe and sound where he should be, at home.

Letter to the editor: Keep up good work

To the editor: I am a veteran from 1969 to 1971 and have been getting health care from the Portland VA medical center and The Dalles Community Based Outpatient Clinic for many years. They have given me all the care that was possible; helped me deal with pain and medicines.

Letter to the editor: Candidate support

To the editor: This letter is in support of the two candidates running for Sherman County School Board, Liz Mills and Bill Martin. I have served on the school board with both and appreciate their diligence and conviction to the students of Sherman County and the success of the school district.

Letter to the editor: Teacher appreciation

To the editor: This week is “Teacher Appreciation Week.” Being a teacher at Dry Hollow and growing up in The Dalles, this week has special meaning to me.


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