Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Top choice

To the editor: Oregon is fortunate in having three outstanding Democratic candidates for the office of Secretary of State, Richard Devlin, Val Hoyle and Brad Avakian, who all bring their respective strengths to the race. However, I would urge Oregon Democrats to cast their vote for Brad Avakian to be our next Secretary of State.

Letter to editor: Thank you

To the editor: Wasco County 4-H would like to thank The Dalles Fitness and Court Club for generously donating the use of its pool to local area students involved in the underwater robotics ROV program. TDFCC has allowed our two teams access to their pool for several weeks so that students can ready themselves for the upcoming competition to be held in North Bend, Oregon April 29-30.

Letter to the editor: Get involved

To the editor: What Happens in Tygh Vegas: Not a bad name. It’s different from everything else which are the same ones you hear at every fair around the country. You can take any theme and turn it in to something bad. It honestly just depends on how you think. If the community wants to get involved why doesn’t the fair board ask the community for suggestions and hold a vote?

Letter to the editor: Clean house

To the editor: I’m writing this so our community knows about at least one complete failure by our county commission and some of their staff.

Letter to the editor: Vote Kramer

To the editor: If you like politicians who are honest, direct, plain speaking and make good things happen, please join me in voting for Steve Kramer for Wasco County Commissioner. In his first term in office, Commissioner Kramer has made a difference by being solution oriented, collaborative, direct, honest and seeking out diverse views and making himself accessible to Wasco County citizens.

Ballots mailed today

More than 600 Wasco County citizens have either registered to vote, changed their party affiliation or updated their address since April 7 when the clerk’s office did its main ballot insertion for the May 17 primary.

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Drug dragnet: Busts have big impact

Last year, police in The Dalles started getting calls from other police agencies, asking them, “What’s going on there? Our drug dealers are afraid to go to The Dalles.” What was going on was a regional drug task force went into high gear, cranking out 30-plus search warrants in 2015, up from around five or six the year before, when staffing was lower.

Letter to the editor: Kramer has done well

To the editor: Steve Kramer has been my brother-in-law for over 30 years. We have spent many hours together, in work, play, and volunteering. It may surprise some to know that he is a craftsman and a chef. He did a great job building a pathway and patio of pavers in our backyard. He and his wife Mary have put together many wonderful meals, and for a brief time were talked into doing some catering.

Letter to the editor: Support Kramer

To the editor: Being born and raised in rural Wasco County and working in The Dalles for many years, I have grown to appreciate the importance of having a true rural representative, like Steve Kramer, on the Wasco County Board of Commissioners. While commissioners (or want to be commissioners) who live in the greater The Dalles area may say they understand rural issues (they say anything to get elected) from my experience only those who live and have worked in the rural area truly know the struggles and challenges rural Oregon faces on a daily basis.

Letter to the editor: Let people decide

To the editor: Many people have been saying that the Republican nomination process is not democratic because the person who gets the most primary votes may not get the nomination. But this is exactly how our presidential general election works. Al Gore got more votes than George W Bush in 2000, but Bush became president because he got more electoral votes. And had neither of them gotten a majority of electoral votes, as is possible for Donald Trump, then the process would go to the House of Representatives, who could then choose anybody they wanted to, whether they were a candidate or not.

Letter to the editor: Nichols understands

To the editor: We support Rodger Nichols in his effort to become a Wasco County Commissioner. Rodger, as a reporter, has many years of experience in reporting the activities of local government in this region. He has witnessed both outstanding governance and some pretty poor examples.

Letter to the editor: Support Kramer

To the editor: We have known Steve Kramer since he played on our Little League team. The same good qualities that Steve showed as a “little leaguer” are clearly evident today.

Letter to the editor: Doing well now

To the editor: On April 19, 2015, our family lost everything in a fire. As we approached the anniversary of that horrible day, we thought it would be a good time to let all those concerned know that we are doing well. And to thank all those wonderful people that were so helpful on that day and the months that followed.

Letter to the editor: Vote Nichols

To the editor: Rodger Nichols understands that Wasco County IS NOT Portland, nor is it Hood River. Wasco County is a rural, Eastern Oregon county with traditional American values that have, and continue to be, the strength of our communities.

Letter to the editor: Safe digging

To the editor: Now that the sun is shining, many homeowners will be digging into do-it-yourself projects.


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