Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Bored? Get some work done!

To the editor: Miss Barajas, an 11-year-old girls says there is “nothing to do” in The Dalles and “teen-agers wouldn’t be in trouble if there were some fun things around.”

Letter to the Editor: A good stink

To the editor: Wake up, America. The odor I smell from Amerities smells like money to me — family-supporting jobs, which we need badly in this country.

Letter to the Editor: Keep rural values

To the editor: Hats off to Stan Ashbrook’s letter with regards to Dallas, the little silky rooster in Dufur. I used to live in Dufur, in fact was just across the road from Stan’s place and would like to say that I loved every minute of every day living out there in the little rural community where agriculture and farming co-exist within the city limits of town. I now reside in Rufus of Sherman County where life is pretty much the same and every bit as enjoyable. Please remember: It’s not what you can do for Dufur, but what Dufur can do for you.

Letter to the Editor: Knee-slapper

To the editor: Knee-slapping drama… you gotta love it! With the uprising of Dallas the Rooster, being potentially ejected from the city limits of Dufur, I felt moved to comment.

Letter to the Editor: Generous donor

To the editor: Last week, the TDWHS Drama Department received an anonymous donation of $2,500. First and foremost, on behalf of the entire department, we would like to extend our gratitude to whoever made this generous donation.

Letter to the Editor: Serious situation

To the editor: The front page article in The Chronicle about the serious financial situation

Letter to the Editor: No surprise

To the editor: With regard to your headline story Feb. 26 about St. Vincent de Paul, who couldn’t see it coming?

Letter to the Editor: Parking problem

To the editor: I realize truck drivers get tired like everyone else and need rest. I also realize we don’t have very many places in town for them to park their trucks and get a meal or lodging. I just wish they wouldn’t park on West Seventh Street in front of the Tillicum Apartments.

Letter to the Editor: Where are the bike racks?

To the editor: We are fortunate in The Dalles to have a paved path along the Columbia River that can be used for bike riding. It’s beautiful, quiet, and big enough to share with walkers and the like. But there is something very vital that is missing in this town. Where are the bike racks?

Letter to the Editor: Something to do

To the editor: Hi, my name is Nevaeh Gomez Barajas. I’ve lived in The Dalles my whole life. I am eleven years old. I have three siblings. I go to Chenowith Elementary. I am in fifth grade. I have noticed that I have been telling my big sister that we have nothing in The Dalles like arcades, bowling alleys, or any fun stuff.

Letter to the Editor: No vote for Hillary

To the editor: Did you see the front page headline of Time magazine titled “Can Hillary Be Stopped?” I say, tell the truth and Hillary won’t get started.

Letter to the Editor: Walmart gone underground?

To the editor: OK, I have always been a supporter of Walmart in The Dalles. However, recently I have become increasingly frustrated with trying to contact them to try and find out if they still plan to build one here. I have exhausted everything on their site to find out. I get no response.

Letter to the Editor: A pathetic arguement

Mr. Fischer, you have your own brand of religion that you preach quite often. Being an atheist you try to shove your beliefs down everyone’s throat expecting everyone to follow your teachings. You believe that there is no afterlife and try to back that up factually but the realization is, you don’t know nor does anyone else.

Letter to the Editor: No consistency

After reading Bobbie Miller’s letter of Feb. 15, I have a few questions for her: First, were you equally as outraged about executive orders when Reagan signed 381 of them? Or when GWB signed 291 of them? Or is it just the 168 that our president has signed that you’re concerned about?

Letter to the Editor: Go cavalry!

To the editor: Not trying to beat an old dog to death, but there is one more reconsideration that I heard and cannot take credit for. I think it is great, a new beginning. How about Fort Dalles High School Cavalry? It displays our roots and no one that I know has this combination. Think about it.


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