Letters to the Editors


Letter: A fan of Heritage

I really enjoyed the insert (A Living Heritage) of various buildings around town, and hope for more.

Letter to the Editor: Great reunion turnout

Great reunion turnout To the editor: Thank you Derek Wiley and The Chronicle for your wonderful story about Mary Fields. She is awesome!

Letter to the Editor: Volunteers needed

To the editor: Since 2010, The Dalles HOPE Warming Place has opened its doors to provide overnight shelter for those without the comfort of a place to stay during cold weather.

Letter to the Editor: Unsure of fountain

To the editor: It is with surreptitious pleasure that I visit our recently completed Lewis & Clark Park here in The Dalles.

Letter to the editor: Stop legal battle

To the editor: I am absolutely disgusted with the county commissioners and how they have spent our tax dollars by allowing all this legal wrangling to continue while Brad Timmons sits back charging by the hour.

Letter to the editor: Nisley has wisdom

To the editor: This is in response to stories and letters about Eric Nisley, the district attorney. Eric reminds me of King Solomon, such wisdom he has. He is more of a man than all of you complainers. He is honest and fair in all his hard work.

Letter to the editor: Good leadership

To the editor: I would like to recognize Sherman County Commissioner Mike Smith for his leadership, in developing an easy way to access internet Broadband to very rural counties by connecting to existing 911 systems for placing Internet antennas. It is a low-cost method of potentially bringing Internet access to millions of rural residents all over the USA. He is the first in the country to access this kind of innovative solution for rural residents who want to be “connected” to the Internet.

Letter to the editor: MCMC kindness, care

To the editor: I just want to let the MCMC Emergency Room know that their kindness care and skills didn’t go unnoticed.

Letter to the editor: TD needs roller rink

To the editor: Hi my name is Nevaeh and I just want to talk about fun things to do for kids like me. The community put in a new swimming pool and that was a good idea but some people don’t want to swim every day and don’t have the money. But what can we do during the winter? So I had an idea that we should get a roller skating rink.

Letter to the editor: Ray is a 'river lion'

To the editor: After reading the article about Ray the sea lion I am enamoured with him. Now I am not a crazed animal rights activist nor am I a boat house owner who has to put up with his massive destructive size. I honestly feel like we should leave him alone, in the 4 years he’s been living in our area I haven’t heard of any major drop in salmon numbers or any stories of mass destruction due to his presence, outside of a drooping dock and occupied deck.

Letter to the editor: Wonderful evening

Once again Floozies and Friends had the privilege of attending Casino Night at the Oregon Veterans’ Home

Letter to the editor: Babe Ruth thanks

To the editor: I would like to thank all the Babe Ruth volunteers who so graciously helped in hosting the 13-15 Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament. I have often been told by our National organization that Babe Ruth volunteers are the best in the nation. Given the 105 degree plus temperatures during the tournament these people proved the point and went way beyond the call of duty to get the job done.

Letter to the editor: City worth visiting

To the editor: Visiting The Dalles is always a special treat. Why do we go there? My sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. George McDonald, live there. We live in Orlando, Fla., and try to visit as often as we can.

Letter to the editor: Fire support needed

To the editor: Honestly, the Dallesport Fire Department is one of the finest I have ever seen. Men and women donate their time and energy to benefit our community and sometimes they save a home or a life. This is amazing! We all benefit from their hard and dirty work!

Letter to the editor: Foot path needed

To the editor: On July 1, within an hour’s time, over 40 cyclists and walkers signed a statement that they would regularly use a now overgrown portion of the Riverfront Trail to commute to work or appointments at Water’s Edge.


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