Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: No on 91

To the editor: I encourage voters to vote no and reject the drug cartels’ efforts to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Letter to the editor: Who’s fooling who?

To the editor: AG Holder cries WOLF every time someone critiques Obama’s handling, or lack thereof, of any issue. In his eyes Obama can do no wrong and any criticism of the president is racist.

Letter to the editor: Great cause

To the editor: One of my sisters passed away from ALS on Christmas Eve 1999. It was a most difficult journey for all of us, but my sister Charlene remained the best of troopers, better than any of the rest of us.

Letter to the editor: Two steps back

To the editor: I’ve been setting my recycle bin out on the top of my cement retaining wall for The Dalles Disposal to pick up since recycling started years ago. Recently, instead of putting it back, they have been tossing it in the street, close to the curb between two cars.

Letter to the editor: Who was Colonel Wright?

To the editor: Located at 610 West 14th Street in The Dalles is the Colonel Wright School. Just who is this Colonel Wright and why do we have a school named after him? Colonel Wright was an officer in the United States Army. He was born in Norwich, Vermont and was a West Point graduate. During the time of his service in the Oregon territories, he engaged in making treaties with the Native American tribes of this area.

Letter to the editor: rein in spending

To the editor: I am happy to see our city manager cleared up the issue of the million-dollar transfer of ratepayers’ water and sewer money to the general fund. It is nice to know that the million dollars did not go into the “black hole” city government but was used to “buy” administrative support services from the folks who work in City Hall, like our city clerk, who makes $92,775 a year plus $42,222 in benefits for a grand total of $134,997. I feel much better now.

Letter to the editor: Worthy role models

To the editor: I’ve just finished watching the seven-part series, “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,” produced by Ken Burns, which airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting this month.

Letter to the editor: Vote Bailey

To the editor: When I consider the scope of required skills, experience and background one would look for in a candidate for Wasco County Commissioner, it is clear that Bridget Bailey will bring an impressive resume’ to the County Board of Commissioners. In fact, we are fortunate to have a candidate of her competence seeking the office of Commissioner. Equally important is a candidate’s ability to listen and communicate effectively with constituents, staff, and prospective businesses.

Letter to the editor: Pooled resources

To the editor: How quickly time passes. The kids are back to school again and we just had another successful “Back to School” project thanks to the efforts and resources of St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Salvation Army. Small towns are wonderful because we know enough to pool our resources and work together in order to accomplish great things.

Letter to the editor: Dr. K wrong

To the editor: I’m sure Dr. K meant well and much of his information about Essential Tremor is correct and helpful. But the part he got wrong is very wrong. His comments are damaging to the spirit of those who struggle with ET, and misinforms those who are looking for answers to their shakes.

Letter to the editor: ALS Walk

To the editor: The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken our nation by storm, bringing much needed attention to A.L.S. (Lou Gherig’s Disease).

Letter to the editor: Backing Bailey

To the editor: I have known Bridget Bailey for 13 years and have followed her careers as a successful business owner, a mother and an attorney.

Letter to the editor: Studying Oregon

To the editor: Dear residents of Oregon: My name is Malachi Brubaker, and I am in the fifth grade. I attend Brethren Heritage School in Modesto, Calif.

Letter to the editor: Reject status quo

To the editor: The day is coming in November when you can reject the current administration’s plan for the City of The Dalles. I feel rejection to the point of having a new group of leaders look at current plans and give a new take on whether this is a direction we should be going.

Letter to the editor: Vote

To the editor: Another election is less than two months away and, again, I am asking residents to exercise their right to vote.


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