Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Climate hoax

To the editor: Thank you Steve Hudson for your excellent letter on the global warming/climate change hoax. I realize that the climate is changing but that is a normal thing. The earth has had ice ages and periods of warming for many years.

Letter to the editor: Study of laws

To the editor: The Bundy capture of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has everyone in a stir. Speeches on the floor of Congress, editorials, letters to the editor, and millions of discussions/humor over tea and crumpets.

Letter to the editor: Values, not fear

To the editor: I have often seen claims that conservatives are more about principles and liberals are more about policy. The opposite was on view in your recent Crosstalk about Guantanamo.

Letter to the editor: New school

To the editor: A new high school will bring school spirit. All four of the places recommended were great ideas. No matter where it is built the partnership with the college can still be attained!

Letter to the editor: Wyden rhetoric

To the editor: I read in this newspaper that the economy of Harney County has been stagnant for nearly 40 years. Ron Wyden has been a senator for half of that time. Wyden proudly celebrated his “landmark 750th town hall” this month in Wheeler County. Of the Harney County standoff he recently said: “I understand why rural Oregonians are so frustrated about this economy, but the next step from frustration is not to walk off a cliff, misled by some outsiders who seem willing to take the law into their own hands.

Letter to the editor: Catholic stance

To the editor: The pastor of St. Peter’s Catholic Church is apparently being protective of his religion’s good name, but the Roman Catholic Church has bigger image problems than the wedding of John and David. Father Joseph Levine says he does not “judge,” but he states that the union of these two people will be “a pseudo-marriage that will be an offense against God, against creation, against the priesthood, and against everything (St. Peter’s Landmark Church) once stood for.”

Letter to the editor: Outrageous act

To the editor: Like most of my friends, I am dismayed and outraged by the continued armed occupation of the Malheur National Refuge in Harney County and the disgraceful federal response to the Bundy clan standoff two years ago.

Letter to the editor: Marriage rules

To the editor: The marriage, divorce, remarriage and adultery issue is interesting. When information is given to men from the book of Genesis it is extremely important. The institution of marriage is introduced in Chapter Two. It reads: “For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife.” Cleave? Impinge, cling, adhere. The rules of marriage continue, “and they shall become one flesh.” One flesh? When they give their word and physically come together they become “one person.”

Letter to the editor: When rights end

To the editor: A letter disturbed me by denigrating a young couple announcing their engagement in the Chronicle. I do not want to take on the Catholics and believe they have every right to believe as they will. But as the old saying goes “your rights end at my chin.” Meaning you can stand up for what you believe until it hurts someone.

Letter to the editor: Fantastic event

To the editor: The original intent of keeping longshoremen “available” during an absence of shipping was put into place by the federal government. The feds considered international shipping vital to our national security. The “Economist” magazine recently ran an article on super container ships. Fresh water ports, such as Portland, are out of luck. River draft and docks are totally inadequate.

Letter to the editor: Condemn action

To the editor: We condemn the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as a publicity stunt by citizens militia groups from outside of Oregon to further their own agenda.

Letter to the editor: Doing it right

To the editor: I would like to commend the Wasco County Commission on the thoughtful, informed, deliberative and responsible work they did on the time, place and manner marijuana ordinance that was approved at the public hearing held Monday night.

Letter to the editor:

To the editor: Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, PHWFF, as many of you know, helps disable veterans through teaching them fly tying, fly fishing skills, and taking them on the water.

Letter to the editor: Pure negligence

To the editor: Steve Hudson may not believe that the human race has impacted the earth’s climate, but most people do. The fact that the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge the premise of man-caused climate change is most disturbing.

Letter to the editor: Rights of all species

To the editor: Awesome guest Column by Sue Wilson in Sunday's Chronicle. She was very accurate and presented a 'well worded' explanation of the natural world's abuses by we humans.


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