Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Seeking descendants

To the editor: (Edited for length.) In the summer of 1921, an incident occurred in the Hood River valley which attracted attention, making the front page of the Hood River News, the Portland Oregonian and a Boise Idaho newspaper.

Letter to the editor: Share the streets

To the editor: Banning skateboarding on all city streets is impractical. The reckless actions of a few skaters should not mean that all skaters be banned from city streets. Portland’s City Ordinance 20.12.205 is an example of a safe alternative, allowing skaters and motorists to share the streets.

Letter to the editor: Report cruelty

To the editor: Animal cruelty and neglect are serious, senseless crimes and almost always lead to child abuse or domestic violence.

Letter to the editor: Kudos, Butch

To the editor: Butch Hert has done it again. This last weekend he put on an amazing baseball tournament for our 13-15 year old Babe Ruth players here in The Dalles.

Letter to the editor: Caution with card

To the editor: I just wanted to give a warning to anyone using their debit card at a drive up fast food restaurant. Don’t! Once you hand the card to someone at the pay window, and you can’t see what they are doing with it; it can be copied and used.

Letter to the editor: Plenty to offer

To the editor: First a shout out to the committee that raised firework funds for our city and the businesses that contributed to this awesome occasion. Could this be a start up of rebuilding our city? I hope so, it was spectacular.

Letter to the editor: Than you, farmers

To the editor: On July 4, a fire brewed out of control on Weimer Ranch/Thompson Properties on Fivemile Road. The fire had burned up to 100 acres of this year’s wheat crop.

Letter to the editor: No vote for city

To the editor: (Edited for 400-word length limit.) Do you think our water and sewer rates are way too high and completely out of line with other eastern Oregon cities? If you believe this, you are right.

Letter to the editor: Recycle your batteries

To the editor: Your_letter: I recently phoned The Dalles Disposal and Hood River Garbage Service to enquire about small battery recycling (AAs, AAAs, Cs, Ds., etc.). I was told batteries are not recyclable and I should “just throw them in the garbage.” We have done some research and found that batteries are recyclable and there is an option for household battery recycling in Wasco, Sherman and Hood River counties.

Letter to the editor: Judicial irony

To the editor: The Supreme Court has made another chink in the armor of contraceptive opportunities for employees. They saw the Constitution one way, but the women judges, who also believe in our Constitution, saw the issue differently. Ironic that none of those men have been pregnant when they didn’t wish to be. It’s not a coincidence that the women were appointed by Democrat presidents.

Letter to the editor: Leave buses room

To the editor: Today as I was at the dock admiring the Queen of the West cruise ship I couldn’t help but notice a small pickup parked where the tour buses park.

Letter to the editor: Gutted environmental laws

To the editor: If you want to raise a herd of cattle you don’t bring in a steer to service your heifers. That is my personal advice to Dave Berger of Lyle who sounds like he is tired of breathing Amerities toxic fumes.

Letter to the editor: Heartbreaking

To the editor: In January, Department of Homeland Security solicited bids for vendor contracts to handle 65,000 unaccompanied alien children.

Letter to the editor: Support critical

To the editor: Thank you for your thoughtful editorial on July 1 (“The roar of promises”) about the Confluence Project’s Celilo Park art installation by Maya Lin. As the new executive director of the Confluence Project, I can tell you that community support is critical to the success of our work.

Letter to the editor: Our declaration

To the editor: Our Declaration “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Thomas Jefferson


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