Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Ostrye is open-minded

To the editor: Please join us in voting to retain Karen Ostrye as Circuit Court Judge.She is fair, open-minded, thoughtful, conscientious, and focused on community service.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for cat food

To the editor: Catlink would like to thank Home At Last for the generous food donation. It will allow more of our resources to go to the spay and neuter of feral cats in the community.

Letter to the editor: No time to give care

To the editor: When you go to the doctor's office for a scheduled appointment you assume that your concerns will be noted and any solutions or changes will be documented and furthered on to the necessary parties.

Letter to the editor: Farrell is experienced

To the editor: Tim Farrell for Judge. I have worked with Tim Farrell as a court-appointed defense attorney and have appreciated his thorough approach to resolving criminal cases for his clients.

Letter to the editor: Disappointing choice

To the editor: Very, very disappointing to see your endorsement of Jeff Merkley. You are endorsing a guy who, to my knowledge, has never held anything but a public or government job yet he continues to drone on and on about his "blue collar" upbringing and "common man" persona.

Letter to the editor: What happens next?

To the editor: When the monstrosity planned for the Granada block goes belly up, will they take it with them?

Letter to the editor: Runyon is an advocate

To the editor: As I have come to know Commissioner Rod Runyon, I have found that he does not sit back and wait for things to happen. Commissioner Runyon is a pro-active and engaged public servant. Rod always contacts me to share how specific bills affect Wasco County.

Letter to the editor: Paying respects to vet

To the editor: I see many homeless people working at The Dollar Tree and one in particular deserves some recognition. I met Henry Cardinal a little over a year ago – but it was a long time before I realized he was homeless.

Letter to the editor: Vote Christofferson

To the editor: If you think your congressman should be bought and paid for by out of state money — voter for Greg Walden. If you think your congressman should put his personal religious beliefs and political party agenda before his constituents and Oregon — vote for Greg Walden. If you think the hugely profitable fossil fuel industry needs billions in tax payer subsidies and tax breaks — vote for Greg Walden.

Letter to the editor: Editorial blindly naive

To the editor: I am supporting Bridget Bailey for county commissioner because Wasco County needs strong, vigorous leadership to provide for us and stimulate our economy. Bridget Bailey has the skills and background to be an excellent commissioner. The status-quo is not enough. More of the same is not the answer.

Letter to the editor: Stop creosote odors

To the editor: I would like to encourage citizens to take action about the creosote odor that occurs on a daily basis in our community. Almost every morning I wake up, look outside to a beautiful sunny day, open my door and then have to shut it to avoid the odor coming into my home. I live nowhere near the plant.

Letter to the editor: Ostrye is best choice

To the editor: I am writing in support of Judge Karen Ostrye. I have worked in social services in the gorge for 16 years. I have witnessed Judge Ostrye, as an attorney, advocate for her clients with expertise, composure, fairness and compassion.

Letter to the editor: Eagle scout thanks

To the editor: I would like to take a moment to thank Ian Corey, his family, and all of his Eagle Scout crew members for beautifying Dry Hollow School with the landscaping work they completed by the Dry Hollow reader board.

Letter to the editor: M91 reforms system

To the editor: Oregon voters are deciding to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana in this election. I live just over the river here in Washington and while I don’t have a vote, I do have some perspective to offer if folks are open to it. We legalized and regulated marijuana two years ago.

Letter to the editor: No on socialized pot

To the editor: I am writing to encourage people of Oregon to vote against socialized marijuana coming up on the ballot in November.


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