Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Wolf hysteria at Chronicle

To the editor: I am writing this letter to let you know that I take great exception to the recent publication of a couple of articles — “County selects wolf panel” wherein I am misquoted, which then led to Mr. Nantz’ cheap shot in the article “Cow suffers attack from wolf.” Both of these articles were written by Ms. RaeLynn Ricarte.

Letter to the editor: Call the DEQ

To the editor: Dear fellow citizens, if you have been affected by the chemical odors discharged by the Creosote Plant at the east end of The Dalles, as many of us have, please contact Oregon DEQ

Letter to the editor: The lucky ones

To the editor: Waiting for take-out at KFC, I chatted with a gentleman who had a prosthetic device as a right arm and an empty sleeve instead of a left arm. He told me when I asked that he had lost the limbs in 1968 during the Vietnam War. I told him that my husband fought I Korea and a brother in Iwo Jima, and said, “But they were luckier than you.” He said, Oh, I was lucky.”

Letter to the editor: Get over it

To the editor: If the Washington D.C. football team changed its name to the “Pale Faces” would Caucasians erupt in anger? Would they shed so many bitter tears they would need to wear galoshes?

Letter to the editor: Christians?

To the editor: Here is what some founding fathers said or wrote:

Letter to the editor: Inn on the way

To the editor: I am a semi shut-in at the age of 94 and living directly across the street from the new Marriott Fairfield Inn. I have had the enjoyment from day one of watching the building in progress. As of June 22, it appears it will soon be open for business

Letter top the editor: A professional response

To the editor: On Tuesday evening a fire started on the property immediately to the west of our home. Our heartfelt appreciation to the Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue, Klickitat County #8 Dallesport/Murdock Fire Department, Wasco County Sheriff’s Office and The Dalles City Police for their quick response. Especially, the firefighters who not only worked to put down the fire next door but also patrolled our property for hot spots and extinguished those they found.

Letter to the editor: Find his killer

To the editor: The family of Scott Erlenbush is facing the second anniversary of his brutal murder in just a few months. They miss him in all aspects of life. Scotty was an important part of his family. He was a son, husband, brother, father, stepfather, uncle and nephew.

Letter to the editor: Life’s moments

To the editor: Last night, my wife came to me and reported that our dryer was not drying properly and was making a funny sound. Since it was 10 years old, I quickly suspected that a new dryer was in the offing, but decided to check it out anyway.

Letter to the editor: Tyranny’s counter

To the editor: There are three points I want to elaborate on, regarding the recent court ruling on same-sex marriage in Oregon, as well as ideas for those who are discontent with the ruling.

Letter to the editor: Gun control

To the editor: I don’t get it. We can spend millions of dollars and sacrifice hundreds of lives to combat terrorism from overseas, but we can’t manage sensible gun control right here at home.

Letter to the editor: Iraq money

To the editor: I haven’t heard this point of view expressed much on the news, but whoever controls Iraq will control the money machine. It’s a very large money machine. The only people the controllers will need are those folks who will pump the oil. Everyone else can get out of the country; they only cost the regime.

Letter to the editor: Stop shooting cats

To the editor: Last night, our kitty, “Opie,” came into the house bleeding profusely from his eye and crying in pain. We called The Dalles Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Davidson agreed to meet us at the clinic. His examination later in the evening showed that “Opie” had been shot through his eye and the extent of the damage done was as yet undetermined, but the eye was destroyed.

Letter to the editor: Compassionate strangers

To the editor: The kindness and compassion of strangers in front of Walgreens on Thursday morning, June 5, renewed my faith in the goodness that is in people.

Letter to the editor: Rolling kindness

To the editor: On Sunday morning my family and I were making a trip to Condon for funeral arrangements. We were to meet at noon.. It was 10 am and we needed to stop at JCP to purchase burial clothing due to my mother in laws extreme weight loss. Three very nice women let us in early and assisted in picking out the right clothing.


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