Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Tax the users

To the editor: Requiring Wasco Co. property owners to finance the maintenance of our roads makes as much sense as asking those who have no property to do so. There is no debate about the need for a new revenue source for our roads. The question should be, how do we collect the revenue from those that use the roads?

Letter to the editor: Religious blindness and bigotry

To the editor: In response to Jack Bartell’s letter about the overturning of the marriage law: I am saddened to know that such religious blindness, and bigotry, lives in our town. No person, organization, religion, or belief should ever be allowed to dictate what is and isn’t right for someone else.

Public meetings from June 1

Public meetings schedule from June 1, 2014.

Letter to the editor: Greedy for wealth

To the editor: In the Tuesday paper there was a news item and a guest commentary about the fact that the median CEO salary is now 10 million dollars, in an economy where most of us are facing stagnant wages, reduced benefits, and a rising cost of living.

Letter to the editor: What kind of life?

To the editor: I understand the city feels the need to update the discounts on water and sewage bills provided for those living in poverty, but I don’t think they realize what these increases will mean to the people affected.

Letter to the editor: We are stewards

We, as a state and communities, care for our environment. We locally have for generations undertaken caring for our streams and watersheds through our Soil Conservation District and others, with past and ongoing projects, monitoring our streams with designated watershed committees to improve fish habitat and improve water quality.

Letter to the editor: Thankful

To the editor: On April 26, I was admitted to MCMC with a fractured left hip. I was dismissed on May 13. During this time, I was shown compassion and care from my surgeon, Dr. Petit, doctors Gornowicz, Nichols and Cook, also nurses, therapists and massagists. Thank you, Dr. Nichols, for issuing me a hospital pass on May 11 so I could join my family and friends at Spooky’s for Mother’s Day and my 93rd birthday. Thank you, my surrogate son, Bob Friel, for being with me daily during the day for support.

Letter to the editor: Grateful to VA

To the editor: I returned from Iraq in 2005 damaged and between jobs. The Portland VA hospital was my first experience with the VA. I received superb medical and emotional care from people who cared. They treated me with respect. They counseled me when I was suicidal and traumatized. They gave me glasses when I needed that. They gave me medications and hospitalization when I needed them. They treated me better than my civilian medical people.

Letter to the editor: Racist coverage

To the editor: It is my belief that the sorry coverage of the many boondoggles, mistakes and scandals of the Obama administration by the major media has been caused by the fear of being labeled racist.

Letter to the editor: Thanks, Rotary

To the editor: Another Primary Election day has come and gone. Once again, Rotary volunteers staffed the ballot box in the street in front of the courthouse. Wasco County voters love their Rotarians and the convenience of not having to get out of their car to deliver their ballots to the county clerk’s office.

Letter to the editor: Thanks

To the editor: I write to thank the Republican voters of the 2nd District who overwhelmingly put their trust in me as the party’s nominee for Congress. I deeply appreciate your support and pledge to continue working hard for policies that will grow jobs and improve our economy, bring down our nation’s debt and get America back on track.

Letter to the editor: Losing our way

To the editor: A judge in Oregon has ruled that a constitutional vote of the people in 2004 is wrong and has proved the people voting 10 years ago were wrong. This judge has the qualifications to change our Constitution after 10 years. What other ones voted in over the years?

Letter to the editor: Dismayed

To the editor: Throughout my childhood I was reminded by my grandfather (a retired Navy veteran) that one of the most important freedoms we have as an American citizen is the right to vote. Citizens have fought long and hard for that right and it is not to be taken lightly. Also that we should not complain about the laws we are required to follow unless we are willing to vote.

Letter to the editor: Appreciation due

To the editor: Recently, I had the privilege of helping pass out “poppies” for people to wear to show support and honor to those who have or are now serving our nation (particularly those of the United States Military).

Letter to the editor: Aviation success

To the editor: I would like to thank all of the people who helped with the fundraiser for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) that I did in geography class at Horizon Christian School.


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