Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Walmart fan

To the editor: I understand that many of your citizens have opposed the proposed Walmart superstore. We are served with a Walmart superstore here in Redmond. Our store provides pharmacy services that by far, beat all others in our town. My insulin costs less than $25 there WITHOUT insurance while it costs 3 times that amount at my regular pharmacy WITH insurance and more than 5 times that amount at a well- known competitor.

Letter to the editor: Christmas tree

To the editor: Overlooking the bluff, near the community college in The Dalles, is a beautiful pine tree, majestically lit up with Christmas light. As a young lad, I remember looking for it every year and it’s still here today as a symbol of Christmas Joy.

Letter to the editor: Common core

To the editor: To those persons interested in The Common Core State Education Standards now being implemented in our U.S. Educational System:

Letter to the editor: Christmas spirit

To the editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy Nichols and his team Rachel, Britney, Fred and Charlene for the beautiful blown glass Christmas tree (Darcy’s Tree) that they donated to the Festival of Trees. They started working on it in May.

Letter to the editor: Deeply disappointed

To the editor: I'm so deeply disappointed with my country. In this holiday season with “Peace on Earth” and “Joy to the World” is just so hilariously hippocritical in regards to our murderous behavior.

Letter to the editor: Kudos to Griffith

To the editor: Kudos to Dave Griffith for choosing to close on Sundays. This will allow his employees to have an extra day to spend with their families.

Letter to the editor: Christmas memory

To the editor: It was Christmas, 1945. WWII was over and my dad, Benjamin E. Veatch was a Marine aboard a ship docked in Shanghai harbor, China. He and fellow Marines were longing for home after serving their country. Dad was eager to get back to his young family in Mosier, Oregon.

Letter to the editor: A big thank you

To the editor: A very belated, nevertheless majorly huge thank you to Captain Ed Goodman, of The Dalles police, nameless passersby, two PUD young gentlemen who helped tremendously and took our dog to the vet while we were in the ER at MCMC, to the EMTs and all those others who helped when our vehicle went over the bank on Interstate 84.

Letter to the editor: Holiday help thanked

To the editor: I simply want to take a moment and express my thanks and gratitude for the wonderful decorations that many of the businesses in the downtown put up this year.

Letter to the editor: Time for open eyes

To the editor: I attended last week’s Board of Education work session on the college budget. The meeting was not really a work session but rather an opportunity for the administration to gloss over the issues and placate the board with promises of budget balancing plans to be generated with the executive leadership team.

Letter to the editor: Seek the truth

To the editor: As a nation, we are witnessing rebellion against authority using the excuse of racial issues causing it. In both cases, all that needed to happen was submission to police authority at the time. In the first case, a 290-pound, 18-year-old rebel robbed a store (probably not the first incident for him since he felt confident in himself) and he proceeded to assault a police officer and went for his gun.

Letter to the editor: Choose to believe

To the editor: My wife recently wrote some feelings she had for this time of year and I concur: “Christmas can be a time of Joy! Hope can grow if you believe it can. The choice is ours to believe and receive the greatest gift ever given to man.

Letter to editor: WWII history

To the editor: I share the surprise of Andretta Schellinger that the Chronicle, such a friend of our veterans, made no mention of the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor. But I must gently correct the author of the wonderful history of military airplane nose art (From Knights to Skulls: The Cultural Evolution of Nose Artwork) when she writes “The attack on Dec. 7, 1941. was not only the largest single loss of life that the United States military suffered but also the start of the largest war in the modern era.”

Letter to the editor: Pink mast on ship

To the editor: On this 60th Anniversary year of the Christmas Ships on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, there will be a new color on the mast of one ship: PINK. Owners, Chris and Denise Bouchers have outfitted their sailboat with the logo of the local non profit, PINK SISTAS.

Letter to the editor: No charge for veteran

To the editor: I had cataract surgery at the VA (Veterans Administration) in Portland. I needed a one week follow-up appointments.


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