Letter to the editor: ‘R’ is the best choice

To the editor: D...is for Democrat! D...is for Destruction and Depair! R...is for Republican! R...is for replace and repair!

Letter to the editor: Suspect GMO backers

To the editor: The big corporations insist that GMOs are safe and healthy, but at the same time are spending millions of dollars to avoid mandatory labeling of all foods containing GMOs. Why are they so against labeling food as genetically modified if it is really safe?

Letter to the editor: Support Carolyn Wood

To the editor: My vote will be for Carolyn Wood for City Council. Why? She is the better qualified candidate. Carolyn has extensive experience in local government. She is hard-working, intelligent and honest. Also, she is from this area; she knows the history and she knows many of our citizens.

Letter to the editor: Change is beneficial

To the editor: As a resident of Wasco County for more than 50 years, with the upcoming elections, I see the possibility of positive changes for the city and its future. We live in a unique area with some special conditions that differ from other towns. We are surrounded by state protected agricultural land and federally protected scenic areas, which puts limits on the maximum size of our town. As such, like many small towns and businesses throughout America, we must survive on a fixed income that remains fairly constant.

Letter to the editor: City needs new faces

To the editor: It’s clear we need some new blood on city council. It is time for this new blood because, despite the fact that we have the largest budget of any city in eastern Oregon, our streets are in dire need of repair. We have the highest water rates in eastern Oregon and our economic growth is definitely not brag-worthy.

Letter to the editor: Tired of high rates

To the editor: We retired and we are tired. We are very tired. We are tired of having the highest sewer and water rates in Eastern Oregon.

Letter to the editor: Share Bailey’s vision

To the editor: Bridget Bailey has a vision for Wasco County, and it goes beyond just attending a lot of meetings to see what’s already going on. Bridget has the experience and education to take a broader vision for our county.

Letter to the editor: Vote for Elliott, Brown

To the editor: Please vote. Vote for decisions made with common sense.Vote for honesty. Vote for decisions made with empathy. Please vote for Russ Brown and Tanner Elliott for City Council.

Letter to the editor: Ostrye is impressive

To the editor: Please vote for Judge Karen Ostyre for District Court Judge. I have worked with Judge Ostrye over the last 10 years in a variety of roles. I have been impressed with her ability to make thoughtful and rational judgments, her willingness to see and understand all sides of an issue, and her commitment to strong community as evidenced by her extensive volunteer work.

Candidates gather at forum

Meet contenders in city, county, judicial races

Letter to the editor: Time to allow pot

To the editor: In response to Mr. Van Valkenburgh’s letter. His opinion on Measure 91 is the same closed-minded nonsense I’ve been hearing for 40 years, and it is been wrong for 40 years.

Letter to the editor: Elect new city leaders

To the editor: We are writing as life-long residents of this community with many concerns for the actions taken in the past few years by some of our current city councilors.

Letter to the editor: Governor change

To the editor: Elections are coming up soon – do you know the candidates? Who do you think should be our governor? Do you want the big spender?

Letter to the editor: Taxpayer Champ

To the editor: Taner Elliott is a champion for the taxpayer. He’s an ambitious, go get ‘em kind of guy and is someone you can count on to stick up for us and fight the fights with city hall.

Letter to the editor: Time for change

To the editor: This is a very important year to make sure you are registered to vote and to find out more about our candidates. Will we continue to support those in office who love to spend money that we don’t have? We have a governor who wanted to go along with our president on health care. Do we have the figures of this financial failure? It is time for a change.


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