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Editorial: Send Conger to US Senate ballot

The story of Jason Conger’s path from homelessness to Harvard Law School is one to inspire any young person with the idea that a good education and a powerful desire can make anything happen — as long as the people continue to support those opportunities.

Ballot return rate for May 20 at 16.87%

The ballot return rate for the Tuesday, May 20, primary election stood at 16.87 percent as of press time Tuesday, according to the Wasco County Clerk’s office.

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Editorial: Send Walden and Vulliet to ballot

One of the challenges facing Republicans in the May 20 primary election is deciding exactly what Republicanism means to them.

Letter to the editor: Vote Bailey

To the editor: Bridget Bailey is the obvious choice for Wasco County Commissioner. Bridget’s legal, business and entrepreneurial background plus her years of being involved in our agricultural community gives her the qualifications to serve Wasco County as a commissioner.

Letter to the editor: Richardson leads

To the editor: State Representative Dennis Richardson, Oregon gubernatorial candidate, is not a politician but rather a statesman exemplifying principled leadership on behalf of Oregon.

Letter to the editor: Elect Ferguson

To the editor: As former Wasco County employees, we read with much interest the letter to the editor from Ed Hall, published in the Sunday, May 6, 2014, edition of The Dalles Chronicle. We have several friends who are current and former employees of Wasco County, and their feelings echo the sentiments indicated by Mr. Hall.

Letter to the editor: Hege and Runyon

To the editor: I am encouraging everyone to vote for Rod Runyon and Scott Hege, each one finishing their first term as Wasco County commissioners. As mayor, I have had the opportunity to work with both and have observed how they attack problems with creativity and energy. Their open willingness to share ideas and to improve communications has been refreshing.

Letter to the editor: Retain Runyon

To the editor: Regarding the upcoming primary election, I do not know or question the abilities of all the candidates for county commissioner; however, for the preceding three years I have had the opportunity to see Rod Runyon in various positions of action on behalf of the citizens and veterans of Wasco County and have not found him lacking in integrity or ability.

Letter to the editor: Spring cleaning

To the editor: It’s time to shed some sunlight on Wasco County and do some spring cleaning by replacing the two incumbent do-nothing Commissioners who promise only more of the same. We need a change.

GOP making bold play for US Senate seat in Oregon

LAKE OSWEGO — The GOP is making a bold play for a U.S. Senate seat in reliably Democratic Oregon, where a Republican hasn’t been elected to a statewide office in more than a decade.

Richardson leads GOP field in governors race

SALEM — Republicans will vote in the coming weeks on a nominee for governor, but the race was really decided last month, when former state party chairman Allen Alley said he wouldn’t jump in the race.

Letter to the editor: Elect Wehby

To the editor: Monica Wehby is a dedicated doctor, but she is upset about where our country and nation is headed.

Letter to the editor: Support Bailey

To the editor: We are privileged to have someone as qualified as Bridget Bailey running for the position of County Commissioner. It is not often that our community has an individual with her experience and education willing to serve.

Letter to the editor: Elect Bailey

To the editor: I had the honor to serve the citizens of The Dalles as Mayor for almost 12 years and the privilege of working at Wasco County for 15 years.

Letter to the editor: Support Runyon

To the editor: I encourage voters to cast their ballot for the re-election of Rod Runyon as Wasco County Commissioner.


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