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Walden: Expect health law changes

GOP angered by professor’s comments

Letter to the editor: Wrong choice

To the editor: Voters are told to vote, cast their ballot. It is their responsibility to do so but, without having studied the issues, they should stay home. For example, voting yes for the use of marijuana when they do not know the devastating results.

Wyden pushes to boost OR logging

GRANTS PASS — Sen. Ron Wyden moved forward Thursday on his plan to get two top-priority bills — one to implement Klamath Basin water agreements and the other to boost logging in Western Oregon — through the lame-duck session of Congress before Democrats lose their majority in the Senate.

Letter to the editor: Vote responsibly

To the editor: To Mosier Fire District Voters – We are currently being asked to vote in a special recall election. As members of the Mosier Community we would like to encourage each of you to make a careful and considered decision as you cast your vote.

Letter to the editor: Honored to serve

To the editor: I want to thank all who have supported me in the past and present on the City Council and in all the other projects we have worked on together. We can truly be proud of all the accomplishments made over the past 25 years.

City council shake-up

Winners see vote as a ‘clear mandate’ to bring change

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Runyon wins by 11 points

Incumbent is grateful for voter support

Election results: Runyon, Elliott, Brown win

Election results from Wasco County, as of 11:20 p.m., final.

Letter to the editor: Vote for Richardson

To the editor: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a fresh, new governor in Oregon who has established himself as a leader in his district and statewide through his hard work in the Oregon legislature? Dennis Richardson has pledged to create a healthy business environment to provide jobs to get our economy moving.

Letter to the editor: Unenforceable law

To the editor: Substance prohibition hasn’t worked since Adam and Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit. If the fear of God wasn’t enough to keep them partaking, it seems awfully arrogant of a prohibitionist to think that somehow they can do what God Almighty could not.

Letter to the editor: Send Aelea to D.C.

To the editor: Earlier this fall, I was blessed with the opportunity to canvass on behalf of U.S. congressional candidate Aelea Christofferson.

Letter to the editor: Perspective will help

To the editor: There are only a few days left in the election season and, like most of the people I know, I am ready for it to be over.

Letter to the editor: Pot is not healthy

To the editor: On ‘The Great Pot Debate’ televised Sunday morning, the reasons given to legalize pot were that it would be regulated ‘for adults’ (alcohol is?) and it would decriminalize the use of pot and control the quality. An advertisement by Washington’s King County Sheriff John Urquhart says drug arrests for DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) are down. Really? When the availability of drugs is up?

Letter to the editor: Respecting a saint

To the editor: St. Vincent de Paul. I am not Catholic but have felt the need to defend this honored Saint. He is a real man that lived and died devoted to helping anyone in need of help.

Letter to the editor: Ostrye is open-minded

To the editor: Please join us in voting to retain Karen Ostrye as Circuit Court Judge.She is fair, open-minded, thoughtful, conscientious, and focused on community service.


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