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Obama expresses concern Russia moving on Ukraine

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — With no sign of Russia abandoning the Crimean Peninsula, President Barack Obama said Tuesday he’s concerned that Moscow will move deeper into Ukraine and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that that would be a bad choice.

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Ukraine defense chief resigns; troops leave Crimea

KIEV, Ukraine— Lawmakers in Ukraine accepted the resignation of the defense minister Tuesday as thousands of troops began withdrawing from the Crimean Peninsula, now controlled by Russia.

Are tougher penalties against Russia to come?

Putin: No need for more moves

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Libya’s guns free-for-all fuels region’s turmoil

TRIPOLI, Libya — At the heart of the Libyan capital, the open-air Fish Market was once a place where residents went to buy everything from meat and seafood to clothes and pets. Now it’s Tripoli’s biggest arms market, with tables displaying pistols and assault rifles. Ask a vendor, and he can pull out bigger machine guns to sell for thousands of dollars.

Ukraine’s east rallies for secession referendum

Putin: No plan to move further

Crimea goes east, Ukraine goes west

BRUSSELS (AP) — Two signatures Friday on opposite sides of Europe deepened the divide between East and West, as the European Union pulled Ukraine closer into its orbit and Russia formally annexed Crimea.

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Search continues for MH370

Planes hunt floating debris found in satellite imagery.

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Putin signs treaty to add Crimea to map of Russia

MOSCOW (AP) — With a sweep of his pen, President Vladimir Putin added Crimea to the map of Russia on Tuesday, describing the move as correcting past injustice and responding to what he called Western encroachment upon Russia’s vital interests.

Scotland ‘swithers’

EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) — Scotland’s swithering “middle million” has Britain’s future in its hands.

Missing jet: Piracy would require special skills

To steal Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 out of midair would require a pilot who knew how to elude detection by both civilian and military radar. It would take a runway at least a mile long to land the wide-body jet, possibly in the dark, and a hangar big enough to hide it. All without being seen.

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Malaysian leader says plane’s disappearance was deliberate

Investigation focuses on flight crew

Rockets barrage Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) — Militants in the Gaza Strip fired at least 20 rockets Wednesday into southern Israel, sending civilians rushing into bomb shelters but causing no casualties in the largest barrage in months.

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Frustration high in Afghan women’s rights struggle

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — In 2009, the United States gave Wazhma Frogh the International Woman of Courage award for her women’s rights activism in Afghanistan. Prominently displayed in Frogh’s office is a picture of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton granting her the award as First Lady Michelle Obama smiles, clapping by her side.

Americans on missing plane WITH VIDEO

Oil slicks found in hunt for missing Malaysia jet; three Americans onboard.

Crimea lawmakers schedule vote on joining Russia

Ukraine PM: decision is illegal


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