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AstroGraph for September 19, 2014

Choose your companions wisely. If you are seen to be radical or controversial, you will discourage the attention of those you wish to impress. With the right amount of discipline, you will make the connections that will help you move forward with ease.

AstroGraph for September 17, 2014

It’s time to realize your potential. Keep your outlook realistic, and don’t spread yourself too thin. A focused approach, combined with your talent and determination, will help you make big strides toward your dreams, hopes and wishes. Keep your eye on the big picture.

AstroGraph for August 28, 2014

Be true to your beliefs, even if someone tries to persuade you to take a different route. You are capable of mastering any task you set your mind to. Follow through with plans that will further what’s most important to you. You will gain fulfillment from your accomplishments.

AstroGraph for August 27, 2014

It’s time to pull together the knowledge and expertise you have acquired over the years and find a way to put it to good use. Let go of uncertainty and doubt, and trust in your skills. Any challenges can be conquered if you don’t let situations fester.

AstroGraph for August 26, 2014

Your intuition will not let you down. Coming to terms with past regrets, your present situation and your plans for the future will give you the confidence you need to succeed. Others may question your beliefs and plans, but you’re the one in charge.

AstroGraph for August 15, 2014

Resist the urge to compare yourself with others. Stick to your agenda and don’t feel that you have to keep up appearances. Questioning your actions or being overly emotional can prevent you from having a realistic point of view. Get down to business in order to succeed.

AstroGraph for August 14, 2014

Protect your reputation and position in the year ahead. Be wary of new acquaintances. You may want to be generous and friendly, but don’t let anyone take you for granted. There is a lot on the line as you move forward, and you must protect your assets and your interests.

AstroGraph for August 7, 2014

If you remain positive, you’ll discover that the challenges you face are part of a learning process to help you move forward. Your full effort will be required to get you where you want to go. Don’t hold back when you should be doing all you can to make things happen.

AstroGraph for August 6, 2014

Don’t take a relaxed attitude when it comes to your future. Hard work and dedication will be needed, no matter what your goals are. Once you have found your inspiration, direct your energies toward fulfilling your dreams. Make a point of celebrating only after you’ve attained your goals. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — Get ready to enjoy interacting with others. Your charismatic personality will bring you lots of favorable attention. Indulge your romantic side and plan an unforgettable adventure with someone special.

AstroGraph for August 1, 2014

Be willing to compromise this year. If you want good things to develop, you must be a team player. Step back from another’s aggressive actions. Choose a path that stresses harmony and working alongside those who share your interests and your goals.

AstroGraph for July 31, 2014

Put past unpleasantness behind you. Rehashing former mistakes or disappointments will sap the energy you need to move forward. Hard work and a positive attitude are the best tools to help you move forward. Live in the moment and aim to build a brighter future.

AstroGraph for July 30, 2014

Inactivity will be your downfall this year. Make a point to keep moving ahead until you reach your goals. If you surround yourself with reliable and supportive people, you will be able to fulfill your dreams and achieve your desires. Participation will make a difference.

AstroGraph for July 29, 2014

Don’t get so caught up in your daily routine that you lose sight of your goals. Re-establish your plans for the future and focus your energy on your talents and achievements. Be prepared to follow up on any opportunities that come your way.

AstroGraph for July 25, 2014

Follow your instincts to a prosperous future. Plan a trip or redevelop an old goal or creative endeavor. People you encounter will be glad to lend you a helping hand on your journey upward. You are at a crossroads, and must prepare for new beginnings.

AstroGraph for July 24, 2014

You have what it takes to move forward positively, but you are inclined to let self-doubt and insecurity stand between you and victory. Trust your intuition to help you discover trends that will help attract interest and attention to your ideas.

AstroGraph for July 23, 2014

Your keen interest in helping others will come to the forefront this year. You will have to decide which among many possibilities will be the most effective and valuable. By developing a friendship with someone older, you will gain knowledge, expertise and profound perception.

AstroGraph for July 9, 2014

If you feel your life has become too hectic, slow down. Reflect on where you are and where you are headed. After all, your first obligation is to yourself, so do the things that make you happy. It’s your turn to shine.

AstroGraph for June 26, 2014

Don’t take chances with your future. Stick firmly to your plans and don’t be distracted by risky or uncertain developments. There may be some rough patches, but you will overcome them if you stay focused and determined. Success is within reach if you persevere.

AstroGraph for June 18, 2014

Abandon the dead weight that is holding you back. Learn from past experience and set new goals. Identify what’s important to you and how you can use your skills to suit your dreams, hopes and wishes for the future. Positive action is the answer.

AstroGraph for June 11, 2014

Let nothing stand in your way. Make whatever adjustments necessary to make your life more in accord with your personality and dreams. Convey your accomplishments to people who can help you establish a successful path. Show enthusiasm and self-confidence, and prepare yourself for a dynamic year.

AstroGraph for June 10, 2014

Your professional dealings will suffer if you allow your personal life to interfere with your productivity. Deal with both equally, but do not mix business with pleasure. The key is to maintain a balance in your life if you want to be successful this year.

AstroGraph for June 6, 2014

You will see significant improvements in your business dealings this year. Remarkable opportunities will become available as professionals and people of influence gravitate to you.

AstroGraph for June 4, 2014

You are in a good position this year, but you could spoil your chances of success with negativity and anxiety. You have the knowledge and determination to achieve, but insecurities will weigh you down and hold you back. Strive to increase your self-confidence, and you will go far.

AstroGraph for June 3, 2014

Gear up to make the changes this year that will help you feel accomplished. Procrastinating is a waste of time, and waiting for things to happen or come to you will end in disappointment. You can improve your station in life significantly if you are proactive.

AstroGraph for May 30, 2014

Pay attention to your inner guide this year. You will be able to manage all of your projects in a confident and noteworthy manner if you follow your heart. Goals that you once believed to be impractical will become reachable. Believe in your abilities and forge ahead.

AstroGraph for May 29, 2014

The coming year will be a time of advancement. Your moneymaking ideas are sound, but following the proper channels will be necessary. Stick to a strict budget, and your situation will continue to improve, allowing you greater freedom to develop an idea or interest that can add to your income.

AstroGraph for May 23

Prove yourself a front-runner by stepping into the spotlight and becoming more conspicuous. Present your proposals to as many different clients and businesses as possible. Taking the initiative will boost your visibility and highlight your energy and talent. Don’t wait — you can change your future now.

AstroGraph for May 20, 2014

Let your creative side loose this year. Don’t be deterred by the inevitable changes coming your way. Accept that some situations are beyond your control, and devote yourself to success. Believing in your abilities is the first step. Enjoy the moment and the ride.

AstroGraph for May 16, 2014

You will find fulfillment this year. New romantic and professional opportunities will make for exciting times. Your approachable nature and creative talents will be greatly appreciated. Take an active part in building your dreams, hopes and wishes. Live, love and laugh.

AstroGraph for May 15, 2014

Embrace opposition and the challenges it brings. Assume a leadership role and engage in activities that will help pump up your metabolism and get you ready for competition. High energy and good organizational skills will bring you the results you want mentally, physically and financially. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — Don’t be caught short by an unexpected bill. Frivolous spending will cause added worry and stress. Keep your money in a safe place to reduce temptation.

AstroGraph for May 7, 2014

It has never been more important to get everything in writing. Many good opportunities have been lost through a lack of communication. Document everything carefully. Keep confusion at bay and be crystal clear when conveying your needs and expectations in order to get good results.

AstroGraph for May 6, 2014

Hidden assets and unsolicited financial aid will be welcome surprises this year. Consider investing in property or learning new skills. Family and friends will play a larger role in your life as well. If you keep the lines of communication open, you will be offered support, suggestions and hands-on assistance.

AstroGraph for April 24, 2014

You have what it takes to move forward positively, but you are inclined to let self-doubt and insecurity stand between you and victory. Trust your intuition to help you discover trends that will be beneficial to attracting interest to your ideas.

AstroGraph for April 23, 2014

Your keen interest in helping others will come to the forefront this year. You will have to decide which among many options will be the most valuable. By developing a friendship with an older person, you will gain knowledge, expertise and profound perception.

AstroGraph for April 18, 2014

Expect to face highs and lows this year. Don’t be too proud or embarrassed to ask for help. You will advance if you attack problems with intensity and determination. Strong alliances will provide the support necessary for you to reach your set destination.

AstroGraph for April 11, 2014

If you mingle with imaginative and talented people, you’ll come across many promising chances to move forward. Your career path may take some unexpected turns, but you will be able to overcome any difficulties and exceed your expectations. Shoot for the stars.

AstroGraph for April 10, 2014

This will be a very promising year for you. Your work ethic and dependability will put you in high demand. The number of options available to you will only keep increasing. Follow your intuition, and you will triumph in your personal and professional lives.

AstroGraph for April 8, 2014

You have built a solid foundation that will serve to support your future accomplishments. Continue climbing the ladder to success by reaching out to those with the willingness and wisdom to guide you along the way. Great things lie ahead.

AstroGraph for April 3, 2014

A lot of support and helpful advice will come your way this year. You will reach your goals if you continue to show honesty and meticulous work habits. Share your ideas and don’t be dissuaded by those who disagree with your plans. Focus on forging ahead.

AstroGraph for April 2, 2014

You will have to make some difficult decisions this year. Taking on too many projects at once will not earn you the recognition you desire. Focus on the most advantageous opportunity.

AstroGraph for April 1, 2014

Your instincts and abilities have helped you get where you are. Continued self-discipline and dedication will help you achieve even greater goals. Avoid negativity and self-doubt, and believe in your abilities. Develop a strategy that will utilize your skills to reach your goals.

AstroGraph for March 28, 2014

The more you speak about your plans, the better. The response you receive will help shape important decisions. Cast aside any doubts you may be feeling and plunge into positive forward motion. Be proactive to achieve the success you crave.

AstroGraph for March 25, 2014

Your intuition will guide you in an exciting new direction this year. Added responsibilities will bring you greater recognition and acclaim. You will be rewarded for your leadership and integrity. The hopes and dreams for which you have been striving are coming within your reach.

AstroGraph for March 21, 2014

Don’t just think about it — take control of your destiny this year. Collaborative efforts will not offer the most beneficial opportunities. Have faith in your abilities and do what comes naturally. Step to the forefront, because it’s time to show the world what you have to offer.

AstroGraph for March 20, 2014

Stick to proven methods in the year ahead. Your abilities and know-how will continue to bring you success. Don’t succumb to someone else’s strategy. Have the confidence to carefully pursue your goal; a risky move could erase your hard work. Aim to please, but stick to your game plan.

AstroGraph for March 19, 2014

You can make impressive strides in your career if you trade your dreams for realities. Don’t let any opportunity get away from you due to unpreparedness. Continue to improve your skills, and you will connect with people who can help you advance.

AstroGraph for March 18, 2014

This will be a year of growth and creativity. You will find innovative ways to display your talents. Although there are some who will try to influence you to take a different path, believing in yourself and your abilities will be the key element to your success.

AstroGraph for March 14, 2014

You will have to streamline your agenda this year. Although it’s exciting to have varied interests, you must narrow your focus to address the most important challenges. If you keep your commitments to a minimum, you will find it easier to reach your goals.

AstroGraph for March 13, 2014

It’s time to put your ideas and tried-and-true methods to work. Rely on experience and mix lessons from the past and present in order to come up with solid plans for the future. Being prepared and determined will help you rise to the top.

AstroGraph for March 11, 2014

Your generosity could stand in the way of your success this year. While it’s an admirable pursuit, helping others with their problems will reduce the amount of time you spend on your own goals. You must learn to say no if you want to achieve your ambitions.

AstroGraph for March 7, 2014

Be authoritative and confident in your business dealings. Your skills, accomplishments and ideas have laid the foundation for a successful future. A casual approach could undo the image you have worked hard to establish.

AstroGraph for March 5, 2014

Dedication and diligence are key components to success. Careful planning and fully exploiting every opportunity will pay off. Don’t allow minor setbacks to deter you. Hard work and a positive attitude will ensure that you reach your goals.

AstroGraph for March 4, 2014

Stand up for your rights and be forthright in stating your beliefs. Your intensity will encourage others to support your position. You will be challenged by many new opportunities and experiences in the year ahead. If you face them with conviction, you will succeed.

AstroGraph for February 28, 2014

In order to gain the most from new experiences, it’s imperative to release yourself from past disappointments or negative circumstances. Positivity, dedication and intensity are necessary to perform at your optimum level. With the right attitude, nothing can hold you back.

AstroGraph for February 27, 2014

You will start fulfilling some of your dreams this year. The ability to see your efforts through will enable you to take on many new and interesting projects. Your concentration and intensity will bring you that much closer to your goals.

AstroGraph for February 25, 2014

Concentrate your abilities on working toward a personal goal. Make good use of all the resources available to you, and don’t allow the pessimistic attitudes of others to dissuade you. Be on the alert for opportunities, and take full advantage of them when they appear.

AstroGraph for February 21, 2014

Your popularity and reputation continue to grow. Others are drawn to your sincerity and enthusiasm. As a result, you will be involved in many diverse and interesting events. Your experience, participation and accomplishments will combine to make this an exciting and fulfilling year.

AstroGraph for February 20, 2014

Your compassion and generosity will result in unexpected rewards this year. Your actions will be recognized by those in a position to enhance your prospects. Decisive action and determination on your part will serve to improve your reputation and status.

AstroGraph for February 19, 2014

Your employer or an important person will be impressed with your determination and commitment. Your leadership skills, versatility and accomplishments will bring greater recognition. Advancement can be yours this year if you concentrate on getting ahead. Welcome new opportunities, and you will succeed.

Astro-Graph for February 4, 2014

Push a little harder and prepare to excel in the coming year. Interacting with others will help open windows of opportunity, allowing you to get the results you seek. To ensure your success, pick up new skills or information that will keep you ahead of the pack.

AstroGraph for January 31, 2014

You won’t need to take any idle time this year. You will be focused and prepared to meet every demand that you face. You will have no trouble achieving whatever it is that you set out to do. You will be highly organized, and your ideas will be well-defined and ready to be put into action. A financial upgrade is also very likely.

Astro-Graph for January 24, 2014

You can take risks without fear of failure in order to meet your goals. You will be sensitive, intuitive and focused in the year ahead. You are now ready to market your skills and ideas. Others will easily recognize the worth of your endeavors.

Astro-Graph for January 22, 2014

You will finally be forced to make tough decisions that you have managed to avoid in the past. The only way to make progress will be to address any longstanding problems once and for all. You may not like change, but it will be necessary to accept it this year.

Astro-Graph for January 15, 2014

Stick to what you know, and avoid any sudden and inconsistent moves that could threaten your reputation. Conservative action and expertise will help you overcome opposition and accusations. Stand tall and proceed with confidence. Play the game of life to win.

Astro-Graph for January 14, 2014

Progressive motion will get you where you want to go in the coming months. Expect emotional issues to be brought out into the open. Clear up any matter that is keeping you from getting what you want. Use emotional tactics to win personal battles.

Astro-Graph for January 9, 2014

Build a solid base in the coming months. Focusing on what’s important to you, along with forming a solid plan for the future, will allow you room to coast through any excessive situations you face this year. You can have fun and be frugal.

Astro-Graph for January 8, 2014

Improve your life by taking action on the ideas and plans you’ve long been mulling over. Nurture important relationships and pick up knowledge that will help position you for the future, personally and professionally. Discipline will pay off.

Astro-Graph for January 7, 2014

The time has come to make decisions and act on them. Don’t be confused by what others do. You have to choose what works best for you and move forward. Simplicity and precision will make the difference when it comes to finding your comfort zone and, with it, success.

Astro-Graph for January 3, 2014

If you are not careful, indecisiveness will cause stagnation. Lack of confidence in your abilities may make you overly impressionable. Surround yourself with inspiring people who will reassure you that you're making good choices. This is the year to exorcise your demons and think positively.

Astro-Graph for January 2, 2013

Success can be yours if you're willing to go the distance. Don't let anyone stand in your way. Devote your energy to your own pursuits, and plan carefully. Stay focused. Your courage and integrity will be admired. Do whatever is necessary.

Astro-Graph for December 31, 2013

This year will offer numerous opportunities, but discerning which ones are right for you will be a challenge. Don't spread yourself too thin. Seek advice from experienced individuals, and don't be afraid to ask for favors. What you accomplish this year is entirely up to you.

Astro-Graph for December 27, 2013

Be true to your heart in the coming months. If you aim high, you will strive to be your best. An audacious approach to self-promotion will generate interest, sending you to the forefront of your field. Don’t let personal problems distract you.

Astro-Graph for December 26, 2013

Work gradually toward your goals in the year ahead. Focus on the details and quality that will set you apart from the competition. Let professional relationships evolve organically, and you will pick up useful information.

Astro-Graph for December 24, 2013

Center yourself and prepare for unexpected changes. If you can stay one step ahead of everyone else, you will have good fortune. Hold on to your secrets and avoid indulgence and hyperbole. Keep everything aboveboard and strive to be your best.

Astro-Graph for December 17, 2013

If you can separate the personal from the professional this year, you stand to gain quite a bit. Your brain will be fertile, but you must not allow your ideas to make someone else rich. Look out for yourself and move forward with pride and integrity.

Astro-Graph for December 13, 2013

You’ll need to make your voice heard in the year ahead if you hope to make a difference. Your desire for change and your passion to be at the helm will make this year worthwhile. High energy, integrity and a humanitarian touch will lead to your success.

Astro-Graph for December 6, 2013

Embrace and experience personal change, but do so with moderation and restraint. Sticking to a budget or doing things on a shoestring will bring you far more satisfaction and less stress in the end. Honesty and integrity must be withheld. Rid yourself of negative influences.

Astro-Graph for December 5, 2013

You can turn a possibility into a reality if you are receptive to new ideas. Strive to be your best, and you will find ways to improve your standard of living. Stick to your game plan and refuse to take on burdens that don’t belong to you.

Astro-Graph for December 4, 2013

You may get left with all the work if you aren’t quick to delegate odd jobs. Be fair in your assessments as well as to those you deal with. Learn as you go, and you will gather knowledge, expertise and everything you need to advance.

Astro-Graph for November 26, 2013

Participation in a public endeavor will help broaden your outlook, refresh your memory and add satisfaction to your life in the year ahead. Getting to know people from different backgrounds will result in a chance to follow a longtime dream. Focus on affection and important relationships. Leave yourself time to play.

Astro-Graph for November 8, 2013

Choose events that broaden your outlook or have the potential to bring you in contact with creative people. Inspiration will help you use your assets and qualities more effectively. A close relationship will improve your life.

Astro-Graph for November 7, 2013

Make wise choices in the year ahead. Use your talents and skills to the fullest. You have much to gain if you are persistent. The things you learn through others will give you enough courage and confidence to follow your dreams.

Astro-Graph for November 1, 2013

Don’t sit back when taking a progressive, front-and-center position will open doors. Let your imagination run wild and your determination lead the way. This is a year to make things happen and do things your way. You can build your dream and secure your position.

Astro-Graph for October 29, 2013

Rise to the occasion in the coming solar cycle. Put your best foot forward and be ready to dive into anything with courage and determination. Challenges will provide you with opportunities to thrive and improve. Hard work will bring you fabulous rewards.

Astro-Graph for October 24, 2013

Show off and prepare to accept recognition for your accomplishments in the year ahead. More options will be made available to you, and you should exploit the opportunities that will advance your cause. Think big and proceed with confidence. Share your success.

Astro-Graph for October 23, 2013

You’ve got what it takes to achieve your goals in the coming months. Take stock of your attributes and figure out how to employ them to get the best results. A couple of changes at home will allow you greater freedom to accomplish your goals.

Astro-Graph for October 22, 2013

Revisit old plans, ideas and friendships in the year ahead. Check out what’s available, but don’t be too eager to take on too much. Back away from pushy people and engage with those looking for positive, meticulously planned change. Baby steps will lead to success and greater security.

Astro-Graph for October 18, 2013

Take part in events that will broaden your horizons and give you greater insight into the possibilities that are out there for you. You are on the verge of a breakthrough that can help you improve your life and simplify some of the stresses that have been weighing heavily on your mind.

Astro-Graph for October 10, 2013

A calculated approach to life will help you stay on top of your game in the year ahead. Situations will have a tendency to spin out of control if you aren’t precise and flexible. Refrain from initiating change, but be willing to accept the inevitable and turn any lemons you encounter into lemonade.

Astro-Graph for October 9, 2013

Don’t offer more than you can handle in the near future. Reneging on a promise will hurt your reputation and alter what’s offered to you. Love and romance should be your long-term goal. A healthy, happy domestic situation will make your life more fulfilling.

Astro-Graph for October 4, 2013

Strive to enforce practicality and moderation in your life. Too much of anything will work against you. Put more time and effort into your career and building up your reputation, skills and allies, and less time trying to appease someone who isn’t worth your while.

Astro-Graph for October 2, 2013

You’ll impress someone who can make a difference to your life in the year ahead. Give whatever you are working on your all. Advancement and opportunity are apparent. Altering the way you live will ensure that you are in control of your destiny.

Astro-Graph for September 26, 2013

Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to do things differently in the year ahead. Expect to face obstacles, and prepare to make life-altering choices. Concentrate on work and stabilizing your position while the trends favor you.

Astro-Graph for September 25, 2013

Take it upon yourself to venture down a path that can lead to a brighter future in the year ahead. Allow your talent to speak for you, and base your choices on what you enjoy doing most. Follow your heart and express your desires.

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Astro-Graph for September 6, 2013

Events both unexpected and inevitable can be turned to your advantage in the year ahead. Your ability to make the best out of what you are given will greatly help your financial or career prospects. Opportunities will come from those you have worked or played with in the past.

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Astro-Graph for September 4, 2013

In the coming year, gear up and finish what you’ve left undone. You’re entering a great time to tie up loose ends and formulate new beginnings. Your knack for practical innovation will pay off.

Astro-Graph for August 30, 2013

Strength and encouragement will come from the things you do for others in the coming months. Open up your heart and you will make a difference. Taking part in concerns that face your community will lead to an unusual offer that will enrich your life.

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Astro-Graph for August 29, 2013

In the coming months, look for new hobbies to help bring you greater happiness. Spend more time with friends, children or loved ones. A change of heart will make you aware of what you need to do to make your life more meaningful.

Astro-Graph for August 27, 2013

Be observant and nonjudgmental with peers and partners in the year ahead. Take care of your own responsibilities before taking on another’s cause. Diplomacy will be required if you’re to maintain your popularity.

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Astro-Graph for August 22, 2013

Keep your money in a safe place and keep a sharp eye on your assets in the coming months. Don’t make any questionable loans — hurt feelings would only result.

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Astro-Graph for August 16, 2013

Changes will bring good fortune in the year ahead. Self-improvement projects will boost your confidence. Let your mind wander and your interests in varied subjects and skills grow. You can cultivate many things that will soon become assets.

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Astro-Graph for August 15, 2013

For every negative, find a balance that is positive in the year ahead. Incorporate interests, pastimes, hobbies or activities that bring you joy and ease your stress and you will find workable solutions to any problem you face. You can stabilize your situation with an unusual investment.

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Astro-Graph for August 7, 2013

In the coming months, you could be acutely aware of how many small parts successfully make up the whole. Understanding this, you might piece together something of worth.

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Astro-Graph for August 6, 2013

Some of your more successful endeavors in the year ahead could be under the radar. You’ll find that you don’t need much acknowledgement or applause, just the gratification of a job well done.

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Astro-Graph for August 1, 2013

There is a strong possibility you will cultivate and develop several new interests in the year ahead. A few could even turn out to be exciting endeavors, since you’re likely to be extremely progressive in areas where you’ve always been traditional.

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Astro-Graph for July 31, 2013

A great emphasis will be placed on your leadership qualities in the year ahead. Whereas in the past you didn’t mind taking orders, you’ll now want to be the person who issues all the directives. Make sure you’re ready for the job.

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Astro-Graph for July 30, 2013

An interesting change in your social life could be in the offing in the year ahead. You might meet and become involved with some rather eccentric individuals who will be considerably different from the old pals you’re used to.

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Astro-Graph for July 26, 2013

Some of the grateful recipients of your past favors will find a number of ways to repay you in the year ahead. They will go out of their way to help you achieve your social and material goals.

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Astro-Graph for July 25, 2013

There is a strong possibility that you will derive a number of bonuses and/or promotions from ideas that you come up with involving your everyday work. Be sure to share them with the powers that be.

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Astro-Graph for July 24, 2013

There is a strong possibility that you will derive a number of bonuses and/or promotions from ideas that you come up with involving your everyday work. Be sure to share them with the powers that be.

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Astro-Graph for July 23, 2013

You could be exceptionally lucky in the year ahead when engaging in endeavors that you originate or lead. Be sure not to put any limitations on your talents or your imagination.

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Astro-Graph for July 18, 2013

You could be unusually lucky in the year ahead concerning matters involving friends. Interestingly, the same isn’t likely to be true regarding endeavors with people whom you don’t know very well.

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Astro-Graph for July 16, 2013

Success in a variety of important areas is indicated for you in the year ahead. Of course, much will depend upon the methods you use. Never give less than your best.

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Astro-Graph for July 12, 2013

Dealings with large commercial organizations could turn out to be extremely rewarding for you in the coming months. Some good friends will open doors for you in this regard.

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Astro-Graph for July 11, 2013

If you give it your all, substantial strides can be made in the year ahead. You already have most of the answers; you just need to apply them more effectively.

Astro-Graph for July 9, 2013

Your chart indicates a strong potential in the year ahead for you to exercise your improved managerial skills. It’s time to put your talents to good use.

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Astro-Graph for July 5, 2013

Your chart indicates that you’ll be in a favorable growth pattern in the year ahead. However, you must work hard and be patient. You won’t become rich overnight — it will require some elbow grease.

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Astro-Graph for July 3, 2013

You are likely to be extremely fortunate in the year ahead when working with groups, clubs or large organizations. Social and material opportunities will be abundant in such areas.

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Astro-Graph for July 2, 2013

Your ideas on how to make additional money should not be discounted. More than a few will have potential, but they’ll count for nothing if they’re not tried in the coming months.

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Astro-Graph for June 27, 2013

Income from more than one source will be heading your way in the coming months. It might start out as a side venture, but could become the tail that wags the dog.

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Astro-Graph for June 26, 2013

In the year ahead, you could become involved in an unusual creative endeavor.

Astro-Graph for June 23

Many new opportunities will present themselves if you focus on developing better relationships with your friends and allies in the coming days. If everyone is willing to make some adjustments, wonderful benefits will result.

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Astro-Graph for June 20, 2013

Both tangible and intangible benefits can be gained in the year ahead by taking your ideas to the marketplace. However, you must have total confidence in your plan.

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Astro-Graph for June 19, 2013

In the year ahead, you could have greater opportunities to operate in an independent, enterprising manner. There’s a chance that more than one of your endeavors will turn out to be quite grand.

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Astro-Graph for June 18, 2013

You could be extremely fortunate in the year ahead in advancing certain endeavors that you personally manage. However, you should be wary of situations where you have to share your authority.

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Astro-Graph for June 14, 2013

Certain situations beyond your control could establish several major new objectives for you. These new influences will treat you kindly both personally and work-wise.

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Astro-Graph for June 13, 2013

In the coming months, it might not be such a bad idea to clear out any deadwood within your circle of friends, especially if there is a troublemaker among the group. It can result in happier relationships.

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Astro-Graph for June 12, 2013

Be patient when it comes to your objectives and aims in the coming days. Your progress might be rather slow in the beginning, but with each passing month, your momentum will gradually increase.

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Astro-Graph for June 11, 2013

The aspects indicate that you are likely to be exposed to an unusually high number of big breaks in the year ahead. Be sure that you’re ready to capitalize on them.

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Astro-Graph for June 7, 2013

Your chart indicates far more stability in the year ahead for your social and commercial interests. Focus your efforts on succeeding in these areas.

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Astro-Graph for June 6, 2013

There is a strong likelihood in the year ahead that you will acquire a compassionate and understanding new pal. This relationship will produce many benefits for both parties, and will prove long-lasting.

Astro-graph for June 2

by Bernice Bede Osol Although you might select a course that is tough to follow in the months ahead, you’ll know better than most that it is a worthy one.

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Astro-Graph for May 30, 2013

Your financial trends could gradually begin to show improvement in the year ahead. As long as things continue to move upward, there is no need to become impatient.

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Astro-Graph for May 29, 2013

It’s beginning to look like you will be given greater responsibilities in the year ahead. Do your best to perform up to your capabilities, because you could reap substantial rewards over a protracted period of time.

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Astro-Graph for May 28, 2013

Things look good in the romance and friendship departments in coming months, but you could have problems with the management of your resources. Be careful and budget-conscious.

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Astro-Graph for May 24, 2013

You are likely to make some of your greatest gains just when it looks like everything is grinding to an abrupt halt. It will prove that you should never give up.

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Astro-Graph for May 22, 2013

Your friends will have a strong influence over various areas of your life in the year ahead. Fortunately, the aspects indicate that you’re likely to choose those who are likely to help, not hinder.

Astro-graph for May 19

The possibility of a nice financial surplus for you and those you love during the year ahead looks unusually good. Your gains will not come from investments alone.

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Astro-Graph for May 17, 2013

There’s a strong possibility that in coming months you will become involved in an endeavor that requires secrecy. It could either bomb or turn out better than you anticipate.

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Astro-Graph for May 16, 2013

Try to start setting aside a little seed money in the year ahead. There’s a strong possibility you’ll be offered a chance to join an exciting new business opportunity. Be sure it can deliver before you participate.

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Astro-Graph for May 15, 2013

You could be especially fortunate in the year ahead when selling or promoting unusual products, methods or systems. Two or more partners could render you much assistance.

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Astro-Graph for May 14, 2013

You should be able to notice some steady improvement in several matters of considerable importance. Be content with the speed of your progress instead of trying to rush things along.

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Astro-graph for Sunday, May 12

People like you, and chances are you have more friends than you realize. In the year ahead, good things could develop through several pals whom you’ve never fully appreciated.

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Astro-Graph for May 10, 2013

There’s a chance that you’ll become more independent and strong-willed than you’ve ever been before. This new attitude will bring numerous fresh successes.

Astro-Graph for May 9, 2013

Financial trends will be developing in your favor in the year ahead. Take advantage of all that comes your way and make the most of every opportunity.

Astro-Graph for May 8, 2013

A new, refreshing personality, more independent and adventurous than your old one, is likely to emerge in the year ahead. Your rejuvenated demeanor will attract fun friends and activities, giving you a whole new lifestyle.

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Astro-Graph for May 7, 2013

An endeavor that you’re ready to write off might take on new life in the coming months. Although you might not get what you initially hoped, you’ll still turn a nice profit.

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Astro-graph for Sunday, May 5

There are two major areas that will command your focus in the year ahead. One pertains to a creative endeavor, while the other involves romance. Success is indicated in each.

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Astro-graph for Saturday, May 4

You’ll find that learning will be easier for you in the year ahead if you study things that have an immediate application. Branching out in this fashion could pay off.

Astro-Graph for May 3

Your time-tested ways to generate earnings will continue to be the way to go in the year ahead. However, it wouldn’t hurt to also keep a weather eye peeled for good, solid investments.

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Asto-Graph for May 2

Although financial conditions look to be quite encouraging for you in the year ahead, you’ll still have to be far more determined than your competitor to generate the kind of returns you want.

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Astro-graph for May 1

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol Conditions that have a direct effect on your material well-being are likely to show a marked improvement in the year ahead. Luck will be on your side.

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Astro-graph for Sunday, April 28

Sunday, April 28, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol There are strong indications that you will form a powerful alliance in the year ahead that could prove to be helpful to your career. The value of this partnership will depend on your ability to keep it confidential.

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Astro-graph for Saturday, April 27

The possibility of you fulfilling a number of secret ambitions looks to be pretty good in the year ahead. Your sense of timing will be better than it has been in the past.

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Astro-graph for Thursday, April 25

Thursday, April 25, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol In the year ahead, you could somewhat reluctantly enter into a partnership arrangement. However, even though in your eyes it won’t be ideal, it could end up producing numerous and unexpected benefits.

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Astro-graph for Thursday, April 25

In the year ahead, you could somewhat reluctantly enter into a partnership arrangement. However, even though in your eyes it won’t be ideal, it could end up producing numerous and unexpected benefits.

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Astro-graph for Tuesday, April 32

Although your material prospects look encouraging, this doesn’t mean that you won’t experience problems during coming months. Be prepared to take the good with the bad.

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Astro-graph for Sunday, April 21

In the year ahead, be on the lookout for outmoded ventures that you can transform into something new and useful. Once you begin searching, chances are you’ll uncover quite a few.

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Astro-graph for April 20, 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol Your earning potential could greatly increase in coming months. Your current cycle points to several sources creating multiple opportunities for gain.

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Astro-Graph Thursday, April 18

You are likely to be a participant in some rather extraordinary developments in the coming months, most of which you will find to be intriguing. Many new doors will be opened for you.

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Astro-Graph April 18

You are likely to be a participant in some rather extraordinary developments in the coming months, most of which you will find to be intriguing. Many new doors will be opened for you.

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Astro-graph, Sunday April 14

Circumstances that have caused you a great deal of stress and frustration should begin to diminish in the months ahead. Your luck is about to change, letting you thrive in areas where you had failed previously.

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Astro-Graph, Saturday April 13

Though you may be restless in the coming months, don't make changes simply for change's sake. If you find yourself at a loss, stay where you are, because it may be your best chance for success.

Astro-graph, Thursday April 11

You will almost certainly realize many of your aspirations in coming months. This is mostly because you’ll be unusually pragmatic and will actively take measures to turn your dreams into realities.

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Astro-graph, Wednesday April 10

Friends and/or associates will back you up when things get out of hand in the year ahead. Knowing that support will be available when you need it will enable you to confidently go after what you want.

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Astro-graph April 5, 2013

Your aspirations will be elevated to new heights in the year ahead. It could mean a lot of work in a few cases, but the rewards could be commensurate.

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Astro-graph for April 4, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol In the year ahead, it’s quite likely that you will find yourself entertaining some grandiose hopes. Others might find your thinking to be wishful and extravagant, but that’s because they lack your luck.

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Astro-graph, April 3, 2013

Sometimes, we’re inclined to believe that it’s impossible to profit from anything we truly like, which is

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Astro-graph Sunday, March 31, 2013

In the year ahead, you might experience a marked improvement in your conditions. However, be apprised that just because things may be getting better, if you don’t take advantage of opportunities, nothing will change for you. ARIES (March 21-April 19) — Your perceptions should be accurate, so trust them. If you put too much stock in what another says, you could easily make a mistake.

Astro-graph, March 30

Don’t be satisfied with the status quo in the year ahead, under any circumstances. The cycle you’re entering wants to elevate you to a much higher level of living, financially, socially and career-wise.

Astro-graph, Friday, March 29, 2013

by Bernice Bede Osol Several career opportunities might come your way in the year ahead. One could be something you’ve always hoped to achieve, and you just might get it.

Astro-graph, March 23

Saturday, March 23, 2013 If you don’t get upset about not being in the spotlight all the time, you’re likely to find yourself involved in something that’ll be extremely beneficial. Keep in mind the advantages of serving in the rear ranks.

Astro-graph, March 21

Friday, March 22, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol If you remove some obstacles in your path, substantial material growth can be achieved in the year ahead. It’ll be up to you, however, to keep trying your hardest and refusing to settle for second-best.

Astro-graph, March 20

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by Bernice Bede Osol By living up to your potential and doing everything that is expected of you, it could turn out to be a banner year, especially regarding material interests. You’ll have no regrets if you capitalize on your opportunities.

Astro-graph Sunday, March 17

You are likely to be far more fortunate in the year ahead than in the past, especially in matters that pertain to your career and/or earnings. Lady Luck will step in with a helping hand.

Astro-Graph for Ja. 9, 2013

In the coming months, spend the necessary time and effort to gain the material security vital to both your pet projects and your workaday endeavors. If you’re prepared for anything, you’ll be able to handle everything.


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