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City considers park tobacco rules

Health officials seek festival area directive

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Cyclists seek bike park

Bikers form group to study possibilities

Stark gets eight years for theft charges

Felon had long history of prior convictions

Police arrest 12 for drugs

Festival, Mid-Columbia Narcotics Task Force raid yields multiple charges.

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A time for new horizons

Judge leaves 23 years on the bench with an optimistic outlook

Mustang drawing will aid children

Residents of Wasco and Hood River counties have the opportunity to win a classic car, help prevent child abuse and minimize trauma to young victims.

Mustang drawing will aid children

Residents of Wasco and Hood River counties have the opportunity to win a classic car, help prevent child abuse and minimize the trauma to young victims.

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Wasco county selects wolf panel

Two business representatives are still needed

Governor names Ostrye new circuit court judge

Hood River attorney Karen Ostrye has been appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber to fill a vacancy on the Circuit Court for the Seventh Judicial District created by the retirement of Judge Paul Crowley.

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Barnwood yields settlers’ stories

Cottonwood Canyon exhibit uses ranch items

City gives tax credit to e-commerce

Council hopes for state tax break

City opts out of road district

Council will now pursue a local gas proposal

Ceiling fire at Schultens Monday

Torch used in construction ignited flames

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Marine: Find God for true healing

Dan Brophy says the painful experiences of combat can make a veteran stronger

Jail tackles rape prevention

Staff addition will address implementation

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Walden tours Readiness Center

Dr. Frank Toda gives Congressman a ‘true north’ compass

City halts $9.80-a-day interest; $1,500 unpaid bill could still result in foreclosure

Future changes could allow staff to impose a lien in the future without a public hearing taking place.

Sheriff looking for wanted suspect

The Wasco County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Kevin Anthony Jessie, 32, of Sevenmile Road.

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Honoring One and a Generation

Veterans honor late longtime advocate

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Veterans LIVE Memorial Day

Every day is Memorial Day for a combat veteran who often struggle for years, if not a lifetime, to make sense of what happened in war, according to Dr. Pat Stone, a decorated Vietnam veteran.

Ground Zero: No ‘holiday,’ a day of sadness for those lost

Military families often seem to inhabit an alternate universe at this time in history. While most of America is excited about Memorial Day as a three-day “holiday,” it is a time of sadness for those of us who have sent sons and daughters, husbands and wives to war. Even if our loved one made it home alive, we all know families who were not so fortunate.

Shinnick gets 20-month sentence for spitting in city police officer’s face

Wasco County District Attorney Eric Nisley wants to send a “loud and clear” message to people that there will be consequences for spitting in the face of a police officer.

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Welcome Home

Vietnam Veterans will receive special recognition at Memorial Day observance

Runyon-Bailey face runoff

Commissioner Scott Hege secures another term.

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Vet fights for unpaid bills

Former soldier says VA system needs overhaul

Former tomb guard speaks Sunday

McIlvenna will speak at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

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Walden: Scrutiny needed on species regulation

A federal agency’s proposal to list the White Bluffs bladderpod as a threatened species, despite evidence to the contrary, is an example of how grazing rights are being threatened on public lands, according to U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon.

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An Embattled System

Constant push for new regulations is overburdening agencies, cattleman says

Activist disputes accusation of fee gouging

The Center for Biological Diversity disputes the allegation by the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association and others that environmentalist groups are raking in billions from federal court battles.

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A Place for Cattle

Careful grazing can improve the health of forest land, says longtime advocate

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History of public lands started with grazing

Oversight of federal lands has expanded in recent years

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Seeking balance on our public lands

Rancher says grazing is being squeezed off federal lands, putting industry at risk: Agencies work to apply congressional plans and guidelines on the ground.

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Spera is promoting change

Barney Spera knows it is unlikely that he will topple Republican Greg Walden from his Second Congressional District seat - but he is running to get his message out. "I decided to get involved in this election because I just got angry," said the Democrat from Ashland. "Money is power and power is money and I have no illusions about unseating Walden. But I would like to get a discussion going."

Taxpayers foot the bill of resource lawsuits

Equal Justice Act is being used to gain billions

Roads top city budget discussion

Franchise fee may offer revenue source

Bikers invited to help veteran effort

Maupin Chamber seeks support for Adventures

Artists wanted for logo design

Vets office wants image for coin that will be handed out as reward

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A Place to call Home

A cattle family makes its way amid family struggles and challenges of modern ranching

Vulliet seeks Congress ‘fix’

Charles “Frank” Vulliet, Sr., 72, felt called to run for the Second Congressional seat out of belief that issues at the federal level are so out of control that it is a prime time to replace incumbent Greg Walden.

Veterans sought for Adventure

Outdoor Adventures for Military Heroes has organized a variety of expeditions in 2014 for combat veterans from Wasco County who have sustained an injury in war – but people have not been signing up.

Christofferson: private sector experience is preparation

Aelea Christofferson, 61, of Bend does not see her time on the Cover Oregon board of directors as a detriment to her candidacy for Oregon’s Second Congressional District seat.

Huffman: On the road again

Rep. John Huffman, R-The Dalles, believes one of his greatest accomplishments during seven years in office was reworking a state radio project to save about $450 million in taxpayer funds.

Tribal concerns nix Riverfront Trail completion

Tribal concerns have led The Dalles officials to scrap plans for the final leg of the Riverfront Trail that would have extended north of the freeway from the Marina parking lot to a segment at Lone Pine.

CGCC holds tuition costs down

Columbia Gorge Community College is holding the line on tuition for the 2014-15 academic year to keep education affordable for students who are struggling financially.

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Military book is a ‘labor of love’

Local author explores culture of aircraft art work

Linthicum: Uproot the entrenched

Dennis Linthicum decided to take on 16-year incumbent Greg Walden out of the belief that “establishment Republicans” are steering the party – and nation — in the wrong direction.

Portland K-9 shooting suspects have local ties

Shoot-out in Portland ends with injured officer, dead K-9 partner

White arraigned for sex crimes

Judge looks at assets prior to appointing a court lawyer

Wyden: Public deeply skeptical

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., was asked by a resident of The Dalles Tuesday if he believed elected officials should be held to a higher standard of conduct, which earned an emphatic “yes” answer.

Man faces 360 sex abuse counts

A 61-year-old man from The Dalles was arrested Thursday evening on 360 counts of sex abuse involving multiple victims.