Bhaskar 4 years, 4 months ago on Ocean dead zone a mystery in Oregon

"As plankton die, they sink to the bottom where dense colder water collects. There, bacteria break down the dead material, producing rich nutrients but consuming oxygen in the process."

Why do the [phyto]plankton die? Why are they not consumed by Zooplankton and Fish?

Unfortunately people are not asking these simple questions.

Cyanobacteria are not good food for zooplankton and fish, Diatom Algae are.

So when Cyano bloom they die and decompose, but when Diatoms bloom they are consumed by Zooplankton and Fish, so they do not die and decompose, so they do not cause decrease in dissolved oxygen, in fact they increase the DO.

So if Diatom algae are caused to grow instead of Cyanobacteria, there would be no dead zones.


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