CHaynie 4 years, 8 months ago on City to keep flouride in water after hearing

Fluoridation opponents like to pretend that only dentists, like the ODA support community water fluoridation (CWF). There are over 100 prestigious scientific and professional organizations which recognize the importance of CWF. They include pediatricians, public health experts, surgeons, nurses, research scientists and health advocates.

Acad Dentistry InterNatl Acad General Dentistry Acad for Sports Dentistry Alzheimer’s Assoc America’s Health Insurance Plans Am Acad Family Physicians Am Acad Nurse Practitioners Am Acad Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Am Acad Orthopaedic Surgeons Am Acad Pediatrics Am Acad Pediatric Dentistry Am Acad Periodontology Am Acad Physician Assistants Am Assoc for Community Dental Programs Am Assoc for Dental Research Am Assoc for Health Education Am Assoc for the Advancement Science Am Assoc Endodontists Am Assoc Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Am Assoc Orthodontists Am Assoc Public Health Dentistry Am Assoc Women Dentists Am Cancer Society Am College Dentists Am College Physicians / Am Society Internal Medicine Am College Preventive Medicine Am College Prosthodontists Am Council on Science and Health Am Dental Assistants Assoc Am Dental Assoc Am Dental Education Assoc Am Dental Hygienists’ Assoc Am Dietetic Assoc Am Federation Labor and Congress of Industrial Orgs Am Hospital Assoc Am Legislative Exchange Council Am Medical Assoc Am Nurses Assoc Am Osteopathic Assoc Am Pharmacists Assoc Am Public Health Assoc Am School Health Assoc Am Society for Clinical Nutrition Am Society for Nutritional Sciences Am Student Dental Assoc Am Water Works Assoc Assoc for Academic Health Centers Assoc Am Medical Colleges Assoc Clinicians for the Underserved Assoc Maternal & Child Health Programs Assoc State & Territorial Dental Directors Assoc State & Territorial Health Officials Assoc State & Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors British Fluoridation Society Canadian Dental Assoc Canadian Dental Hygienists Assoc Canadian Medical Assoc Canadian Nurses Assoc Canadian Paediatric Society Canadian Public Health Assoc Child Welfare League America Children’s Dental Health Project Chocolate Manufacturers Assoc Consumer Federation America Council State & Territorial Epidemiologists Delta Dental Plans Assoc FDI World Dental Federation Federation Am Hospitals Hispanic Dental Assoc Indian Dental Assoc (USA.) Institute of Medicine Institute for Science in Medicine InterNatl Assoc for Dental Research InterNatl Assoc for Orthodontics InterNatl College Dentists March Dimes Birth Defects Found Natl Assoc Community Health Centers Natl Assoc County & City Health Officials Natl Assoc Dental Assistants Natl Assoc Local Boards Health Natl Assoc Social Workers Natl Confectioners Assoc Natl Council Against Health Fraud Natl Dental Assistants Assoc Natl Dental Assoc Natl Dental Hygienists’ Assoc Natl Down Syndrome Congress (list truncated)


CHaynie 4 years, 8 months ago on Fluoridation, streets face city

Mr Boyet's ideas are tragically mistaken and are dangerous in that they can easily mislead both City Councils and average citizens to discard what is one of public health's most effective programs.

The fluoride water additive used (I thought since 1956) in the Dalles is not an industrial chemical.

The National Sanitation Foundation standard-60 which defines the water additive grade is more specific and demanding than is the USP standard for medication. The USP also does not provide for independent quality control oversight, the manufacturer is the only guarantor of purity.


The concentration of fluoride for optimal fluoridation is neither dangerous nor toxic. It simply prevents cavities.

Important comparisons between The Dalles and non-fluoridated Hood River show a 70% decrease in The Dalles of operations on little preschool kids for mouth fulls of terrible cavities.. These operations include root canals, extractions and stainless steel crowns and must be done in the hospital under general anesthesia. They can cost as much as $15,000 each.

The benefits The Dalles children enjoy are consistent with good peer reviewed scientific studies in Louisiana, New York, Texas, Scotland and Australia.

Fluoride ions are naturally present in two of The Dalles water sources. Exactly the same ions are supplemented at the other two sources to provide water which is best for oral health

Mr. Boyet's demand to have water his way, to have the "right" to demand a specific chemical composition for the town's drinking water will cause more cavities.

The Dalles Citizens and the City Council should simply say no to the vocal minority armed with junk science and paranoid scare theories. The people who are currently children in The Dalles, especially low-income children, will benefit their entire lifetime from continuing the long standing and successful fluoridation program.


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