birdpond 6 months, 1 week ago on Ranchers: Wolf Trouble

I agree, Julierl! In a slaughterhouse, these animals are routinely skinned and hacked apart while still alive, conscious and thrashing/flailing in agony. Yet these caring, compassionate ranchers have no trouble selling their beloved cattle to slaughter. In fact, that's the entire point of their participation in the industry.

(same with sheep, pigs and, in fact, all livestock bred for human consumption. I guess what these people mean is, only humans are allowed to brutalize whatever species we wish to eat, hunt, trap or fight for our pleasure, and only we are permitted to brutally eliminate competition for same - competition being wild animals struggling to survive,. Nothing else on the planet has a right to eat meat, it seems, be it fish, fowl or on the hoof. Yes, we are so flippin' important, nothing else has a right to anything).


birdpond 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Ranchers: Wolf Trouble

Yeah, ranchers don't want to see their cattle abused or torn apart - Until they sell them to a slaughterhouse, where they are often skinned alive, throats slit and dismembered while still conscious, screaming in agony and flailing to try to escape the torture.

Very strange mind-set in these people, when they will kill any 'cruel' or 'evil' wild animal who dares even look at their herds, when ultimately the whole point is to treat all this livestock as so many mobile steaks just being prepared for our gluttony. Even newborn baby calves and sheep aren't sacred, being routinely discarded carelessly and barbarically by these very same self-proclaimed 'humane' ranchers.

Just sayin'.