imdeanna 3 years, 10 months ago on St. Vincent’s struggles

Another suggestion for getting more donations, how about a pick up service? I myself have a lot to donate, but w/out a truck I just store the extra stuff in my garage 'until I get to it'

Just something that GW will not do!! :)


imdeanna 3 years, 11 months ago on Warming shelter schedule leaves some cold

I'm sure my message will be taken wrong, but here goes...

I am ALL for helping when/where I can, I even housed the lady interviewed above, Ruthie, for a weekend once.... but it was not a pleasant experience for me. She had a demeanor of 'expectance' while in my home...even getting mad and yelling at me for coming home at 7pm after having dinner with my daughter, complaining she had to walk UP hill to get to my house and wait for an hour for me to get home, even though I pre-warned her I would be out till the evening on the second night she was to stay. (read her blog, her gratitude was shown by severely bad mouthing me after I housed and fed her)

I am a single mom/grandma who has worked all my life to have my "warm bed' I don't have much, and I struggle every month to make ends's what I have to do...and I will not feel guilty for "spending the evening indoors, sleeping in our beds, wrapped in layers of blankets to protect our fragile bodies from the winter chill" I'm proud of what I have, and I have earned it!

I have a hard time reading this story based on Ruthie's 'unfortunate' situation. Yes I hate that anyone has to be out in this cold, and agree they should all have a place to stay warm at night, but I also know some choose this life, (read Ruthies blog, it's not just my opinion). Therefore some (not all) should also feel a bit of guilt when they start 'expecting' tax payers who work for their money to fund their lifestyle.

Ok, let the flogging begin ;)


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