Feeling down unhappy? Full of angst and inner turmoil? If so, Gorge Happiness Month may be just the event to cheer you up.

Organized by One Community Health in celebration of their 30th Anniversary, a month of activities have been planned for October based on the science of happiness, each designed to make for a healthier community.

A kick-off event is planned Oct. 1 at The Dalles Farmer’s Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at City Park in The Dalles. Additional events are planned in Hood River, Stevenson and Goldendale.

To participate, individuals simply complete a “Happiness Index Survey” at the start of the month, do things in October that make them happy, then take the survey again at the end of the month.

One Community is seeking businesses and organizations to participate in the kick-off event and host “happiness groups.” To participate, simply “offer something that helps make people happy,” reads the flyer promoting the event.

Businesses are encouraged to call Emily Reed, 503-360-3532 or via email at emily@openintelligenceagency.com to get involved.

Those wishing to participate are encouraged to visit online at gorgehappiness.org, where they can sign up, take the happiness index survey, start or join a group, find or submit events for a happiness calendar or explore daily habits proven to increase happiness.

The more people to sign up, the merrier — literally, said Emily Reed of OCH.

Happiness is good for your health, said Reed, who is organizing the event. “I’ve tried these things, and they really work.”

A review of hundreds of studies has found compelling evidence that happier people have better overall health and live longer than their less happy peers, Reed added

Habits, genetics and environmental factors account for most of this, but the rest is in our control, she said.

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