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Gary Conley, Terray Harmon, Russ Brown and Michael Houser contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was scanned from a print found in the archives of the Reminder, and was published in 1983.

A number of readers guessed the location correctly, although it was thought to be a gasoline storage tank from on of the many gas stations in town.

Houser was one of those who recognized the decommissioning and removal of a heating oil storage tank from the former The Dalles Post Office at the corner of Second and Union Streets, where Amerititle is located now.

The photograph was published March 19, 1982. The caption reads, “construction workers removed a 12,000 gallon oil tank that formerly supplied fuel to heat The Dalles Post Office. The post office was heated by coal when it was constructed in 1915. Oil heating replaced coal, and today the facility is heated by natural gas.”

20 years ago – 1999

A juror who helped acquit ex-Goldendale Police Chief Greg Thornton of criminal charges last week fears long-standing “Hatfield and McCoy” tensions between Thornton and the Goldendale police may yet come to violence.

Goldendale Police Chief Dave Hill lives across the street form the ex-police chief, Greg Thornton. Though Thornton hired Hill, back in 1991, the two haven’t talked in four years. Their feud escalated to an incident just over a year ago when more than a dozen officers surrounded Thornton’s house after he was reported to point a gun at two officers who showed up at his house to take a complaint.

Protection for a scenic wonder near The Dalles is not yet secured, although planners hope they are nearing their goal. Funds for acquisition of the Chenowith Table open space were endorsed by Congress last year, but bureaucratic impediments remain.

Irish eyes are smiling on the efforts of the 70th Oregon Legislative Assembly this St. Patrick’s Day. Senate Bill 771 would make an important part of Irish history available to Oregon schools.

SALEM (AP) — An Arlington man who faces trespass charges for fishing on the John Day River said he plans to file a lawsuit asking a court to declare public access to the river. “Anglers and boaters have had problems with landowners for years,” Dezellem said. “I know my dispute is not the only one; it happens all the time.”

40 years ago – 1979

Martin Marietta Aluminum has announced the installation and preliminary trial operation of new dry and wet scrubber air utility control systems at its production plants in The Dalles and Goldendale, Washington.

It’s spring vacation time and The Dalles High Band units are on tour.

Ron Townsend has resigned his position as boys head basketball coach at The Dalles High School, effective immediately. Townsend turned in his resignation to Principal Rich Correa Friday afternoon.

Tuesday—Community Gardens Organizational Meeting, 10 a.m., The Dalles-Wasco County Library meeting room. Meeting for those interested in gardening but without space.

Man on the Street this week found some support for a 1-cent city fuel tax to be used for street improvement. Most respondents opposed using the money for anything else. The city is studying imposing such a tax.

PECOS, Texas (UPI) — A federal warrant has been issued against a Texas man who Secret Service agents said paid a man $10,000 in counterfeit money to have President Carter assassinated, a U.S. magistrate said Friday.

60 years ago – 1959

Vandals broke an old chair, spilled paint on the floor and rearranged bedroom furniture in a home now being remodeled here, police said today.

Dalles City Council last night answered “no” to the question of whether local groups have gone as far as they can in pressing the State Highway Commission and the Federal government for inclusion of a relocation of Union Pacific railroad tracks in the Route 30 bypass plans. The council heard Rupert Kennedy, local businessman, declare that “people of consequence” in The Dalles are unwilling to give up the rail relocation plan.

Fresh snows and freezing rains piled new woes on the Great Lakes region today in the wake of a paralyzing Midwestern snowstorm.

“The Man in the Bowler Hat,” a comedy presented by the faculty of The Dalles High School, will be staged today at the school auditorium beginning at 8 o’clock.

The March meeting of the Chenowith Extension Unit was the occasion of a Centennial party, when members dressed in old fashioned dresses brought antiques to the Chenowith Grange Hall and displayed them in a setting of covered wagons and ox teams.

80 years ago – 1939

With $400 in cash already on hand, and a number of pledges made, for the Wasco county recreational center, the committee in charge of a drive for funds announced today that the entire business section will have been canvassed by the middle of next week.

J. W. Dodd, Tygh Valley rancher, chosen president of the county fair board in its first meeting in The Dalles yesterday, immediately announced plans for an entertaining and educational program for this year’s event.

The body of Ben C. Shelton of Walla Walla, whose parked car was found near the Pasco-Kennewick bridge two months ago, was discovered this morning in the Columbia river near the Maryhill ferry landing, by the crew of the Robert Gray tug.

WASHINGTON, March 17. (UP)—The United States government today denounced German aggression against the former Czechoslovak government in bristling terms. Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles, speaking with the full knowledge and approval of president Roosevelt, said this government “cannot refrain from making known this country’s condemnation of the acts which have resulted in the temporary extinguishment of the liberties of a free and independent people.”

LONDON, March 17. (UP)—Great Britain took the lead in democracy’s “stop Hitler” drive today by recalling her ambassador from Germany to report on the nazi “march to the east” through central Europe.

100 years ago – 1919

Describing the glorious way in which the French at Brest celebrated the signing of the armistice terms and expressing a desire to have carried the fight to Germans on German soil, Kenneth C. Woolley of the United States navy who has made several trips through the now defunct war zone writes most interestingly of his impressions to his mother Mrs. Frank W. Woolley, 209 Tenth street this city.

When the city council this evening opens bids on the pavement of several streets and construction of the Ninth street bridge, Mayor P. J. Stadelman hopes that all property owners interested in the improvements will be present.

Looping the loop three times in a rattle-trap of a Ford automobile and receiving but minor injuries as a result, was the experience of Thomas Fargher of the Dufur section Sunday when his machine became uncontrollable at a point one mile the other side of Dufur on the Tygh Valley bend.

WASHINGTON, March 17.—Reduction in living costs to the consumer was put forward today by the federal reserve board as the key to the readjustment period.

DETROIT, March 17.—About 5,000 men roared out their demand for the release of Thomas Money at a meeting here last night addressed by Max Eastman. In one voice they also endorsed a call for a general strike of workers in the United States on July 4.

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