Mary Reilly: ‘I love the people’

Mary Reilly, 91, sits behind her counter at Cascade Eye Center in The Dalles, where she retired last week after 25+ years.

After more than 25 years on the job, Mary Reilly, 91, is retiring as office assistant for Cascade Eye Center in The Dalles.

“I love the patients, I love the people. That’s what’s so wonderful about this job,” she said on Thursday, Feb. 28, her final day at the office.

Reilly graduated from The Dalles High School as Mary Jane McVicker. Her father was a doctor in town, as was her husband, Dr. Richard Reilly. She worked with Dr. Reilly, helping him run his office, until he died in 1985. She then began working at other medical-related businesses.

Reilly said she will not be wondering what to do, now that she is retired. She loves to garden at her Mill Creek Road home, and “as soon as the snow is off, we’ll be digging it up.” She also has 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren to be involved with. “I’ll have lots of stuff to do.”

She has three families, she said: her generational family, her work family and her church family.

She will miss her work family, she said, but “they all know I’ll have to come back and hug them.”

Her church family, at Covenant Christian in The Dalles, will continue to be part of her life as well. “Every time the door opens, I’m there,” she said.

“I pray for all of them,” she added.

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