One Community Health (OCH) in The Dalles hosted the Casey Eye Van on Saturday, March 23, helping nearly 100 people with its free vision exams, glasses, and ophthalmology and additional health care referrals.

In total, 95 patients who were either uninsured or underinsured received services from Casey Eye Institute’s mobile clinic, which opened its doors for eight hours to qualifying patients.

Pacific University is also a key partner in this mobile event.

“Many people in our community don’t have access to eye care, and we’re so happy that we can partner with Casey Eye Institute and Pacific University to provide this service,” said Michele Guerrero, RN, enabling services manager at OCH. “The staff worked hard to schedule patients, provide assistance and offer interpretation on the day of the event. We are so pleased that our patients were able to get glasses and referrals that will significantly improve their quality of life.”

During the event in The Dalles:

• 57 prescriptions for glasses were provided, and each will receive a free pair of glasses.

• 17 referrals were made to ophthalmology for conditions like glaucoma.

• 4 referrals were made for further medical care.

• $46,991.40 of in-kind contributions came from Casey Eye for eye exams and prescription glasses, not including volunteer time and operating costs.

According to a statement from the Casey Outreach Program, “For some members of the community, access to high quality medical care appears beyond their reach. The Casey Eye Institute (Casey) Outreach Program is working to bring eye care into focus by hosting mobile screenings out in the community. We travel throughout Oregon and collaborate with programs serving people in need to identify common preventable and treatable eye conditions.”

Since its inaugural voyage in 2010, the outreach has provided service to over 8,100 community members with no other access to eye care across the state of Oregon. In doing so, they identify common preventable and treatable conditions related to refractive error, diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Through partnerships with programs serving low-income, uninsured and underinsured Oregonians, the program offers free vision screenings on site at an expanding network of community outreach locations.

With the Casey Eye Van, participants are examined at no cost, and community partners assist with follow up for individuals in need of assistance in purchasing glasses or access to continued medical support.

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