Educators host convention

Oregon Retired Educators (OREA) Unit 20 will be hosting the OREA State Convention in Hood River May 6th and 7th. Presenters are Darryl Lloyd, photographer-journalist, and Kevin Gorman, Executive Director of the Friends of the Gorge.

Business will include welcomes, election of officers, scholarship recipients, awards, entertainment, remembrances, door prizes and local tours. The 1912 Criterion School, which had been moved in the 1970’s from South Wasco County to the Oregon State Fairgrounds, will also be recognized.

Inquiries may be directed to 541-331-3282 or 541-354-1002.

Test backflow prevention

The Dalles Public Works Department is issuing a reminder that sprinkler systems can be a risk to the public water supply without properly tested and maintained backflow prevention.

If prevention is not installed or fails, contaminated water can flow back from a sprinkler system into the home’s drinking supply and the water mains. Backflow prevention assemblies are required to be tested when installed, repaired or relocated, as well as annually, by a certified tester, who must have completed a proficiency exam with the State of Oregon.

The City provides a courtesy tester list with their annual test reminder. For more information or a copy of the list, call The Dalles Water Distribution Division at 541-506-2013. Other tips include ensuring no broken sprinkler heads or small leaks are wasting water, controlling where sprinkler output is directed, and using programmable timers to set a fixed watering schedule. According to the US EPA WaterSense program, a leak as small as the tip of a pen can consume over 6,000 gallons per month.

Lottery open

The Wahtonka Community School 2019-2020 charter lottery for student placement and wait lists has been announced and applications are due no later than midnight on May 2, 2019.

A yearly lottery is used to determine entry and wait list order for the school, which has a limited class of 60 students. Applications can be filled out online at or picked up in person at 3601 W. 10th Street, The Dalles.

The school offers a project-based setting to let students take charge of their own education, learn about what interests them and make a difference in the world while earning a high school diploma. Contact the school at 541-506-3449 or emailing for more information.

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