Two Pacific Hermitage events will be held at Mtn. View Grange in White Salmon this weekend, Sept. 21 and 22.

The Hermitage is a small Theravada Buddhist monastery just outside of White Salmon.

The key event, known as a Pah Bah (pronounced paw-baw), is on Sunday, Sept. 22. This is a traditional Thai ceremony for offering robe cloth, monetary donations and needed material goods to support monastics and monasteries. Arrive by

10:30 a.m. if you’d like to join in the potluck meal. The ceremony begins at 1 p.m. and will include some traditional chanting and a talk by the monks, but no meditation. Past Pah Bahs in White Salmon have attracted 100 to 200 people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

A half-day meditation retreat lead by monks will precede the Pah Bah on Saturday, Sept. 21, 1 to 5 p.m.

Both events will be held at Mtn. View Grange, 1085 N. Main Ave., White Salmon, WA. Donations are welcome, but not necessary, and should be made only if you feel moved to do so.

If you have questions about the Pah Bah or half-day retreat, visit or or email Sanghata is the lay board of stewards for the Hermitage. It manages finances and helps organize the Pah Bah. Learn more about the Pacific Hermitage at

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