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Sandoz Farm

Sandoz Farm, located on Mill Creek out of The Dalles, has been named Grand Marshall of the 2019 Wasco County Fair. Pictured above are, left to right, Larry Leighton, Mary Sandoz Leighton, Holly Sandoz, Ted Sandoz, Kathy Sandoz and the late Chuck Sandoz, who died in January of this year. Joining them in the parade will be Wilbur Benson, who helps at their farm stand on Mill Creek.

Sandoz Farm has been named Grand Marshall for the 2019 Wasco County Fair.

The Sandoz family has been actively farming and have maintained ownership of their farm since 1880.  The family has been a part of the Wasco County Fair for that long as well.

 In 1878, Charles E. Sandoz and his two brothers began farming the land, producing root vegetables and fruit trees. Competition for the best vegetables and fruit was always a fun part of being represented at the fair, and the Sandoz family members participated.

Julius Sandoz, son of Charles E. Sandoz, expanded the fruit tree operation and took great pride in his cherries, apricots, peaches and apples. He also grew a very large market garden that focused on summer vegetables such as tomatoes, corn and beans. His produce was sold in truckloads delivered to town and from his cellar.

Competition was important for recognition of top quality fruit, and in the 1930s the farm was a big winner  at the Pacific International Competition.

Charles “Charlie” John Sandoz, the son of Julius, continued the farm and added cattle to his enterprises in 1950, in addition to  adding more cherries on the hills above Mill Creek. Charlie took great pride in his registered black angus cattle and sold many breeding bulls and heifers to local farmers. Charlie particularly loved to attend the Wasco County Fair with a few head of cattle.

Charlie and Goldie’s children, Mary, Mike, Charles “Chuck” Lee, Linda and Ted have all have participated in working the Sandoz farm. Currently Ted, Holly and Theo, Mary and Larry, and Chuck’s wife Kathy and granddaughter Kali are the family members working the farm, and participating at the Wasco County Fair as well.

Chuck, a huge participant in the fair, died Jan. 30 of this year.

It won’t be hard to find the grand marshalls come fair time. Theo and Kali can be found in the beef, pig and goat barns with their livestock projects, and you can find many vegetables, photos and other fair entries in which they are  major participants.

The Sandoz Farm members currently raise USDA beef and pork, cherries, vegetables and a few other fruits, and have  value-added products like jams and pickled products, which they sell  at their farm stand and The Dalles Farmers Market.

The Sandoz Family is proud to be in the farming industry, proud to be able to keep their farm in the family for over 100 years—and proud to be the Grand Marshalls for the 2019 Wasco County Fair.

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