Editor’s note: All individuals arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue

The agency responded to six calls for emergency medical services on Sept. 12, 11 on Sept. 13; seven on Sept. 14, and six on Sept. 15.

Police Reports

The Dalles City

Police responded to the 900 block of Chenowith Loop Road Sept. 12 after staff reported a juvenile male was causing a disturbance. The subject was released to his father and the incident was logged.

A hit and run report was taken Sept. 12 from East 2nd and Laughlin streets.

Police responded to the community corrections office after staff reported a subject they arrested earlier in the day was in possession of methamphetamine. The drugs were picked up for disposal and a report was taken.

James Earl Mulvaney, 25, The Dalles, was arrested Sept. 12 near West 7th and Ash streets and is accused of unlawful possession of methamphetamine and parole violation.

A caller at 10th and Snipes reported an elderly woman in a pink nightgown was walking down the street Sept. 13. Officers located the woman later and told her she was trespassed.

A school transportation official reported Sept. 12 a silver Ford van has been following kids. Officers checked several schools and didn’t see the suspect vehicle.

A caller in the 300 block of West Seventh reported Sept. 13 her daughter, who has been staying with her, kicked in the door and the daughter’s boyfriend was making threats. Mario James Villanueva Sweedler, 21, Hillsboro, was arrested on a charge of menacing, resisting arrest, harassment, third-degree criminal mischief and probation violation.

A caller in the 200 block of West 13th St. reported Sept. 13 a bag of cans was stolen off her porch.

A caller in the 200 block of East Second reported the theater and barricades were tagged.

A woman came to the police station Sept. 13 to report a neighbor may have mental issues and is stalking her, including glaring at her from a parked car as she was on a walk.

A caller in the 700 block of East 14th St. reported Sept. 13 his vehicle was hit overnight.

A caller in the 1300 block of West First Street reported Sept. 13 they wanted a person living in a vehicle trespassed from their property. Officer left a note saying so on the unoccupied vehicle.

A caller reported a youth was passed out drunk with her pants down in the 600 block of West Second Sept. 13. The youth was found behind Safeway and taken to hospital. She was cited and released to the custody of her mother for minor in possession of alcohol.

A caller on West Seventh Street reported Sept. 13 her daughter was threatening to kill herself. An officer convinced the daughter to go to the hospital.

A caller at 10th and Emerson reported a rolling domestic where a man was hitting a female with his fist and the vehicle was swerving. Police couldn’t locate the vehicle.

A woman reported Sept. 13 a man was violating a restraining order against him. The woman was provided a case number for the incident.

A woman reported Sept. 13 her grandson was in her car and out of control. A baby was in the car and she was worried the grandson would hurt the baby. Police talked to the boy, who was calm when they arrived.

Jay Ryan Stanford, 39, was arrested Sept. 13 at Eighth and Myrtle and is accused of post prison supervision sanction.

A caller reported two youth were smoking marijuana in the 3600 block of West 10th Street Sept. 14. Police contacted one youth, who would not consent to a search. The youth’s mom arrived, searched his pockets and found drug paraphernalia. The youth was cited for minor in possession of marijuana and released to his mother. Another youth was given a ride home by the mom.

A caller in the 2800 block of West Seventh reported neighbors screaming Sept. 14. Police arrived, and found the couple had been drinking, and the man agreed to go to bed. The neighbor called again later to say they started arguing again when police left.

A caller in the 2400 block of East 10 Street reported Sept. 14 a neighbor child crying. Police talked to parents, who said they were sleep training their 1-year-old and transitioning him to a crib.

A caller in the 2500 block of West Second St. reported Sept. 14 seeing a young lady walking around playing with his water hose. Another caller said the woman banged on her vehicle door and tried to push her way into businesses. Police responded to a business location and found the female inside. Syan Rae McDannel, 22, of Arlington, was arrested on probation violation.

A caller at a business in the 1200 block of West Sixth reported a man came into the manager’s office and claimed to be with loss prevention. When he was asked to leave he got angry, kicking and punching at things. Police stopped the man as he was driving away. He claimed he was assaulted, but police found no evidence supporting that. The man was trespassed from the business.

A caller in the 2500 block of West Sixth Street reported $700 stolen from her motel room Sept. 14. Report taken.

A caller reported shots fired Sept. 14 by the fish overpass over Interstate 84. Officers found nothing.

A downtown business reported Sept. 14 a customer received 10-12 phone calls from a private number claiming he had an order he needed to pick up that was not paid for.

A caller parked behind the regional jail reported Sept. 14 a man offered her a beer then accused her of stealing his phone and said he was a cop. The man was gone on officer arrival.

A caller in the 2800 block of West Seventh Street reported a cougar sighting Sept. 14. The caller watched the cougar for a couple minutes as it sat in the grass. Officers couldn’t find the cougar.

Kylie Trevor McCroskey, 24, The Dalles, was arrested Sept. 14 in the 500 block of Mt. Hood and is accused of three counts of probation violation.

Janelle Arlene Baldwin, 31, The Dalles, was arrested Sept. 15 in the 1300 block of West Sixth Street and is accused of misdemeanor driving under the influence of intoxicants (alcohol).

A caller in the 2800 block of West Seventh reported Sept. 15 neighbors were being loud. Neighbors were watching a football game and were told them to keep it down.

A caller in the 2100 block of West Sixth Street reported Sept. 15 someone was passed out in the restroom.

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