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This 2016 “Nirvana” is one of the home-tasting kit choices being marketed statewide by Sunshine Mill Winery in The Dalles.

With gatherings and their tasting room in the old Sunshine Mill at the east end of town limited to local orders because of the coronavirus pandemic, The Dalles’ Sunshine Mill Winery has begun shipping at-home wine tasting kits statewide.

The Gorge winery recently launched this new way to bring wine tasting to your home with the at-home wine tasting kits.

The kits are available online at a range of prices, and include two-ounce pours of up to 12 different wine varietals.

The tasting room manager has also provided a video that walks guests through the tasting process, and there will also be weekly live tasting videos posted. The kits are available to ship statewide in Oregon and you can place your order online, or call into the tasting room.

Included in the kit is a flight of five different wine varietals (out of 12 options), each in a two-ounce tasting pour.

Those interested in learning more can also watch this virtual tasting with the kit, with Sunshine Mill’s tasting room manager taking guests through an in-depth tasting of the wines.

Customers can order their kits of five for $10 on Sunshine Mill’s website or by calling the tasting room at 541-298-8900 ext. 1.

Tasting kits are fresh for five days and must remain refrigerated until ready to consume (red wines can be taken out and brought to room temperature two hours prior to tasting).

If you live nearby, you can also order kits or wines online and mark for pick up. You’ll receive an email when your order is ready.

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