Truth: ‘With neglect, it will start to rust’

Truth, Justice and the American Way.  That was what Superman used to say, and it seemed like a plan. A way to live. Everyone had a chance, and the rules applied to everyone across the board. Truth is the contract that allows it all to work. Truth is the given that lets us believe the equation.  Truth is the basis of civilization. When truth is evident, we trust the message. When truth is apparent, we can each go about our lives with confidence. Truth is a fragile trust.  Once that trust is broken, it is very hard to regain. When that trust is broken, any statement is received with skepticism. If you cry wolf too many times, no one will listen, even when the threat is real. 

“Truth” the sculpture is a monument to the concept. It is a reminder that truth is an ideal we should aspire to promote. It is a concept that applies across all boundaries. It cares not where you come from or who your parents were, it does not care what party you belong to or what group you are part of.  The sculpture is a reminder of the importance of Truth.

The sculpture Truth was built by hand. I drew it with a marker and a straight edge. I cut the piece by hand with a torch. I welded and ground the piece. I etched the metal by hand to create the color and texture and clear-coated the piece. The piece is not perfect — there is evidence of my hand and of the labor that went into it. The surface from a distance looks uniform, but as you get closer you can see the texture and color in the steel.  Like the concept, Truth the sculpture will last for ever, yet with neglect it will start to rust.

— Artist MacRae Wylde

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