Votes are slowly arriving at local clerks’ offices for the May 19 Primary Election.

Ballots must be received by county elections offices by 8 p.m. on Tuesday in order to be counted. As of this date, voters should hand-deliver their ballots, to ensure they arrive in time. Postmarks do not count.

Here are the turnout totals for Gorge counties as of Monday, May 11:

  • Wasco: 3,340 out of 17,604 ballots issued — 18.97 percent
  • Hood River: 3,188 out of 15,072 — 21.15 percent
  • Sherman: 296 ballots have been cast — 20.8 percent

A city charter update for The Dalles and a Hood River County Public Safety Tax levy are highlights of the election. For the first time, Oregon voters will receive a postage-paid envelope to return their ballots. voters are reminded to sign their ballot envelope and only their own count.

The COVID-19 outbreak has necessitated another balloting request from county officials: avoid licking your envelope. To seal it, use a wet cloth or sponge. Elections staff and volunteers will be issued Personal Protection Equipment to open and process ballots.

Voters in northeast Oregon will choose candidates to advance to the November Primary in elections for State House and State Senate:

  • House Dist. 52: Democrat Anna Williams, the incumbent, and Jeff Helfrich, Republican; both are Hood River residents.
  • House Dist. 57: Democrat Roland Ruhe of Irrigon versus the incumbent, Republican Greg Smith of Heppner
  • House Dist. 59: Arlene Burns of Mosier and Tyler Gabriel of Culver, both Democrats, challenge incumbent Daniel Bonham, Republican from The Dalles.
  • Senate Dist. 29: Republican incumbent Bill Hansell faces challenges from Democrats Garison Alger and Mildred O’Callaghan; all are from Pendleton.
  • Senate Dist. 30: Lynn Findley, Republican of Vale and Carina Miller, Democrat of Warm Springs, running for seat vacated by Cliff Bentz.

Here’s what else is on the ballot in Gorge counties in Oregon:

Wasco County: 

  • Assessor: Jill Amery
  • Clerk: Lisa Gambee
  • Commissioner, Position 2: Steve Kramer and Marcus Swift
  • District Attorney: incumbent Eric Nisley, Matthew Ellis

Sherman County:

  • Sheriff —  Brad Lohrey
  • Justice of the Peace —  Ron McDermid, Geremy Shull, and Deanna Christiansen
  • County Clerk —  Kristi Brown
  • Lohrey and McDermid are incumbents.

Hood River County:

  • Sheriff: Matt English
  • County Commission Chair: Mike Oates
  • County Commission Position 2: Paul Henke, Arthur Babitz
  • County Commission, Position 4: Les Perkins
  • District Attorney: Carrie Rasmussen and Sean Kallery
  • Oates, English, and Perkins are incumbents.

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