Every mask helps

After going grocery shopping, it is amazing that there are quite a few individuals who enter the store without a mask! At a time when there is no prophylactic medication or vaccine for this virus, the thing that has worked is wearing masks. Masks help stop the spread of atomized particles to others from asymptomatic virus carriers. Think of the employees at these stores who serve us by being there for long hours exposed to everything. You can help by doing this little bit, wear a mask!

Ron Yamashita

Hood River

Help via HEROES

Please Mr. (Greg) Walden!

Every protection in the HEROES bill is needed and the Senate should pass it in its entirety without further diversion of funds to corporations and the wealthy.

The HEROES bill:

Provides relief for families in financial distress

Protects workers with an OSHA standard

Expands paid sick days and family leave

Ensures adequate funds for Medicaid programs

Keeps more people on their employers health coverage and allow new ACA sign ups

Provides funding and policies for expanded vote-by-mail and safe in-person options

We have a 25 percent unemployment rate! Wake up! It is almost too late for you to do the right thing for Oregon and the USA.

Susan Lannak

Hood River

Thomsen out of touch

Sen. Chuck Thomsen broke his promise to represent D26 in the legislature. Over the last legislative session, he stopped going to work but still collected thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded salary and daily stipend.

He fled the state with the specific, stated goal of obstructing the legislative process. According to OPB, Thomsen bragged that he packed shorts and polo shirts so he could flee to somewhere warm — his plan wasn’t to work remotely somewhere. It was to go golfing at his vacation home in Arizona.

Sen. Thomsen promised to “stand up for working families.” Yet when the time came, he voted against a measure to support working families who lost their income during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you read the meeting log from the state’s April 23 Joint Emergency Board meeting, you hear other attendees explain how farm workers, woodland firefighters and hospitality workers would specifically benefit from the emergency funding. But you hear nothing from Thomsen — no questions, no commiseration — just “no” for working families.

If you think that Thomsen is out of touch, and voters deserve to choose a State Senator who will fight for them, join me in signing the petition at recallthomsen.com/thank-you.

Vicki Nunenkamp

Hood River

Masks help us all

In moving from the city to rural Klickitat County 12 years ago, one of the things I have so come to appreciate is how ready and willing folks are here to reach out and help their neighbors. It might be in assisting find lost animals, supporting fund raisers at the local school, or showing up with tools and equipment, without being asked, to pitch in on a big project.

And I would bet most of them would not think twice about putting themselves in harm’s way to save a toddler wandering into traffic on a busy road. So why do some of these same people choose not to do something  — wearing a face mask — that threatens the health, and perhaps even the lives, of these neighbors they would otherwise not hesitate to help.

The personal choice of refusing to wear a face mask when going into a grocery store or other enclosed areas could cause real harm. If any of us are infected with the COVID virus, it takes days for us to show any symptoms. Yet during that interval, an infected person without a mask can spread the virus to people nearby simply by talking and breathing. Masks drastically reduce the chances of us unknowingly infecting others, so why are we reluctant to take such a small step to potentially help so many others?

Tom Pierson


A matter of choice

This country started years ago

Where it would lead none would know

People fled in from far away

Hoping to build on a brighter day

We worked together making connections

And yet there were times we made dissections

Tougher and tougher we worked hard and long

Striving to build a united country that is strong

Along came a new pandemic that tears at the heart

Seemingly trying to rip us apart

Now as we think about our next choice

Each of us can use our own voice

Will we unite and stand as one

Or will we divide and our country is done?

Cleresse Sprague

The Dalles

Thank you

I would like to publicly shout out everyone who helped virtual "Prom" happen in The Dalles. I'm the ASB adviser for the Junior class at TDHS, and while it was challenging to change gears/expectations — I've been incredibly impressed with the positive attitudes of my student committee.

Thanks to the hard work of Robbie, Randy, Nate, Avery, and all the sponsors — this community was able to give honor, recognition, and some fun back to the classes of 2020 and 2021.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in, requested music, shared photos and shout-outs, and made the evening one to remember.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Jill Pearson

The Dalles

Garden thanks

Thank you to all the people and businesses who helped make possible the community garden at Calvary Baptist Church in The Dalles.

Thanks to all the movers of dirt who donated their time and energy. Also, a special thanks to Home Depot for a discount on wood, and Dirt Hugger for a discount on compost. The donations of your materials were instrumental in making this happen.

It is now possible to grow food for needy families, local food banks, and Community Meals.

Thank you to everyone who helped.

To participate in the garden, contact Calvary Baptist Church for more information, email office@calvarythedalles.org.

Ty Haight

The Dalles

What’s missing here?

I drove through the town, waterfront and marina this Memorial Day weekend. People were out and about, rarely did I see even one person wearing a mask. What’s missing here? Masks save lives!

Natasha Markovich

Hood River

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