Wash. letters needed

After just reading my new updated newspaper, I find myself wondering why I would want to continue with your service. For the most part, there is very little about the north side of the river. I always have looked forward to the letters to the editor. Now I have received my May 7 paper and the May 20 paper, a total of 49 letters to the editor. Of that 49, three were from the Washington side of the river.  I realize you can`t print all letters but you would think that of all the letters to the editor in your new and improved paper surely a few more from Washington would have gotten printed. Thank you.

James Anderson


Editor’s note: As space allows, Columbia Gorge News publishes all letters that meet length and content standards. Those that do not fit or arrive too late for publication are printed in the next edition.

Politicians threaten

Mark Twain wrote that a man who acts in one direction for six days a week is unlikely to behave differently on the seventh. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has championed unfettered abortion, yoked school kids, parents, and civil society to LGBTQ militancy and given convicted criminals the keys to their own jail cell at the expense of past and future victims. Yet suddenly he a good idea to make us safe by demolishing the economy. The political “swamp” exists in both political parties and within all levels of government and the liberal Republican establishment is comfortable to stand aside and hold Inslee’s coat.

Republicans might return to America in its originalist sense-based on Natural Law as recognized in our Declaration whose ideas were transmitted the principles in our Constitution. The critical first step is that our individual liberties come our Creator and not from man. When government assumes it creates or defines rights, it will always arbitrarily remove them by whim.

Where our Founding Father rang the bell was that people, not government, have rights and its main purpose is to protect those liberties people are born with. In this arrangement, government is necessarily in a distant and inferior third place. It is on this imperative that all else hangs but this has been obliterated by politicians of both parties.

Historian Paul Johnson wrote that the greatest “menace” to world humanity over the last century was (and is) posed by the professional politician. It’s worthy to note that all elected officials swear an oath to the Constitution and not to other politicians who took the same oath or to a political party and that this promise requires them to defend it when fellow politicians threaten it.

Mike Goodpaster


Corona is a real threat

For those readers still in denial about the coronavirus pandemic, for those who believe that we are through the worst, that we need to reopen economies, or that the threat is exaggerated, here are some reference points for you:

As of writing this, we are nearing, if not already at, 100,000 casualties of Donald Trump‘s totally incompetent, inept, irresponsible and, frankly, criminal handling of this pandemic, which is around four times the population of Hood River County. For the folks in the back: This virus could have killed every man, woman, and child in this county four times over, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Really think about that.

The United States lost 58,209 enlisted persons in the Vietnam War. We are quickly nearing a two-to-one ratio of humans, adults, children, and babies alike, lost to coronavirus as compared to adult military persons lost in the entire 14 year campaign in Vietnam. Really think about that, let it into your heart.

And then stay home, and if you cannot, wear a damned mask.

Benjamin Sheppard

Hood River

Editor's Note: Benjamin Sheppard works as a social worker.

Props to front line

I think it’s important we give props to our local essential business.

March 13 marks the day life changed at the Hood River Liquor Store. I’ll never forget walking in to see my co-workers hanging sneeze guards. Our manager, Jenn Rulli, was crafting them out of shrink wrap and poster frames.

Then came the people. I wasn’t aware that humanity could shift so quickly. As days followed, more and more glove- and mask-wearing consumers in a frantic state would flood us. I’ve never in my 40 years have seen anything like it.

By the very next week, we appropriated complementary hand sanitizer. After that, we began spritzing each and every credit card that was passed to us.

Once the social distancing order was in effect, we followed, and are still following six feet apart rules, inside and outside. Our lines are still incredible at times.

Workers that have been on the essential business line are incredible people. Don’t forget Cami Kent, James Voltz, and Shaun Finn. At times it’s down right scary.

I’d like to make sure that every worker that braved and is still braving this chaotic pandemic is appreciated. It’s definitely not easy.

Now that reopening is beginning, workers are worried. Will the last two months of vigilant sanitization and hard work to keep the virus out of our town be for nothing?

I know I’m not just worried but I’m slightly mad watching people come to our town in groups, without a care to our efforts.

Sunshine Johnson

Hood River

Beautiful The Dalles

During these tough times, we are grateful for the comfort which comes from living in a town surrounded by magnificent natural beauty and enhanced with countless lovely gardens.

Much thanks to all the gardeners who create and care for interesting landscapes full of flowers, shrubs, trees, and decor. And thanks also to the many homeowners who have been busy with clean up/fix up/painting projects and to the business owners who are freshening up their storefronts.

It’s a great time to get out for a walk and enjoy our town. And while you’re on that walk, take along some gloves and a bag and pick up litter!

Let’s all work together to keep The Dalles beautiful!

Connie Krummrich,

for the City of The Dalles Beautification Committee

The Dalles

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