Fat can be a stubborn and even with diet and exercise, it can still linger.

It is frustrating. So, you try more drastic diets or add more time at the gym but those fatty places that just won’t go away.

That is when it is time to look for alternatives. The FDA has cleared a technology called CoolSculpting, and it is good way to get rid of unwanted fat without having surgery.

CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to target fat cells under the skin. The targeted cells are crystallized in the freezing process and then die. Over time, the body processes the dead fat cells.

The process offers long-lasting results because the body gets rid the fat cells. And since it is non-surgical, there is no downtime. Patients can resume their normal activities after their treatment.

CoolSculpting can be applied to different parts of the body. It can be used to treat double chin, bra fat, abdomen, muffin top and flanks, inner and outer thighs, arms, above the knees and banana rolls.

It can be done in one session or more sessions, depending on your goals.

One of the best things about CoolSculpting is how it makes people feel. The technology gives people a new way of looking at themselves.

“People love how they look in their clothes with renewed confidence to wear clothes that used to make them feel too insecure to wear,” said Erika Wilson, owner of Columbia Laser Skin Center.

The technology was created at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The center is a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Researchers developed the science and technology after they observed some children developing dimples after eating popsicles. The researchers realized that the icy treats were freezing pockets of fat cells. Researchers realized they could remove unwanted fat without damaging the skin.

Today, CoolSculpting is the top non-surgical fat-reduction. More than 5 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed worldwide.

If you are interested in CoolScultping, call Columbia Laser Skin Center at (541) 298-5066 or visit their website, www.columbialaserskincenter.com

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