Boaters with registration decals that expire on 12/31/2013 will soon be getting courtesy registration renewal notices in the mail.

The Marine Board is mailing approximately 90,000 notices today.

“Renewing online is quick and easy and there's zero processing fee,” said Melinda Harrison, registration assistant manager for the Marine Board. Each renewal notice has the boat owner’s registration number (OR number) and a PIN.

The online system is secure and the Marine Board does not retain any credit card data. Boaters who let their registration lapse last season (decals that expired 12/31/12) can still renew online if they have their PIN. "If they've lost their PIN, call our office at 503-378-8587 and we can help," Harrison added.

"Another advantage to renewing online is that boaters can print out a temporary permit right away, and immediately get out on the water," said Harrison. Decals are mailed within 5-7 business days. "The electronic process provides a great turnaround-time for boaters, and it's much more cost-effective for the agency."

The notices include the $5 surcharge for the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program that was passed by the 2009 legislature. The fee is an additional charge to the boat registration, which has not increased. Registration fees are $3 per foot, rounded up, based on the length of the vessel.

Boaters can also renew their registrations at the Marine Board Office in Salem, by mail or through 79 registration agents statewide. A list, as well as an interactive map of Marine Board registration agents can be found at, where you can get the agent phone number and driving directions.

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