History Mystery for Sept. 22

Lucille Stephens, Terray Harmon, Rose Mays, Mary Batty and Mike Kilkenney contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was photographed in 1998 from the pedestrian walkway climbing Fourth Street Grade. It was scanned from a 35mm black-and-white negative from the collection of Mark B. Gibson.

The image is looking to the northwest, and shows the former grain elevators and silos located downtown The Dalles at the foot of Union Street, between First Street and the highway. The facility stood derelict for many years. The property is now home to the Lewis and Clark Festival Park. Visible in the distance is the aluminum plant, which was still in operation at the time the photograph was taken.

The grain elevator burned in 1999.

Stephens remembers that when she was a child, the trucks bringing in the wheat harvest were much smaller than they are today. Nevertheless, the granary dominated the city’s skyline for decades.

The central brick building is the Pioneer Electric/Odd Fellows building, said Harmon.

Swirling eddies

Rose Mays passed on a request made to her husband Rich Mays, mayor of The Dalles: A man in his mid-70’s was asking about whirlpools that he remembers as a child in the Columbia River. He was asking if the City knew where the whirlpools were located, because he does not remember. He said he remembers two whirlpools, that later formed into one.  He was referring to 60 to 65 years ago. Sound familiar? If so, send an email to mgibson@thedalleschronicle or call 541-296-2141 X107 and leave a message.

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