History Mystery from June 14

Terray Harmon contributed to this week’s report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was scanned from a print submitted by a reader and shows “the princess of Romania visiting The Dalles,” according to a handwritten note on the back of the print.

Harmon said the photograph appears to have been taken looking upstream from the downstream end of The Dalles-Celilo Canal.

According to Wikipedia, the Celilo Canal was completed around 1915, and the Maryhill museum building was dedicated on Nov. 3, 1926, by Queen Marie of Romania. It was later opened to the public as Maryhill museum on builder Sam Hill’s birthday (May 13) in 1940.

Additional prints show the Queen and her party in front of Maryhill.

The note on the print also suggests that “off to the right in the distance is Fort Dalles,” which appears to be inaccurate, although it is unclear what the structure actually is.

20 years ago – 1999

Three teens were apprehended early this morning and charged with throwing rocks at vehicles on Interstate 84. There were at least five victims over the past two nights, with all of the rock-throwing incidents taking place near Milepost 85.

The Dufur Threshing Bee Organization is seeking artists, crafters, woodworkers, photographers, quilters, spinners and weavers or anyone interested in sharing their crafting talents at the Dufur Threshing Bee, Aug. 14 and 15.

The Wasco County Grand Jury returned a five-count indictment against Jeremy Lee Morgan on Tuesday in the murder of Wanda Eichinger last October.

Windsurfers taking part in the Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District’s windsurfing class enjoyed a brisk breeze and hot sun Tuesday.

Job applications have been brisk in some areas, slack in others, as the regional jail gears up for a Sept. 20 opening.

A pay cut is in store for Hood River County corrections officers as they become employees of the regional jail.

While neither party reached any conclusions, a meeting last night between city representatives and a citizens’ group wary of The Dalles urban renewal efforts did find common grounds—and the group will meet again before deciding whether to launch a petition drive aimed at immediately abolishing urban renewal.

WASHINGTON (AP)—A task force has been created to consider the possibility of restoring Amtrak passenger rail service from Portland through The Dalles to Boise.

40 years ago – 1979

About 15-20 riders, including good guys and bad are expected through The Dalles at 11 a.m. today when the 1979 Ft. Dalles Days Rodeo activities begin. Proclaimed as the Outlaw Ride, the traditional preview show will feature local rodeo officials, the rodeo queen, and a few misfit outlaws if they can get outfitted in time to fit in. Friday night, the Masqueraders, who furnish the outlaw act for the show, were out trying to drum up a few bandits to plan a new bank robbery or worse. It remained to be seen just how much of a crew they could get together.

On Monday, the U.S. Mints released the new Susan B. Anthony dollar, a coin slightly larger than a quarter. When it hit circulation in The Dalles, many people immediately felt that it was too small, easily confused with the quarter. There are no cash drawer slots in cash registers for it, and it is hard to identify by feel. Many people objected.

PERTH, Australia (UPI)—A bit belatedly, Skylab—or at least a hefty hunk of it—was given a royal red carpet welcome Friday. The town council of Kalgoorlie, 400 miles east of Perth, literally rolled out the red carpet as a 6½-by-3¼-foot chunk of Skylab junk was pushed, pulled, shoved and squeezed into Kalgoorlie’s town hall.

Sunriver, Ore. (UPI)—The man who has prosecuted more capital murder cases than anyone in the country gave tips for spotting ideal jurors to sit on death penalty cases to Oregon’s prosecutors Thursday. “I see a person with a receding chin—I wouldn’t have him on any death penalty case,” he said.

60 years ago – 1959

Vernon Angell is one of many farmers now cutting barley and preparing for wheat harvest, which is expected to begin generally within the next week.

A 21-year-old Dalles resident, Elmer Rash, was killed early Monday when his car plunged off the Wasco-Heppner Highway west of Condon and overturned.

Wasco County Judge James Hunt and County Juvenile Officer John Cain will attend a five-day training and information program on juvenile delinquency at the University of Oregon, July 27-31.

A Dalles firm, Mid-State Construction Company, appears to be low bidder on the proposed sewage treatment plant for the city.

Judge Malcolm Wilkinson of the Seventh Judicial District today agreed to serve as “high commissioner” for Saturday night’s softball game between The Dalles and Hood River retail merchants.

NEW YORK (UPI)—Steel workers put in their last day at work today before the start of a nationwide steel strike that appeared virtually certain to shut down 90 per cent of the nation’s steel production at midnight.

GENEVA (UPI)—Soviet demands to seat Communist East Germany at secret sessions of the Big Four foreign ministers brought the East-West conference to a complete standstill today. The Western reaction was summed up by Secretary of State Christian A. Herter who told his staff, “I won’t have the East Germans in my house.”

80 years ago – 1939

Wind which reached a velocity of 36 miles an hour, with occasional gusts amounting to 46 miles, was recorded here yesterday, causing some interruptions in power service locally. Streetlights were out as a result of the wind and service disturbed temporarily when a tree blew down over service lines of the Pacific Power & Light company.

DEPOE BAY, Ore., July 14. (UP)—Three men narrowly escaped death today when a new deep sea fishing boat exploded and burned in the harbor, menacing more than a dozen other craft before the flaming hulk was towed a safe distance away from them. Charles Turner and John Williams, both of this Oregon coastal resort and co-owners of the boat, escaped with their lives when the 45-foot, $7,000 Albacore was destroyed by the blast and flames caused by gasoline spilled from the fuel tanks.

PORTSMOUTH, N. H., July 14. (UP)—A heavy ground swell prevented navy divers from descending today to determine how severely the submarine Squalus was damaged yesterday when, a third of the way up form its North Atlantic grave, it suddenly plummeted back to the ocean floor.

TOKYO, July 14. (UP)—Fifteen thousand persons massed before the British embassy today, hurled missiles and Japanese flags into the grounds and shouted anti-British epithets. It was called the biggest anti-foreign demonstration in recent Japanese history.

100 years ago – 1919

The strike of local telephone operators settled into its second day in this city today with four local operators working at the switch board, but all other girls holding fast, demanding a living wage in return for their work. Strike breakers have been imported from outside points by the telephone company.

George C. Blakeley, wife, Elizabeth Harriman and Phil Sharp, making up a party in Mr. Blakeley’s Dodge, yesterday went to Cloud Cap Inn and enjoyed the distinction of being the first touring car to reach this point during the present season.

The equipment for work on the Chenowith road was placed Saturday and plowing of the road was started yesterday.

Date for the Wasco county fair has been definitely set for the five day period, Tuesday to Saturday inclusive, October 7 to 11. The announcement was made this morning by J. M. Patterson, manager of the fair. Because of lack of space there will be no live stock display nor machinery exhibits. The lateness of the season will insure a fine display of fruits, vegetables and grains.

LONDON, July 14.—The British dirigible R-34 was safely housed in her hangar at Pulham today, having completed her round trip transatlantic voyage early yesterday.

WASHINGTON, July 14.—The final vote on the Agricultural bill to which the repeal of the daylight savings bill was a rider stood 247 to 134 with one member voting not present. After the vote the bill was referred to the Agricultural committee. Probably it will be reported to the house late today without the rider.

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