April 14

20 Years Ago-1993

A dispute over city employee wages has led to a breakdown in contract negotiations between the city of The Dalles and the City Employees Union. The main issue of dispute according to City Manager William Elliott and union negotiator Beckie Capoferri is that city employees do not want a wage freeze. ... With the negotiations ended, the next step is mediation, in which a mediator tries to bring both sides to agreement. It is non-binding, unlike the final option of arbitration.

Whether there is still an opportunity for the community college to attempt acquisition of the Judson Baptist College Campus is expected to be known today. In discussions held since owner Mike Fedderly regained ownership of the property in a private disclosure sale March 30, he and the college representatives have been discussing such things as purchase price and a time line should the college board decide to attempt acquisition.

40 Years Ago-1973

Columbia Commander No. 14 Knights Templar is preparing once more to conduct Easter Sunday services at Pulpit Rock on E. 12th Street above The Dalles High School campus. Capt. Robert Lloyd of the Salvation Army will be the speaker. The traditional service, dating back decades, is scheduled for 6:30 a.m. April 22.

The Old Wasco County Pioneer Association is beginning to make detailed plans for its annual reunion the first Saturday next month, May 5. As in recent years, the get together with its noon dinner, afternoon program and evening dance will take place at The Dalles Junior High School. Mrs. Warren Stanley of the Dufur area is the association president.

60 Years Ago-1953

Clear visibility over the Columbia River gorge today resulted in more than a dozen planes continuing the search for an Air Force T-11 Beechcraft which vanished Sunday night, according to United Press. The CAA at The Dalles, however, reported that no search planes had been in contact with them, although the planes might be working out of McChord Air Base.

A sprinkler system, in operation for only 60 days, was given credit today for saving the plant of The Dalles Lumber & Manufacturing Company here yesterday afternoon from fire. Ursus Brock, manager of the plant, said flames broke out in the control room of the lumber and planing mill about 3:30 pm yesterday when the oil compensator on a 150 horsepower motor blew out and set the room afire. A total of 13 nozzles of the automatic sprinkler system, with 95 pounds pressure, sprayed the area with water and had the fire out in a matter of 15 minutes. Brock said company workmen were too concerned with getting the electricity to the room shut off to call the fire department until the fire was already under control.

80 Years Ago-1933

Inspection of the Celilo canal cave-in, which occurred near Dillon early yesterday morning while the big stern wheeler Hercules loaded with 2,500 sacks of wheat was in the lower chamber, continued today as the first step in determining an estimate on the needed repairs. The boat later was unloaded and pushed out of the chamber. General Roberts, chief of the Oregon-Washington-California division of government engineers, accompanied by Oscar Kuentz, district chief, viewed the cave-in late yesterday and today government photographers were taking pictures of the collapsed well. Estimates placed the damage as high as $100,000.

Wheat growers of this district, who were distressed when their fall plantings of grain were killed by extreme cold weather last winter, today are in better condition due to the cooperation of O.A. Carlson, receiver of the First National Bank. According to reports received today, more than 10,000 acres have been reseeded to spring grain in this district through the use of funds made available by the local bank receiver.

100 Years Ago-1913

Although the crop of cereals in Wasco and Sherman counties this year will not surpass in total number of bushels the crop of 1912, owing to the fact that the acreage is less because of summer fallowing, everything now points toward a yield per acre that will eclipse anything ever before known in this section. Reports from different localities of these two counties received by business men in this city are all the same: “Conditions for a bumper crop could not be better.”

A.C. Strange has resigned as superintendent of The Dalles public schools, his resignation to take effect at the close of the present school year when he will have served six years. Before he became the head of the local school system, he was principal of The Dalles High School for six months. Mr. Strange has been elected superintendent of the city schools at Baker, to succeed J.A. Churchill who was recently appointed state school superintendent.

The school board met Saturday night and decided to offer Mr. Strange the same salary which he will receive at Baker, $2400 a year, if he would consent to remain here.

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