20 years ago – 1999

An officer on patrol discovered that two residences in the 700 block of East 17th Street had been draped with toilet paper.

A drawdown of the John Day Dam reservoir won’t be much help to endangered Snake River chinook, suggests a new study.

Now that voters have approved it, soon-to-be Chenowith Public Utility District officials are set to take the steps needed to make the PUD a reality.

The Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue District board has given Chief Joe Richardson the authority to initiate collection procedures against a Sevenmile Hill area resident who is responsible for a grass and brush fire in July. The district’s cost of suppressing the July 20 fire on Richard Road is $3,103. Oregon State Forestry, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Scenic Area fire service also had costs for fighting the fire and may also seek to collect suppression costs.

PORTLAND—In a surprise move, Oreogon Secretary of State Phil Keisling announced today he will step down November 8 to pursue job opportunities in the private sector. “I’m maing this announcement with no job lined up,” he said in a statement, adding that he would explore private business opportunities “that will increase his understanding of Oregon’s new economy.”

40 years ago – 1979

Eck Rorick and George Yertson are pictured in the cockpit of a Pitts aerobitic plane that will be among the planes flown and shown at Sunday’s Rotary Club Airshow at The Dalles Airport. Admission is $2 adults, $1 students, those under six free with family ticket $5. Profits go to Rotary Club Scholarship fund and community projects.

MAUPIN—Parents of high school students are invited to attend a visitation program by representatives from the Oregon state colleges and universities at Wasco Union High School Oct. 7, the school has announced.

A dozen persons are named in open indictments returned by a Wasco Coutny grand jury on Thursday.The jurors also returned one secret indictment and one not-true verdict.

Six senior girls will compete here Saturday for the title of Junior Miss. Winners are eligible for local scholarships and grants provided by The Dalles Jaycees and the first place winner will compete in the state contest for more scholarship awards.

Mill Creek Grange resumed regular meetings after summer recess Tuesday evening. Master Don Bailey presided at the meeting and heard standing reports.

PORTLAND (UPI)—The Columbia River compact Thursday took three steps to protect the dwindling steelhead and fall Chinook runs in the Columbia River System, including an immediate closure of the Treaty Indian season above Bonneville dam.

TYGH VALLEY—Some 2,300 youths attending a Seventh Day Adventist Church summer encampment this morning held a memorial service for two boys who died in an accident near here Thursday while en route to the camp.

SEATTLE (UPI)—Florence, the orphaned whale baby, died today. The heart of the infant sperm whale stopped beating shortly before noon in a shallow pool at the Seattle Aquarium on the edge of the Pudget Sound.

60 years ago – 1959

Dr. V. M. Hargett of San Francisco, regional director of hospital planning and construction for the Public Health Service, will be the principal speaker at the dedication of the new Dalles General Hospital Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at the new hospital site.

A heart attack apparently caused a one-car accident which resulted in the death of LaVerne T. Shobee, 59, of Dufur, on the Old Dufur Road Monday afternoon. The accident was one of two resulting in death in Oregon Monday.

It would be hard to convince Mrs. George Johnson, 506 E. 12th, The Dalles, that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Recently Mrs. Johnson lost some hubcaps from her automobile. They were recovered, however, with the arrest of four teen-age boys. So what happened when she looked for her hubcaps this morning? You guessed it: One of them was gone.

PORTLAND (UPI)—A 13-year-old boy, Jerry Rich, was in satisfactory condition at Providence hospital today following an operation for removal of an eye Monday.

MOSCOW (UPI)—The Soviet press today accused U. S. officials of using strict security measures simply as an excuse to prevent Nikita Khrushchev from receiving a royal welcome by “ordinary Americans.” A correspondent of the newspaper Sovietskaya Rossiya charged that the officials who canceled Khrushchev’s visit to the Disneyland amusement park “were not so anxious about security but about the good meeting prepared for Khrushchev by common Americans.”

80 years ago – 1939

With impetus supplied by a successful first day’s operation, the Wasco county fair, attracting some of the fines rodeo talent in the country and boasting excellent events, will swing into its semi-final and final days tomorrow and Sunday.

The Dalles forces in the general Oregon war on deer today found five deer reported shot and not one human being bagged by mistake, according to early reports.

The Oregon department of agriculture’s new scale testing truck was placed in service yesterday and given its first use in the state in testing the Port of The Dalles scales.

Police Commissioner Carl Unger, who is always getting into something or other, took his bird-dog out for exercise in the Eight Mile district this morning. Several yellow jackets apparently heard of the commissioner’s presence. When he stepped into their nest, they hopped on him and gave the interloper something to remember them by.

BERLIN, Sept. 22. (UP)—Poland was partitioned for the fourth time today when German and soviet high commands agreed upon lines of demarcation between the two armies which give approximately half of Poland to Russia.

LONDON, Sept. 22. (UP)—British warplanes are operating on the western front and have shot down at least one German fighter, the ministry of information disclosed today.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 22. (UP)—Senator William E. Borah, republican, Idaho, said today that some opponents of repeal of the arms embargo have mentioned Henry Ford, Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and Herbert Hoover as possible participants in a nation-wide campaign against that type of neutrality law revision.

100 years ago – 1919

An orchestra dispensing the latest and classy music will give a dance at the Elks temple Wednesday, September 24. Admission $1.00. Ladies free.

At a quiet wedding at the home of the bride at 515 West Fifth street yesterday at noon Miss Wilma Donnell became the bride of Halbert Selby. The ceremony was read by Rev. W. H. H. Forsyth of the Methodist church.

The nation-wide strike of union steel workers began today. early reports failed to show whether the walkout will develop into America’s greatest industrial war. In some districts all plants were closed, while in others the mills are in full operation.

“Be a Brick—buy a brick.” This is the slogan of the drive being conducted by the Pacific Coast Rescue and Protective Society to raise $60,000 needed to build a new fire-proof nursery home in Portland for homeless babies.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 22—With initial maneuvers of the Pacific fleet completed, the acute shortage of man power was emphasized today by the announcement that the super-dreadnaughts New Mexico, Mississippi and Idaho will be anchored in San Pedro Harbor until their crews can be recruited to seagoing strength.

PALO ALTO, CAL., Sept. 22—”Food prices throughout the world are declining, but it is a matter of conjecture when the high cost of living will cease to be a menace,” said Herbert Hoover on his arrival here.

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