Looking Back on April 21, 2019

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Looking Back on April 21, 2019

Terray Harmon, Lee Langston, Lucile Stephens, Gary Conley, Arlene Fosberg, Kyrsten, Rayland Richmond of Maupin, Teresa Wilson of Tygh Valley, Russ Brown, Michael Houser, Ralph Carrithers, John W. Shearer & Mary Johnson, Rodney Woodside, Jeff Hull, J. Silver, Bob Breon, Sherry Holiday and Garth Ziegenhagen contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery photograph, above, was scanned from a Sawyers postcard from the collection of Terray Harmon and shows Deschutes Ave. (also The Dalles-California Highway or Highway 197) through Maupin, looking east.

It was published above a caption which stated the photograph was taken in The Dalles. But as Rodney A. Woodside of Richmond’s Service, South Wasco Co. Ambulance, and the Maupin Vol. Fire Dept. wrote, “That picture would have to be taken with one hell of a big zoom lens,” given that the scene is downtown Maupin.

Arlene Fosberg, who now lives in West Linn, said the 76 station may have been operated by Orville Fraley. Bob Breon noted the station may have been owned by Gene Lease’s father, and said he believed it also serviced farm equipment.

Ralph Carrithers said the 76 station is now home to Deschutes River Adventures, a rafting business.

Fosberg and others said the house on the right side of the street was still there, and added that the Richfield Station was owned by the Richmond family.

Rayland Richmond of Maupin also called, confirmed his family owned the station, and added that the family later owned the house as well. The station is still in business, and still called Richmond’s Service.

Bob Breon said the trees on the left at the far end of the avenue are willows that were in front of the school.

Terray Harmon said the vehicle in front was a 1936 Chevy two-door sedan, by the shape of the front grill, and the truck behind looks like a 1940 Ford.

John W. Shearer said the black vehicle across the street from Richmond’s garage was his mother’s 1939 Ford Sedan. “It is parked in front of the Maupin Hotel and Cafe, which she started in 1927/1928. It was torn down several years ago,” he said.

“I have always considered myself lucky to have been raised here, married here and raised children here,” wrote Sherry Holliday.  “The town is changing but bottom line is, it is still  great place to live.”

Looking Back on April 21, 2019

A 2019 view of downtown Maupin, submitted by Rodney Woodside.

20 years ago – 1999

Despite tragedy at a school three states away, education goes on pretty much as usual at schools in Wasco County, where schools try to counteract glorified violence. “We don’t have any plan to do anything particularly different,” said Jim Kiefert, superintendent of Chenowith School District, “other than make allowances for kids to talk about it if they want to.” Kiefert and other local officials say the media frenzy over the tragic shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., only serves to aggravate the problem.

“Here’s mud in your eye,” may become the new toast of the Mid-Columbia if the John Day dam is drawn down. Critics of the drawdown study have been quite ‘sedimental’ in their objections: they say millions of cubic yards of silt behind the dam should be left undisturbed in the normal 265-ft. reservoir operating pool.

Needs are long, money short. The Dalles School District’s budget committee must trim requests topping $2.6 million in “add-backs” to fit into just $300,000 allotted for the purpose.

SALEM (AP) — Mostly by chance, Oregon has become one of the leading states in the race to attract Internet companies. Now an effort is under way to make sure it stays that way. A group of business leaders and lawmakers are backing a bill, sponsored by Rep. Jim Hill, R-Hillsboro, that would set up a 13-member Internet Commission in Oregon charged with ensuring the state is proactive in promoting e-commerce.

40 years ago – 1979

Boy Scouts from the Mid-Columbia will show their work and skills at The Dalles Junior High Gym Saturday when the annual Scoutcapades begin at 1 p.m. The events continue until 5.

Kerry Kuttner, a senior at The Dalles High School, is a finalist in the Presidential Scholars Program which honors 121 graduates in the U.S. and its territories.

Funds from the Joseph G. Wilson School Parent Teacher Club carnival, matched by $200 from state sponsors, will provide a master poet next week to instruct students at the school.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the hair dryer asbestos scare has stirred up so much public concern it can no longer take telephone calls about the problem.

EUGENE, Ore. (UPI)—A resolution calling for physicians to have authority to veto what they consider unnecessary hospital costs will be considered by the Oregon Medical Association at its meeting Friday and Saturday.

SALEM, Ore. (UPI)—The discoverer of a potential source of nuclear power plant fuel told a crowd on the state Capitol steps Friday “the most useful thing that can be done with my discovery is to dump it.” Dr. John Gofman, now on the staff of the University of California at Berkley, delivered an impassioned anti-nuclear speech before a crowd estimated at between 1,000 and 2,000 people.

60 years ago – 1959

The “Endurance,” looking more like a bobbing cork than a canoe when viewed from 90 feet overhead, passed through the lock at The Dalles Dam at 4:30 p.m. Monday. Like paddlers of another era, two young men from New Jersey conquered “les grande dalles” of the river. But this time the canoe had the advantage of modern navigation aids.

Crusaders recruited by the four chapters of Beta Sigma Phi will move through 28 designated areas in The Dalles this evening in the campaign against cancer.

State police reported a one-car accident one quarter mile west of the Bridge of the Gods on the Columbia River highway at 5:20 a.m. today.

Within 10 years, supersonic airliners flying at twice the speed of sound and faster will be in use in the United States, it was predicted by Leverett Richards, aviation editor of The Oregonian, at The Dalles Chamber of Commerce members forum yesterday at Dallesport.

Funeral services were held today for John M. Cummins, 91, retired newspaper owner who died Sunday.

SALEM (UPI)—The Joint Ways and Means committee today approved conversion of the tuberculosis hospital at The Dalles into a geriatrics institution.

A pleasant affair of last week was the layette shower given Thursday evening by Mrs. Robert Freeman for Mrs. Darrell Hurlbert.

80 years ago – 1939

Steve Wesley, 23-year-old Rock Creek Indian who has been fishing at Celilo for several weeks, was beheaded today about 1:15 a.m. by an S. P. & S. train on the Oregon Trunk line at Celilo, a mile and a quarter east of the railroad junction. Sheriff Harold Sexton and Deputy Coroner Ben Callaway, who investigated the accident, said that Wesley apparently had gone to sleep on the track after a party last night.

Four Dalles youths, all about 16, will find out next Tuesday that other things besides firecrackers can pop! Two of the boys appeared before City Recorder J. H. Steers this afternoon to answer charges of shooting firecrackers too soon, but the official felt that the whole crew of boys who participated in the pre-holiday fireworks last night and the night before should be brought before the bar of justice. City police made arrests.

After discharging circuit court matters here for a week, Judge Fred W. Wilson will leave tomorrow afternoon for Curry county where, at Gold Beach, he is conducting a hearing between the Hauser Construction company, the Port Orford development company, and the Capital National Bank of Sacramento.

By United Press Foreign News Editor—Great Britain and France were on the threshold today of an outstanding if not decisive triumph in Europe’s tense diplomatic warfare.

100 years ago – 1919

While no official word has been received from the state highway commission it is stated that they expect to visit The Dalles Wednesday to make a personal reconnaissance of state road projects in Wasco county.

Anticipating the launching today of the Victory loan campaign, a local woman sought an interview Friday with J. C. Hostetler, the county chairman. She expressed her desire to subscribe, and asked if it was too early to do so.

“The Germans are queer people,” writes John W. Henzie of this city, who is stationed at Eitelborn, Germany, with the American army of occupation. “Sometimes I think they are all right, and again I believe they are simply playing a game.”

Miss Martha Whealdon of this city has returned safely to Bombay, India, after a furlough at home. She was selected as district secretary for the Young Womans Christian association in western India, with headquarters at Poonah, where, owing to the higher altitude, the heat is less oppressive than in Bombay.

PARIS, April 21.—Exile has been unanimously elected by the “big four” as punishment for Wilhelm. It is understood that an effort will be made to bring the former kaiser before an international tribunal and try him for the violation of Belgium neutrality rather than attempting to extradite him from Holland for criminal offenses committed against Belgium.

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