20 years ago – 1997

The next step in electronic home entertainment has arrived in The Dalles and its name is DVD. The initials stand for “Digital Video Disc” and it’s no longer just a dream, but a very real system now available at Lutz Satellite and Home Electronics. How big a step is it? Huge.

A marketing blitz by the Discovery Center and Museum will promote the facility on everything from Pepsi cups to grocery bags. This summer, between 1.5 million and 2.5 million Pepsi cups distributed in Oregon will feature the two-museum facility, which opens May 24. And all of it is at no cost to the facility, which has had to be creative in its marketing because it has a slim advertising budget.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea called a high-ranking defector to South Korea a “mentally deranged” traitor today and warned of war if he is used to defame the communist state. The comments, carried by Pyongyang’s official Korea Central News Agency, were the first North Korean reaction since Hwang Jang Yop arrived Sunday, 67 days after he fled to the South Korean consulate in Beijing.

40 years ago – 1977

“Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly” the lyrics of a Jerome Kern song say, but composer Kern apparently­ didn’t have the salmon on the Columbia River system in mind when he penned his words. The fish here don’t gotta swim, at least the 350,000 that headed downstream earlier this week didn’t. They were making their journey toward the ocean by barge. The young salmon – all about a foot long – came from the Dworshak Dam area hatcheries. They were trucked to Lewiston, where they were loaded on a barge in the Clearwater River. The fish were held there for 24 hours “so they will know that river is their orientation point,” a Corps of Engineers official explained, before starting the barge trip down river.

MORO – Roy Kunsman and his late wife, Ina, have donated a $10,000 time deposit scholarship to Sherman High School to be given to a senior who intends to pursue music during their college career, superintendent-principal Lance Ballew has announced. The scholarship is worth about $750 per year.

WASHINGTON (UPI) – The nation’s food and fuel problems will increase consumer prices by 6.7 per cent this year – 1.4 per cent higher than projected two months ago, the White house says. “We do not see in this increase an acceleration of any lasting force,” one of President Carter’s aides said in releasing the midyear budget review that increased its estimate. It was 5.3 per cent in February.

60 years ago – 1957

A group of Wasco county implement dealers met with County Agent John Frizzell yesterday afternoon at the Leo Hammel ranch on Center Ridge to make plans for the farm machinery field day Friday. Setting stakes where the farm implement demonstrations will be conducted were Frizzell, “Swede” Smith of Dielschneider Equipment Co. and John Hilgen of Empire Machinery.

SALEM (UP) – The Oregon Senate today adopted a resolution to submit to the voters in the 1958 general election the question of whether they wish to retain the death penalty. The vote was unanimous.

Circuit Court jury trial has been set for May 13 by Judge Malcolm Wilkinson for Ernest LeRoy Smith, 19, of Empire, Ore., who has pleaded innocent to the charge of shooting at a Dalles police officer March 2 with intent to kill. Smith and Cecil Roger Oakes, 21, also of Empire, were arrested early March 2 following a running gun battle east of The Dalles. City police officer Robert Brower was attempting to flag down the car for inspection on a “hunch” when occupants of the car opened fire with a pistol.

80 years ago – 1937

The second case of Rocky Mountain or “Spotted” fever to be treated in The Dalles this week was reported today at the Mid-Columbia hospital, where Martin Riggins, until recently a resident of Maupin, was suffering from the malady at the result of a tick-bite. Riggins was brought to the hospital yesterday from the Fossil district, where he has been working. Ticks prevalent in that area at this time of year are carriers of the dreaded fever, which is often fatal.

WASHINGTON, April 23. (UP) – President William Green of the American Federation of Labor today virtually read out of the federation rebel unions affiliated with John L. Lewis’ committee for industrial organization. His action, backed by the unanimous vote of the A. F. of L. executive council, completed the greatest split in 450 years of union labor history. Leaders of both factions frankly admitted it was the prelude to a bitter and possibly prolonged factional war. Green said the Lewis unions were “steeped in the cesspool of illegality and of irresponsibility.”

NEW YORK, April 23. (UP) – More than 5,000 half-hysterical Negro and white followers of Father Divine crowded the streets about the criminal courts building today as the little Negro who is “God” to his cult entered a plea of not guilty to charges that he feloniously assaulted a white man.

100 years ago – 1917

J. W. Brewer, manager of the Chamber of Commerce, has received a communication from Bruce Dennis, executive secretary of the State-Wide Legislative Good Roads committee in Portland, urging The Dalles to join Hood River in sending a large delegation to the good roads conference in Portland next Saturday.

NEW YORK, April 23. – With a grim lack of ceremony, suggestive of war times, the superdreadnaught New Mexico, sister ship of the Pennsylvania, and the first electric-driven battleship, was launched at the Brooklyn navy yard today. A small crowd of employes of the yard, marines and officials saw the launching. The public was excluded. Miss Margaret De Baca, daughter of the late governor of New Mexico, shattered a bottle of wine on the warship’s bow.

ROME, Italy, April 23. – Allied railroad commissions today are preparing to redraw Europe’s railroad map. They are already planning the destruction of the allied dependence on the German lines in the “war after the war.” For example, a proposed railroad connects Bordeaux with Odessa, avoiding middle Europe and passing through Turin and the Italian-to-be Triest.

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