20 years ago – 1999

The end of the summer reading program at The Dalles/Wasco County Library will be on Saturday, Aug. 28, at 11 a.m.

Removal of Ponderosa trees at Sorosis Park is part of a long-term plan to replace decaying pine trees with hardier firs, according to park district officials. Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District executive director Karl Cozad said the pine tree problem at Sorosis has a long history.

Scott Ziegenhagen, a wildlife biologist with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife in The Dalles, displayed a preserved wolverine and osprey last week at Columbia Gorge Community College.

The Mid-Columbia Football Officials Association holds its first meeting of the season at 7 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 25, at Dave’s Hometown Pizza.

ASTORIA (AP)—Word is spreading quickly among sports-fishing enthusiasts. Salmon are returning to Oregon by the thousands, and this season’s chinook catch is shaping up to be the best since 1987.

EUGENE (AP)—Greg Kappos thinks he’s found a way around the $3 fee required for hiking in national forests. It’s an ingenious idea handed down from Henry David Thoreau: conscientious objection. More to the point, it’s a loophole in the U.S. Forest Service’s recreation fee program.

CHICAGO (AP)—Workplace civility has gone downhill in the past 10 years, according to a new study, and researchers say men are mostly to blame.

40 years ago – 1979

Not-so-sunny skies prevailed Thursday afternoon when Sterling Munro, administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration, helped install the first solar collector panel on an experimental solar heating and cooling system at the Big Eddy substation in The Dalles.

Gov. Vic Atiyeh and Sen. Ken Jernstedt and their wives were among the visitors at the Wasco County Fair, which opened in Tygh Valley on Thursday.

SALEM, Ore. (UPI) — Oregon voters would get a chance to decide if the Trojan nuclear plant would continue operating and if any more nuclear plants would be constructed in the state under petitions filed with Secretary of State Norma Paulus Thursday.

A reunion of the Peterson family and a few close friends was held at the Wilbur J. Petersen ranch at Dufur recently.

SALEM, Ore. (UPI) — A halt on the importation of pet skunks into Oregon was ordered Thursday by state veterinarian Dr. Glenn Rea. Four Vancouver, Wash. women are undergoing rabies treatments after tests revealed  their skunk was a carrier of the disease. The animal was one of a shipment brought from a Minnesota animal farm.

60 years ago – 1959

Local police departments are on the look-out for a 15-year-old boy reported missing since yesterday. The boy, Rodney Keane, White Swan, Wash., was reported missing from a car parked in downtown The Dalles.

The new Dalles General Hospital, officially accepted yesterday as “completed,” will be dedicated on Sunday, Sept. 27.

The 12,267th person to take advantage of Wasco County Tuberculosis and Health Association’s free X-ray service was recorded Saturday.

A 18-year-old Ione boy suffered “very deep lacerations” to his upper right arm when the pickup truck he and two companions were riding in smashed into a telephone pole at the intersection of 16th Street and Kelly Avenue last night.

Registration for all pupils who will attend Rowena school is scheduled Wednesday, Sept. 2, from 10 a.m. to noon, it was announced.

A “tenderfoot” grandma from Portland was today completing her special version of the Independence-to-Independence run as a personal Centennial year feature.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—President Eisenhower made a point-blank plea to Congress today for action on superhighway financing, increased government interest rates, and new authority for insuring home mortgages. He warned of serious repercussions if these programs are not pushed through during this session.40 years ago – 1979

WASHINGTON (UPI)—Sen. Wayne L. Morse (D-Ore) Monday urged congressional approval of a bill which he said would have averted the Roseburg disaster. A portion of the city was devastated by the explosion of a truck laden with 6½ tons of explosives Aug. 7.

80 years ago – 1939

A waiting attitude has been adopted by the Inland Empire, to see what The Dalles will do toward the further development of ocean transportation up the Columbia river, Herbert G. West, executive vice-president of the Inland Empire Waterways association, told members of the Kiwanis club at their weekly luncheon yesterday afternoon.

The critical war situation reached into The Dalles as Donald Williams, son of Mrs. E. M. Williams, who has been touring European countries for several months, was believed advised to return home along with other Americans. The Dalles boy was expected to return to England, where he left many of his belongings, before embarking for the United States.

A picnic of Wasco county health workers and visiting health officials was held last night at Reed’s playground near Mosier, where persons attending engaged in swimming and other recreational activities.

By Joe Alex Morris, united Press Foreign News Editor—Adolf Hitler’s word on war or peace in Europe was believed delivered tonight at almost the same hour Great Britain signed a far-reaching treaty with Poland defying the nazi fuehrer’s demand for a free hand in eastern Europe. Whether Hitler gave the ambassadors an actual message or merely outlined Germany’s plans for bringing the Polish crisis to a showdown remained uncertain, but the summoning of the envoys at the height of the European war of nerves left little question that his words were of paramount importance in the fate of millions of persons.

100 years ago – 1919

Grant Mays, prominent cattleman of this section of the state, owner of large acreages of land, one of the big men of this city judged by the standard of service, dropped dead suddenly Sunday afternoon in Portland at 12:30 o’clock. One moment he was chatting pleasantly with his wife, the next he was dead. The cause of his death was given as heart failure.

After 12 long tedious years away from the lure of the circus, Lew F. Cullings, proprietor of the Casino theatre of this city, has gone back to his first love. He is now busy organizing the Lew F. Cullings famous dog and pony circus, the biggest little show on earth.

Suit for divorce was filed yesterday by Mrs. Nettie Johnson who after 19 years of married life asks separation from her husband Edgar Johnson.

Mistakes contained in the issues of the newspapers of the United States often are glaring. But the newspaper men, from the editor to the Linotype operators, from the proofreader to the makeup man, are a conscientious crew to drill through every day at forced draft. Speed is a requisite of their work. Everything must be done on snap judgment. It is small wonder, then, that mistakes creep in.

EL PASO, Texas, Aug. 25.—The bandit chase in Mexico by American cavalrymen and aviators is ended. The United States forces are back at their camps on this side of the border today. Withdrawal was effected Sunday night when further search for bandits seemed futile.

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