20 years ago – 1997

The fact that the general contractor on the McNary Dam hydro project has gone into Chapter 11 bankruptcy should have little impact on the two area PUDs who are partners in the project.

On a recent inspection in the Sevenmile Hill area – the area with greatest potential for catastrophic fire in North Wasco County – local fire officials found many homes with problems that would hinder emergency access and firefighting efforts. Among those problems were poor addressing, inadequate access, lack of defensible space, and no alternative water source.

A grate over the mouth of the Mill Creek Tunnel is the focus of talks between the city and tunnel owner Union Pacific Railroad. City and railroad officials met last Thursday, and the upshot was a letter sent from the city Monday, suggesting the railroad consult with a hydraulics engineer about what kind of grate to use.

Brett Wilcox, president of Northwest Aluminum and a key supporter of the Discovery Center and Museum, is up for chairman of the state Economic Development commission. His name is on a list of the governor’s nominees for various state boards and commissions, which will be voted on Sept. 10-11 by the State Senate.

40 years ago – 1977

DALLESPORT – Washington Gov. Dixie Lee Ray today toured the Columbia Gorge and said a balance between environmental concerns and development can be struck. The governor stopped at The Dalles Airport briefly to switch from a plane to a helicopter which took her on to the Skamania County Fair and then Vancouver.

TYGH VALLEY – The first session of rodeo competition and the dance at the pavilion are among the highlights today at the Wasco County Fair which ends on Sunday. The grand entry for the rodeo is at 7:30 p.m. and the dance starts at 9.

NEW YORK (UPI) – Mayor Abraham Beame Friday denounced as a “hatchet job” a Securities and Exchange Commission report accusing him of covering up New York City’s 1975 financial crisis, but one of his mayoral campaign opponents called for a grand jury probe and another predicted it will kill his bid for re-election.

60 years ago – 1957

The amateur show sponsored by The Dalles Junior Chamber of Commerce will be held in conjunction with tomorrow evening’s feature at the Granada theater, it was announced today. The hour-long amateur show, beginning at 9 p.m., will result in selection of two contestants who will go to the State Fair.

State Police Lt. Jack Bearss, a polygraph expert, has been brought into the Mary Matthew murder case to help local authorities track down any lead possible and narrow the list of persons who authorities think may have known something about the fatal attack of Aug. 16.

Wasco County Fair attendance was up 50 per cent this year over last year, according to the report this morning from Vic Peterson, secretary-treasurer of the fair board. Arena admissions, totaling $5,063.40 this year, were 41 per cent greater than a year ago, he said.

By Doug Anderson, United Press Staff Correspondent: Russia said today it has beaten the world to the “absolute weapon”—the intercontinental ballistic missile. U. S. sources were inclined to regard the Russian claim as a bid for “victory through hot-air power.” The official Soviet agency Tass said in Moscow that a “super long distance, intercontinental multi-stage ballistic rocket” launched somewhere in Russia recently reached an “unprecedented altitude,” covered a “huge distance in a brief time” and “landed in the target area.” “The results obtained show that it is possible to direct rockets into any part of the world,” Tass said. U.S. government experts said the United States came to this conclusion some time ago.

80 years ago – 1937

In session next week at Harrison Hot Springs, B. C., will be the 28th annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Library Association. A number of Oregon persons taking part in the program include Mrs. Francis V. Galloway of this city, president of the trustees section of the Pacific Northwest Library association. Mrs. Galloway will preside over the meetings of library trustees and will have charge of all programs arranged by that group.

SALEM, Ore., Aug. 27. (UP) – Articles of association for the Peoples’ Power league were filed late yesterday with the state corporation department. Representative J. Fred Hosch of Bend was named president. The association, according to the articles, plans to make surveys of hydroelectric power, irrigation and water supply resources of the state, promote formation of utility districts, electric energy consumer cooperatives and municipal utility ownership and to back enactment of the grange power bill.

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 27. (UP) – In a last minute effort to avert the strike of 80 drivers employed by Oregon auto stages, operating bus lines out of Portland to various Oregon points, and local bus service in Salem and Eugene, negotiations between the company and the union opened again shortly before noon today. The strike was set for midnight.

ASTORIA, Ore., Aug. 27. (UP) – Joining the state-wide campaign against pin-ball and marble machines, District Attorney Garnet Green announced today all such devices must be removed from operation September 10.

100 years ago – 1917

Starting as the result of a spark from a threshing machine, a fire, which quickly spread throughout the wheat field, destroyed more than 1000 bushels of grain on the Harold Heisler ranch near Dufur Saturday afternoon.

The Dalles public schools will open two weeks later than usual this year, September 17 being fixed as the date when the bells will call the children of the Dalles to studies.

The prune crop of The Dalles district is being prepared for shipment. Plans have been made for shipping 10 cars from The Dalles this week. The total crop, it is estimated, will amount to 25 cars, considerably less than early estimates, due to the protracted dry spell.

BUTTE, Aug. 27. (UP) – On suspicion that he was hired to kill Frank Little, Charles A. McCarthy, who is also known as Charles Albrechtin, has been arrested by private detectives, it became known here today. The police discredit the arrest, declaring it is a frame-up. It is impossible to secure a statement from detectives. McCarthy’s supposed connection with the murder itself could not be learned.

MOSCOW, Aug. 27. – “Russia will maintain her democracy at all costs. She intends to use the weapons of the old regime against those who would have the old autocracy overthrow the new freedom.” Of outstanding significance in the deliberations of the all-Russian conference today was this emphatic declaration by Premier Kerensky. “Those who once trembled before the government of autocrats now boldly march against the government with arms in hand,” he continued.

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