Looking Back

20 years ago – 1999

Still unsatisfied with the water rate options presented them, The Dalles City Council sent city staff back to work with an order for more information and new options. City Manager Nolan Young offered the council two options, one designed to allow water users to pay as they go and one designed to encourage more lawn irrigation.

After school Friday, alternative education students at The Dalles High School suited up in donated ski pants, gloves and other cold weather accessories and climbed in a van borrowed from the Salvation Army to make a trip to Mt. Hood Meadows.

Anyone who wants to take a snapshot of Chenowith School District better use high-speed film. The constant action of high student turnover in the district can blur the results of statewide tests designed to give administrators a picture of their district’s performance. Last year, the 1,000-student district lost 246 students, and 251 came in.

K.C. Ferris set a record, reading 923 water meters in a day with the solid state interrogator—a fancy name for a hand-held device. He pedals his bike through The Dalles with the computer, equipped with a wand strapped to his bike. “They used to manually read the meters,” Ferris said.

GRANTS PASS—Holding up Washington state logging rules and Portland urban development guidelines as ideals, federal authorities on Tuesday proposed regulations for protecting salmon that give state and local governments more power.

WASHINGTON (AP)—Postage rates won’t go up until at least 2001, thanks to continued profits at the Postal Service. The post office brought in a $363 million profit in fiscal year 1999, the fifth straight year the agency has been in the black, Richard Porras, the chief postal financial officer, said Tuesday.

40 years ago – 1979

The Dalles City Council approved a $110,000 repair job on the filter system at the city’s Wicks Reservoir water treatment plant at a special meeting at noon Thursday. The job will include the complete reconstruction of both filter units, one of which is now out of service and beyond repair short of rebuilding, according to Bill Keyser, director of the water treatment plant.

School District 12 has received preliminary notification it has been cited fully standard by the State Department of Education, the D-12 board was informed at its December meeting Thurday night.

“There are challenges ahead for the beef industry, as we see it,” Kathy Kurtz, home economist for the Oregon Beef Council, told luncheon guests Thursday. She spoke during the 33rd annual meeting of the Wasco County Livestock Association in the Portage Inn.

Action on a contract with the District 9 classified employees will be delayed at least until the first budget meeting on the 1980-81 school year on Monday, the school board decided at its December meeting Thursday night.

Tax measures are due before The Dalles City Council Monday night and they include the new proposed one-cent gas tax, a special $50,000 levy for storm sewers and the renewal of the Parks and Recreation Levy.

Rancher George Rohrbacher is cashing in on a most unusual crop this Christmas. It’s a parlor game, similar to Monopoly in mechanics. It’s called The Farming Game and Rohrbacher says it is in fact a record of what he does running his ranch of 1,000 acres plus an additional 2,500 acres he leases.

The 1980 4-H Babysitting Training Course begins Tuesday, Jan. 3, at Dry Hollow School. Thursday, Jan. 8, is the starting date for Colonel Wright and Joseph G. Wilson Schools.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—Sounding a new note of optimism, President Carter says the Iranian regime appears to be moderating its militant attitude somewhat and moving “in the right direction.”

60 years ago – 1959

Postal employees dug through  a big pile of packages today as incoming Christmas mail neared top volume.

Marion County Circuit Court Judge Val D. Sloper yesterday granted a temporary injunction restraining the State Tax Commission from conducting a hearing today on Harvey Aluminum Company’s complaint involving the 1958 assessment of Harvey’s Dalles plant.

The Dalles is now officially a “critical ground water area” under terms of an order received here today from State Engineer Lewis A. Stanley. The order requires that “corrective control” measures be followed in withdrawals of water from wells that tap both The Dalles and Three Mile ground water reservoirs.

The first of three pre-Christmas musical events in local schools will take place this evening in the gymnasium of the Junior High School.

Twelve-year-old David Pratt of The Dalles may lose the sight of his right eye as the result of a mishap involving a fragment of glass.

SEATTLE (UPI)—Melting snows in the mountains and heavy rains today were swelling Western Washington rivers to the point that officials were gearing for a repeat of the devastating floods which hit the area late last month.

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (UPI)—Two fliers, who bailed out of a damaged B52 jet bomber, were found in good condition today after a night in seven-degree temperatures in the northern woods.

80 years ago – 1939

The original “switchboard” rate for sale of Bonneville power, as contrasted with the “postal” rate now in use, emerged again last night from the Mid-Columbia Chamber of Commerce’s annual session at the Columbia Gorge hotel near hood River.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. McFadden left today for Los Angeles, where they will spend Christmas at the home of Mrs. McFadden’s mother, Mrs. A. Halter.

When we look at Europe, with its little nations being gobbled up by bigger nations, we can get some idea of what this country would be like if we had 48 individual countries instead of 48 states that are an integral part of our commonwealth.

The surprising failure of the European war to promote the predicted boom in foreign exports is causing secret concern to the economists and politicos at the capital.

PORTLAND, Dec. 15. (UP)—A whole gale howled at more than a mile a minute and rain poured down on the Pacific northwest today. Shipping was at a standstill, but no material damage was done.

HELSINSKI, Dec. 15. (UP)—Finland called additional men to the colors today, completing what amounts to total mobilization, although the word mobilization is not used here. Summoning of last reserves means that about 10 per cent of the whole population of military age now is in the army.

100 years ago – 1919

While running around barefoot on the beach last Saturday, the two sons of J. H. Ray, were picked up by the police. The lads were aged nine and eleven years. The father asserted that owing to difficulties in obtaining employment he had no money to make purchases adequately to clothe his children. The family were travelers in the “universal car,” and became marooned here during the cold weather.

An exodus from The Dalles homes to the warm confines of the Hotel Dalles during the days of the present unusual below zero temperatures is a noteworthy sidelight of the prevailing Arctic weather. Somehow from somewhere the story cropped out that the hotel was “comfy and nice.”

Slaying  a large coyote with a club was the unique experience last Saturday morning of Sid Dawson of the Chenowith creek section. Dawson and his brother were walking to this city over the Chenowith road when just west of the bridge, they came upon a coyote floundering around in the deep snow. The hide has long silky fur and will be treated.

PARIS, Dec. 15—The German reply to the allies’ note demanding signature of the peace treaty protocol was submitted at 10:30 o’clock this morning. The reply, it is understood, is most conciliatory throughout. Von Lersner announced that a group of German technicians will arrive tomorrow to take up conversations with allied representatives regarding the Scapa Flow incident.

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