20 years ago – 1998

In the wake of the Jan. 27 police shooting in Portland, Rep. Bob Montgomery (R-Cascade Locks) is calling for tougher mandatory sentences for anyone who points a gun at a police officer. “I’m sick and tired of our police officers getting shot,” Montgomery said.

The Columbia Gorge’s population, jobs and income have all grown, an economic study funded by the Gorge Commission finds. From 1980 to 1990, the average age went from 31 to 35 as younger people left, and took their kids with them.

Highway congestion, scenic protection and other issues will be the focus of public hearings scheduled for The Dalles and other communities in Oregon this month. One item in question will be potential restrictions on new access routes entering state highways, with a permit system envisioned to establish minimum distances between new access points.

ARLINGTON, VA. (AP) – More than half the nation’s flights could be prevented from taking off at the turn of the century because the Federal Aviation Administration is lagging in its efforts to fix the Year 2000 computer problem, USA Today reported in today’s editions.

40 years ago – 1978

Despite appearances, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has not had a hand in designing the latest in fashions for Oregon orchardists. The spraying safety outfit used by Ken Bailey of Orchard View Farms of The Dalles is built by the 3M Chemical Co. and according to Bailey it is the ultimate in safety equipment.

All cattle and calves on hand in Oregon on Jan. 1, are estimated at 1.49 million head, down two precent from a year ago.

The speaker at The Dalles area chamber of commerce forum on Monday, at noon in The Recreation Café, will be Bill Bell, executive director of Treaty Oak Area Education District. He will be reporting on the progress and the opportunities for higher education offered by the district.

SALEM, Ore. (UPI) – Oregon Public Utility Commissioner Charles Davis Friday refused to accept Pacific Northwest Bell’s request to increase rates for its “private line” service in Oregon. Such service provides a direct telephone connection between two places which would otherwise require a longdistance charge, such as a business with offices in different parts of the state.

WASHINGTON (UPI) – The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously Friday to propose a ban on unvented gas space heaters which have reportedly been linked to hundreds of deaths during the past few years.

60 years ago – 1958

A 12-year-old female dog called “Scamp” was back home in Rufus today after treatment for burns apparently received at the hands of someone who made a torch of her and another dog Sunday night and early Monday. Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Gene Back, Scamp was found severely burned yesterday morning and was brought to Dr. Homer B. Webb, a Dalles veterinarian. Mrs. Back said she found Scamp, a Yorkshire poodle, in what appeared to be a state of shock. Her husband said another dog, its hair flaming, was seen running away at about 9 p.m. Sunday but its present whereabouts or condition are unknown.

Rep. Al Ullman of Baker has placed in the Congressional Record a Jan. 21 article in The Chronicle which described the experimental high school class in advanced mathematics taught by William D. Nelson.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UP) – Navy crews face one and possibly two more days of delay before they can fire their Vanguard rocket up through Jetstream winds with a chance of orbiting a tiny moon, it was indicated today. If they needed any reminder, members of the Navy rocket team were aware that the Army’s Explorer moon passed over Cape Canaveral Monday night.

80 years ago – 1938

An invitation today was being extended to the Oregon Tuberculosis association to hold its annual conference with county health associations of the state in this city at a date within the next two months to be selected by state association directors.

Discussion over the county engineer and roadmaster’s post took an unexpected turn today when it was learned that a proposal to hire a joint engineer for city, county and port would be made at a meeting of the three governing bodies.

PORTLAND, Feb. 4. (UP) – Timberline lodge, built on the slopes of Mt. Hood with WPA funds and dedicated by President Roosevelt last September, will be formally opened to the public tomorrow following preliminary ceremonies tonight. The opening ceremonies will be broadcast over station KGW tomorrow night from 6 to 7 p.m., the last 30 minutes of which will be released over the national broadcasting system.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. (UP) – An under cover campaign to swing President Roosevelt to a renewed spending program at the expense of White House budget-balancing plans appeared likely today to snarl prospects for a spring adjournment of congress.

100 years ago – 1918

The local school committee in charge of the junior Red Cross work in Wasco and adjoining counties, has completed the organization and requests are pouring in for recognition as school auxiliaries. Miss Rice of Shaniko was the first to report collections for the full number of pupils registered.

Chairman George C. Blakeley announced today that the local chapter of the Red Cross will defray the expense of cabling to soldiers or sailors of Wasco county, asking them to authorize relatives to apply for war insurance in their behalf. February 12 is the last day on which war risk insurance may be secured, and because less than 25 percent of the enlisted men have availed themselves of this privilege, a great effort is being made to bring the insurance to the attention of all soldiers and sailors.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. – The closing of the New England textile mills because of fuel shortage is imminent, according to telegrams received from the National Association of Woolen Manufacturers. This action would suspend making of thousands of army uniforms.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. – On February 23, the remaining 72,000 men in the first draft call from eastern and southern states will start moving to camps, Provost Marshal Crowder announced today. The movement will continue for the next five days.

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