Lucille Stephens, Terray Harmon and Gary Conley contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was scanned from a postcard submitted by Terray Harmon. The photograph is credited to B.C. Markham, The Dalles. It shows “Stile on the Deschutes,” with Historic Highway 30 in the foreground and the Deschutes canyon behind.

Gary Conley said it may have been taken about 1930, judging from the vehicle visible on the right. “It was all moved on account of The Dalles Dam,” he said. Lucille Stephens said she throught it may have been even earlier, in the 1920s. Her parents talked of buying their fishing liscense there.

The Stile was on the west side of the river, said Harmon.

20 years ago – 1999

A volunteer at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historical Museum, Beth Reid is often amazed at the number of men who approach her. Oh, not because they’re forward — but because they’re nostalgic. “It’s amazing the people who stop,” says Reid, who’s the center’s volunteer quilter, demonstrating her talents Tuesdays and Fridays.

An election lawsuit over the November 1998 race for Wasco County Judge has been set for trial Feb. 11.

A $6,000 penalty by the Washington Department of Ecology against SDS Lumber Company in Bingen will not be appealed, although company officials this week said they are “exceedingly disappointed” with the agency’s action.

Openings are available in the Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District’s Kenpo Karate program.

Comedy Night comes to the Granada Theatre this coming Saturday, Feb. 6, with three Northwest comedians, including Jerry Percio and Geoff Young, together with Ray Lawrence.

SALEM — A bill to exempt clergy members from having to testitfy about their confidential conversations with people accused of crimes has won legislative committee approval and is headed to the full House for consideration. The bill was proposed after a widely publicized Eugene case in which investigators secretly taped a jail confession between a murder suspect and his priest.

40 years ago – 1979

Now hear this. It is just too cold, icy and damp to make all the necessary door-to-door calls scheduled for the Mother’s March of Dimes. So, until the weather gets better, the drive has been extended.

GOLDENDALE, Wash. — If you were just recently out of college manning the nation’s only publicly-used telescope and suddenly found yourself in charge of the last great solar show of this century, which way would you turn? That’s the kind of way the three-man staff at the Goldendale Observatory finds itself these days. On Feb. 26 at about 8:15 a.m., the moon will pass between the earth and the sun, the first time it has been visible like this on the West Coast since 1918, and the last time such things will happen until 2017.

Wildlife photographer Harold Utley of The Dalles will present slides on local animals during the public meeting of The Dalles Rod and Gun Club.

HOUSTON (UPI) — Chinese Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-ping Friday accepted a set of silver spurs and then, with undisguised glee, took simulated rides in the lunar lander and the space shuttle and prepared for “an old, wild West” rodeo.

WASHINGTON (UPI) — A jury deliberating bribery charges against Rep. Daniel Flood, D-Pa., reported being deadlocked Friday, but the judge ordered the panel to go back and try harder to reach a verdict.

60 years ago – 1959

State highway engineers agreed definitely at Salem yesterday to locate The Dalles by-pass far enough north to provide space for a double-track railroad line or an access street along the Columbia River. Meeting with a delegation representing Dalles City, Wasco County, Port of The Dalles and The Dalles Chamber of Commerce, the state engineers expressed themselves as satisfied with most phases of the community by-pass plan.

The Golden Opportunity Salon show next month was discussed at the meeting of The Dalles Camera Club last Wednesday evening at the PP & L building.

A short-circuit in the plug of an electric coffee maker resulted in a fire alarm at the home of Dr. E. l. Stevenson, 919 Chenowith Road, shortly after 2 p.m. Monday.

Members of the board of directors of The Dalles Chamber of Commerce were conducted on a tour of the Harvey Aluminum Co. plant yesterday after the board’s weekly luncheon meeting. William Brunt, personnel manager at the plant, was in charge of the tour, assisted by other Harvey executives.

WASHINGTON (UPI) — Assistant Director Hugh Dryden of the National Space Administration testified Monday the United States would need 10 to 15 years to put a man on the moon—some five years more than estimated by some experts.

BERLIN (UPI) — Armed Soviet guards today held a U.S. Army truck convoy and five American soldiers at a checkpoint on the East-West German border in spite of two U.S. demands for their immediate release.

80 years ago – 1939

The eradication of weeds in Wasco County, described by County Agent W. Wray Lawrence as “one of the most serious agricultural problems this county must face,” will be considered by the Wasco County weed council next Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the county courtroom.

Wasco County finally has devised a way of saving election money spent in Jersey precinct, in the southern tip of the county, which in the last general election amounted to $3 per voter. County Clerk Henry Scherrer said today that house bills No. 247 and 248, which allow electors to vote by absentee ballot if their place of residence is more than 15 miles from the polling place, would solve a problem that has vexed officials for years.

Mrs. Jack Gitchell was awarded first prize and Mrs. H. L. Kenan, second, in the bridge tournament which was concluded yesterday at the Country club.

LONDON, Feb. 3. (UP) —Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain has decided to approach Adolf Hitler through diplomatic channels to see whether he is willing to implement the pacific statements he made in his reichstag speech Monday, it was understood today. If the proposed diplomatic exchanges revealed a genuine desire by German leaders to open more formal negotiations, it was said in well informed quarters, Chamberlain would be ready to propose to Hitler a joint British-German declaration of the desirability of beginning general European peace talks in which France and Italy would also take part.

100 years ago – 1919

Do you want to throw the public schools into politics? Do you want a man at the head of the public school system of the county to be a satellite of the county court and a member of the court house ring? If the present incumbent should be compelled to resign, his successor will be appointed by the county court. If there were in Wasco county a man thoroughly competent to fill the position, the county court could be depended upon not to find that man. — Very respectfully submitted, CLYDE T. BONNEY, County School Superintendent.

The city council will hold its February meeting this evening. It is probable that action will be taken at this time towards starting the improvement work of the season, which includes the Ninth street pavement and bridge.

LONDON, Feb. 3. — “Suggestion that the north Russians meet with the bolsheviki is impractical; one of us must prevail over the other,” said President Tchaikovsky of the north Russian republic in an interview today. He is enroute to Paris to confer with the other anti-bolshevik leaders.

BERLIN, Feb. 3. — The staaterat of German Austria today unanimously passed a bill providing for unification of that country with Germany, it is announced.

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