Terray Harmon, Lucille Stephens and others contributed to this week’s report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was submitted as a postcard by Terray Harmon.

Mary Davis submitted a clip from the Oct. 15, 1907 issue of the Oregonian titled “Old Landmark Destroyed.”

The news article reads, “some senseless vandal recently placed a charge of dynamite under “Cabbage rock,” a famous natural landmark on the north side of the Columbia river near The Dalles and destroyed it. The rock has been photographed by Major Lee Moorhouse and others and its natural beauty will in this way be preserved. It consisted of a large, round, rugged rock, about six feet in diameter, resting upon a pedestal of rock not more than four inches in diameter and was so nicely balanced that it was impossible for a strong man to move it. The head of the “cabbage,” or large round rock on top weighed several tons and that it rested with such poise and nicety upon its small support was the unique feature of it.”

20 years ago – 1999

A high-speed chase led law officers along the freeways and backroads of Sherman County Tuesday afternoon in pursuit of a man who allegedly stole a patrol vehicle on his way to jail. Mark William Collins, 42, of Albany, was captured on Tuesday afternoon after a vehicle and foot chase in the Biggs Junction and Rufus area of northern Sherman County.

After a contentious meeting, the library board agreed to recommend The Dalles City Council contribute $53,000 toward construction of a library mezzanine.

Postage changes have prompted a run on 1 cent stamps at The Dalles Post Office — 75,000 since Thursday.

The city has agreed to transfer the city hall fire bell to Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue, on two conditions. First, MCF&R must agree to display the historic bell, or ownership reverts back to the city. Second, MCF&R must also take down the metal tower the bell is housed in.

MOSIER—The legal costs of battling a well-financed rockpit company has some residents here concerned about mounting legal expenses. Ted Ulkus complained to the Mosier Council Wednesday that he received a letter soliciting funds for the city’s legal defense against a rockpit operator.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House impeachment team readied opening arguments on Tuesday for President Clinton’s Senate trial, while White House spokesman Joe Lockhart ridiculed their written filings as “overblown rhetoric” alleging sinister plots.

40 years ago – 1979

Despite clearing and warm temperatures Friday afternoon, the forecast is calling for lower readings through the weekend and more snow. Light rain fell in The Dalles early Friday night.

A dance for The Dalles High School students set at the Dry Hollow Elementary School gym on Saturday night has been cancelled.

Extremely cold weather for the past week has resulted in a record gas sendout by Northwest Natural Gas Co.

Amtrak passengers were bussed around the scene of a Union Pacific train derailment near Pendleton Friday, while Burlington Northern crews continued efforts to repair damage caused by a derailment north of Bend.

Gov. Vic Atiyeh can expect some changes in his revenue plan when it his the legislature, especially the Senate Finance Committee, but State Sen. Ken Jernstedt, R-Hood River, was encouraged by Atiyeh’s first brush with the Senate.

Sen. Ted Kennedy this week called for the formation of an oil compact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. That would counterbalance the effect of the Middle East oil supply, he said.

LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Surgeons found a cancerous tumor in John Wayne’s stomach Friday during what was expected to be a routine gallbladder operation and they removed his entire stomach. The 71-year-old movie tough guy survived more than nine hours in surgery and a spokesman at UCLA Medical Center said the prognosis for recovery was “excellent.”

TUNIS, Tunisia (UPI) — A Tunis Air 707 jetliner carrying German tourists was hijacked Friday by persons seeking the release of Tunisian political prisoners and forced to land at Tripoli, Libya, airport officials said.

60 years ago – 1959

Record wheat yields and a mild winter were high spots in the agriculture picture in Sherman county during the 1957-58 crop year. For the second year in a row hail damage occurred in the Grass Valley-Kent area.

The Port of The Dalles Commission last night announced that it would spearhead a drive to “eliminate the bottleneck” in progress on the U.S. Highway 30 by-pass at The Dalles.

A meeting of the Wasco and Sherman County Teachers Credit Union will be held at 8 p.m. Wednesday in the Home Economics room at The Dalles High School.

SALEM (UPI) — Oregon had a new governor today—36-year-old Mark O. Hatfield—but it also had a superfluity of secretaries of state. Hatfield was expected to bring a proceeding before the state Supreme Court in the near future to test whether outgoing Gov. Robert D. Holmes’ appointment of Dave O’Hara, 71, as secretary of state is legal or whether the office belongs to his own appointee, Howell Appling, 39, Portland.

WASHINGTON (UPI) — Secretary of State John Foster Dulles today branded as brutal and stupid the Russian proposals for a German peace treaty. He said they would run the risk of plunging Europe into a new war.

80 years ago – 1939

Honoring the memory of Melvin Davis Beer, vice-president and general manager of the Wasco Warehouse Milling company who died suddenly yesterday morning, the mill will close tomorrow afternoon. The body will lie in state at Callaway’s chapel tomorrow morning.

The Sperry flour company was host at Hotel Dalles last Sunday at a banquet for L. J. Gates of this city, who is retiring as representative of that company after 22 years of service.

Dufur residents in The Dalles Thursday included Thomas Jones, Harold Patterson and Lee Russel.

Let us bathe your car. Hot water under pressure. Woolsey’s Texaco station, 3rd and Lincoln.

WHITE RIVER, Jan. 11—Melvin Webb was taken to a Dalles hospital last week after having injured his finger with a pistol. Melvin was cleaning the small pistol when it accidentally was discharged and the bullet lodged in the end of his finger.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. (UP)—Harry L. Hopkins, former head of the works progress administration, said today the senate made “a great mistake” last year in rejecting a proposal to outlaw politics in relief.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13. (UP)—Five convicts, including Arthur Barker, member of the notorious Karpis-Barker gang of outlaws, made a desperate attempt toe scape from Alcatraz rock today but were captured after guards opened fire, wounding two of them. Barker was one of the wounded.

100 years ago – 1919

Calling upon all Wasco county farmers and business men to cooperate in securing employment for the returning soldiers and sailors of Wasco county, the executive committee of the local bureau held its first meeting at the courthouse this morning and their important work will be undertaken immediately.

Because the government has not placed its usual orders with the flour mills of the country this month, the Wasco Warehouse Milling company of this city was one of many throughout the west which were compelled to suspend operations Saturday night. The mill now has on hand about 30,000 barrels of flour. Cancellation of orders for food products from the allied countries of Europe is given as one of the reasons why the United States will not require the large quantities of flour expected.

PARIS, Jan. 13.—The league of nations can now be considered as an established fact. Wilson’s plan as a whole is unsatisfactory to the French because they believe it does not provide sufficient economic penalties for Germany. They say his proposed probationary inclusion of Germany would permit that country to start up its undamaged industries in competition with the French and Belgians whose industrial plants were wrecked bu the Germans themselves.

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