Terray Harmon and Gary Conley contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was taken in 1948, and was scanned from a 4- by 5-inch negative from the archives of The Dalles Chronicle. It is labeled, “Manual Training, HS, 1948.”

Terray Harmon said it was the old skill center woodshop located in the lower level of The Dalles High School, at the west end. The teacher at the time was Bob Williams, a baseball enthusiast for whom Bob Williams Field at the Quinton street ballpark was named.

Conley noted he recognized some of the guys pictured, and said that many of them graduating in 1954, which suggests a later date to the photo.

20 years ago – 1999

City police and friends are investigating the apparent disappearance of The Dalles resident Nellie Harris, who was last heard from late Monday morning. Harris, 80, is a retired biology professor who taught at the former Judson Baptist College.

Safety was the top concern Tuesday in a pro-con listing of issues related to the latest proposed middle school site. In fact, safety-related issues were the top five cons at the 10th and Walnut site, current home of The Dalles School District’s bus barn.

Dr. David McDaniel did more than ring out the old year last Thursday. That was also the final day of a local practice that began on April 1, 1966, when he joined his brother, Donald.

PORTLAND (AP) — Oregon’s half-million hunters and anglers are bracing for the biggest price hike in license and tag fees in state history.

TOPPENISH, Wash. (AP) — Former tribal leader Walter Speedis is being remembered as a vital link among generations of Yakama Indians, advocating for the preservation of the old ways. Speedis died Sunday at his home west of Wapato, just two days before his 80th birthday.

MEDFORD (AP) — Fewer than half the job openings in Oregon pay a living wage, according to a new study of 1996 wage and labor statistics.

40 years ago – 1979

A helping hand extended by the Salvation Army several years ago has been repaid in a rather unusual donation to the local Army post. But now that the post has the donation, Capt. Ross Allemang isn’t quite sure what to do with it. The donation is a farm tractor and trailer and it was given to the local Salvation Army post by a Richland, Wash. man. The captain said the tractor and trailer easily qualifies as the strangest donation the SA office here has received since he’s been here. A donation of 80 live chickens might be the closest rival.

The District 12 School Board is scheduled to decide in March whether to continue the high school’s program of allowing students to take some courses on a credit-no credit basis.

Man on the Street this week found readers already have cut back on the use of oil, particularly with smaller cars and less driving.

Creative Writing, a class designed to give students a number of options in creative writing, will be offered by Treaty Oak Education Center beginning Monday at 7 p.m.

WASHINGTON (UPI) — The government Friday accused eight major oil companies of illegal overcharges totaling more than $624 million in the largest lawsuit of its kind filed by the Energy Department.

60 years ago – 1959

Dalles City Council seated Jack Howe as mayor and adopted a resolution honoring former Councilman Lay Carlisle for sven years of service at the first council meeting of the new year last night.

Another generator, the seventh to be installed, began turning in The Dalles Dam powerhouse yesterday. It was a “dry run”—one designed to check first on mechanical performance and then to dry out, or provide electrical conditioning, of the generator.

The sudden snow that blanketed most of Oregon during the weekend was given a glaze in several parts of the state today by a freezing rain. State police and the State Highway Department urged motorists to drive with extreme caution, even where roads might look clear.

An early alarm and a prompt response by Zone 2 firemen saved a house from destruction by fire in the Chenowith area last night.

Junior members of the Fort Dalles Riders Club were hosts at a Christmas party Dec. 22 at the gaily decorated club room.

SALEM (UPI) — The possibility loomed today that the hassle between Gov. Robert D. Holmes and Gov.-Elect Mark Hatfield over which man will appoint the new secretary of state might delay Hatfield’s inauguration.

80 years ago – 1939

Idaho officers, said to be armed with felony warrants for five youths held in county and city jail, had not arrived early this afternoon, state police reported.

Neighborliness of farmers living near the George E. Corson ranch, four miles south of The Dalles city limits, this morning saved the dwelling on the ranch from total destruction, as fire damaged the structure to the extent of at least $1000, Fire Chief Leon Mohr said.

The death of Lawrence S. Stovall, for at least five years an active member of the county fair board, creates two openings on the fair board which must be filled by the Wasco county court.

To insure satisfactory expenditure of $16,000 state and federal funds for use on primary and feeder roads during 1939, state highway and county officials today scrutinized sites along Mill creek, Fifteen Mile and Chenowith roads.

For the past four years “The Lone Ranger” has been one of the most widely listened-to radio programs in the country. The shrill cry of “Heigh-yo, Silver” is familiar to millions of listeners, young and old, all over the United States. Now, he is coming to the screen!

GRANTS PASS, Jan. 6. (UP)—A 72-year-old man who supposedly died a pauper Wednesday night in a Grants Pass hospital was found today to have had a bank account of $6,500.

BERLIN, Jan. 6. (UP)—Nazis, criticising the appointment of Felix Frankfurter to the Untied States supreme court as not in accord with the wishes of the American people, alleged today that President Roosevelt had shown that he was reconciled to leaving office in 1940.

100 years ago – 1919

Carrying a dress suit case which was suspiciously heavy and from which there emanated suspicious gurgles, Robert L. Boehmer, a discharged soldier, was arrested by Chief-of-Police Gibons last evening. Examination of the suit case showed that it contained a number of pint bottles of whiskey.

Two deaths from pneumonia following influenza occurred here today. Twenty-six new cases of influenza were reported yesterday and 30 Saturday. This means that the second crest of the epidemic remains about the same, 34 cases in a single day having been the maximum.

Members of the new county court took the oath of office this morning and Judge Adkisson at once called them to order for the transaction of business.

When the new mayor and city council assume office this evening, their first official act will be to consider a very material tightening of the influenza quarantine in The Dalles. “It can no longer be doubted,” said Mayor Stadelman, “that some of the deaths which have occurred were directly due to attendance at gatherings where somebody had the disease. […] I had a conference yesterday with Dr. Thompson and he stated his recent experience has proved to him beyond the shadow of a doubt that the disease is being spread through public gatherings that are still being permitted.”

OYSTERY BAY, N. Y., Jan. 6.—Colonel Theodore Roosevelt died in his sleep at 4:15 o’clock this morning. The end came when there was no one in the room but his valet.

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