20 years ago – 1997

The people have spoken: don’t change the name of The Dalles to Fort Dalles! The Dalles City Council floated a trial balloon recently to see what people thought of changing the city’s sometimes frustratingly unique name to Fort Dalles. “So far, overwhelmingly the people are against it,” City Councilor Robb Van Cleave said when local historian Gladys Seufert told the council Monday she vehemently opposed changing the city’s name. Seufert said it wasn’t worth “the enormous expense” of changing the names on everything from bank checks to highway signs to The Dalles Dam. She said a settlement existed at The Dalles long before a military reservation was established here.

Drill rigs started work Monday on a years-long process of cleaning creosote from groundwater at the Kerr-McGee tie plant. The contamination was left between the 1920s and the 1950s by then-owner Union Pacific Railroad. Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. purchased the property in 1987.

By Donna Weston, Associated Press Writer — Rich Koeler is sick of spam. His beef is not with the processed luncheon meat, but with Internet junk mail — derisively dubbed “spam” — that constantly floods his virtual mailbox. “I don’t like it. It’s unasked for and an annoyance,” says Koeler, who claims he gets up to 10 junk e-mails a day. Koeler, of Brick Township, N.J., says he’s tried almost every trick in the book to stop the junk e-mail, without success. Recently he tried a new tactic: forwarding unwanted e-mail to the Federal Trade Commission.

40 years ago – 1977

Wasco County livestock producers will lose up to $5 million during the next five years because of the drought, a survey by county agent Tom Zinn shows. Zinn said that 70 questionnaires representing responses from 80 percent of all the cattlemen show herd reductions and prolonged feed purchases are the key loss factors. Last year cattle sales from Wasco ranches totaled $3,725,000. Already cattlemen have sold 1500 cows and 900 replacement heifers which normally would have been kept for breeding purposes. Thirty-one cattlemen have sold more than 1400 cows, yearlings and heifers early because they have run out of feed.

CLEVELAND (UPI) – A federal judge has ordered Kent State University to halt construction of a gymnasium complex near the spot where four students were killed during a 1970 antiwar demonstration. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Lambros said Friday night the school must halt work, which began Friday, until a court can study a report planned by the Interior Department on whether the site should be preserved as a memorial to the slain students. He said a hearing would be held on the matter next week.

60 years ago – 1957

Mrs. Juanita Carpenter, Celilo, injured Saturday night in a single-car accident at west city limits at Sixth street extension and new highway approach, is in good condition today at The Dalles General hospital.

Absence of one member of Wasco county grand jury at the session called for Monday resulted in postponement until Friday morning at 9:30 a.m., reports Ed York, assistant district attorney.

Assistance to members in tax problems, study of all tax matters, resistance to establishment of tax-supported services not desired by the membership, and support for services desired by the membership: Those aims and objectives are specified by Wasco County Tax League in the charter and by-laws adopted at last night’s meeting in The Dalles city council chambers.

WASHINGTON (UP) – The Civil Aeronautics Board today vetoed the right of the military to declare vast areas of air space off-limits to commercial planes. In a drastic step the CAB said it intends to give the Civil Aeronautics Administration virtually complete authority over the nation’s dwindling airspace.

80 years ago – 1937

Bakers of The Dalles section, comprising Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Morrow and Grant counties, met here last night and accepted an order of the state bakery board for an increase of one cent on one pound and one and one-half pound loaves of bread, based on increased cost of materials, labor and overhead, including taxes and social security costs. The order was effective over the state as of July 19, but was not accepted here until last night’s area meeting.

PORT ORFORD, Ore., July 30. (UP) – The hulk of the long-missing steam schooner, South Coast, last seen August 30, 1930, when she put out from Crescent City, Cal., with a load of logs and 19 men aboard was believed located today. The United States department of commerce steamer Guide, making a wire-drag survey of the Port Orford roadstead, reported its draglines hit the mast of a sunken ship, possibly the South Coast. Mystery surrounded the disappearance of the lumber vessel almost seven years ago. She dropped out of sight, and not a single corpse from among members of her crew washed ashore to tell of her fate.

100 years ago – 1917

The Chronicle prints today, on page two, the draft list for Wasco county — complete and official. It shows the order in which the numbers of the 1188 men of this county were drawn in the draft lottery at Washington, designating the order in which the 1188 are liable to be called for military service by the local exemption board. Due to the splendid United Press service and the careful work of handling the figures in the Chronicle office, the unofficial numbers, which were published the afternoon of the draft, remain unchanged as far as they concern the men affected by the first draft.

SEATTLE, July 30. — Peace in the Seattle-Tacoma street car strike seems nearer today than at any time since the strike was called, two weeks ago. The basis for the belief of a peaceful settlement of differences between the traction companies and about 1600 employes lies in the patriotic spirit in which negotiations are being conducted.

TACOMA, July 30. — One hundred strike breakers from the east were spirited into Tacoma this morning and are working for the Tacoma Railway & Power company, it was disclosed by the police and unionists. Thirty cars are operating. The public, as throughout the two preceding weeks, refuses to ride.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 30. — The steam schooner Del Norte is ashore at Point Arena and probably will be a total loss, it is reported here.

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