History Mystery from May 25

Lucile Stephens, Terray Harmon, Carol W. Earl, Caroline Homer, Carlyn Wood and Sandy Sargeant contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was scanned from a 4- by 5-inch black and white negative from the archives of The Dalles Optimist, photographed by George Lindsay. The envelope is dated April 23, 1949. Information on the envelope identifies only the subject, “Gold Star Mothers.”

Terray Harmon recognized the room as the Fireside Room at The Dalles Civic Auditorium on Fourth Street.

Lucile Stephens said the photograph appeared to be a meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, of which Stephens is a member. She recognized Wasco County Pioneer Mrs. Dixon, second from left. Stephens is a member of the auxiliary, her father having served in Korea.

20 years ago – 1999

The ball is in Dan Obrist’s court now. Obrist, who lost out on a bid to demolish the downtown grain elevators, sent a letter to the city threatening legal action if the city didn’t re-bid the job following the May 15 fire at the granary. He contended the fire, which destroyed the wooden portion of the elevators, changed the job’s scope so much that it had to be re-bid under state law and city rules.

The city faces $17,811 in costs and attorney’s fees from a contractor who sued and won over a job to raze the downtown grain elevators.

What do you get when you bring city kids to The Dalles? Hopefully future electricians and mechanics. Melvin Eldridge, human resources manager at Portland General Electric, and Bill Ward, chief officer at the Bonneville Power Administration, aren’t joking. Not all students can attend four-year colleges, Eldridge said.

A Tip of the Word on the Street Hat To: The folks responsible for the new mural on the west side of the Salvation Army building. The subject matter, featuring a preacher on Pulpit Rock with a gorgeous sunset in the background, is totally appropriate to the location and is nicely executed as well.

SALEM — The Oregon Senate has narrowly approved a bill that would allow neighborhood groups to say “not in my back yard” to mental health centers, drug treatment clinics and juvenile detention facilities. If the bill also wins approval in the House, it would bypass Gov. John Kitzhaber and go before voters in the next general election.

40 years ago – 1979

A law being considered in the Oregon state legislature that would make the wearing of seat belts mandatory didn’t gain too much popular support during Man on the Street interviews this week. Only four of the 13 persons responding to the question were in favor of the law.

The Oregon State Forestry Department announced that fire season will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

More than 190 exhibitors from 18 counties are expected to participate in the 33rd annual Oregon Wheat Growers League Junior Livestock Show which opens at The Dalles Auction yard on Sunday. Show officials said 19 Future Farmers of America Chapters are represented in the show.

GOLDENDALE—The first degree murder trial of Miguel S. Vela, 23, of Hood River, has been postponed until June 18 the Klickitat County prosecuting attorney’s office said.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—President Carter sought Friday to convince consumer and ecology advocates that energy policy must be by “the overriding national interest,” White House spokesmen said.

WADOWICE, Poland (UPI)—Souvenir hunters are plaguing the church officials preparing for the return of Pope John Paul II to this small town where he grew up. Two thousand passes to the mass the former Karol Wojtyla will celebrate in Wadowice’s town square and the pope’s favorite ski poles have disappeared, a priest lamented Friday.

60 years ago – 1959

As the thermometer hit 97 degrees yesterday residents of The Dalles steamed through the hottest June 1 in a decade.

The Dalles averaged an accident a day last month on city streets, according to statistics compiled by the city police department. In the 31-day period exactly 31 traffic mishaps were reported within city limits.

State police today reported two single-car accidents during a 24-hour period in The Dalles area.

A grass fire was brought under control after burning some two acres of land just west of The Dalles bridge toll station shortly after 1 p.m. Monday.

POTSVILLE, Pa. (UPI)—A burning tank truck loaded with propane gas exploded on a highway today, hurling firemen and spectators hundreds of feet. Eleven persons were killed and 10 were injured, five of them seriously.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—Able, the seven-pound Rhesus monkey that made a 300-mile high space flight last week, died on the operating table Monday night during removal of a recording instrument, the Army announced today.

The House Appropriations Committee voted a breach in the “no-new-starts” policy of the administration today, recommending funds for seven new reclamation projects including one in Washington.

GENEVA (UPI)—The West warned Russia’s Andrei Gromyko today to drop charges of ‘subversion’ in West Berlin or face a grim playback of tape recordings exposing East German Communist intrigues.

80 years ago – 1939

Attorneys for the Columbia Fruit Growers, plaintiffs in a suit alleging that E. B. Elton attempted to void a contract with the co-operative by means of a lease to his son, were scheduled to complete preparation of a legal brief today for presentation to Circuit Judge Carl Hendricks, who is hearing the case.

Cherries began trickling into the two local cooperatives and Stadelman Fruit company today as operators of lowland cherry orchards began harvesting a crop that was already sold. Practically all early cherries were for barreling purposes, although the Stadelman company announced first sample packages for the fresh cherry market were shipped yesterday.

A well-rounded program, including a rodeo, speeches, selection of a queen, and numerous musical and entertainment features, have been prepared by the Wasco County Farmers' union for its annual picnic, which will get under way tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at Dufur.

A grass fire started south of Riverview drive this afternoon after 2 o'clock. The county fire truck was being called to the scene of the blaze.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, June 2. (UP)—Rescue vessels began a desperate attempt tonight to raise the helpless submarine Thetis from the floor of the Irish sea with its 88 trapped men inside after failure of direct rescue efforts. "There is still a ray of hope," the admiralty announced cautiously at 9 p.m., (1 p.m., PST), shortly after a line had been passed under the Thetis' bow.

100 years ago – 1919

As a result of injuries received when he was pinned under an overturned automobile which struck a pile of gravel on East Second street early Sunday morning, Jess Moe, aged 26, died at The Dalles hospital last evening.

Playing an inferior brand of ball to that which was shown by the local team on the ball lot Friday when the fast Standifer construction company team of Portland was humbled, The Dalles suffered two defeats a the hands of the invaders, being short-enders Saturday on an 19 to 1 score and carrying the lone tally yesterday of a 6 to 1 score.

Lester L. Hustead, whose home is in Cape Horn, Wash., was brought to The Dalles hospital this morning with a fractured nose and other injuries about the face. Hustead was attempting to baord a moving passenger train at Umatilla early this morning at the end of a bridge. He slipped and fell from the bridge to the ground 70 or 80 feet below.

During the past few days cold winds have been detrimental to the grain as well as gardens. On Thursday morning ice formed on the water on Deschutes and Center Ridge and the temperature was below forty degrees for several days.

PARIS, June 2.—The fact that the German counter proposals practically constitute a new treaty, led to the belief that the allies reply may not be completed before the end of next week.

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