History Mystery for June 30


Regarding the previous History Mystery photograph of what is now the Sunshine Mill Winery, the "Tuesday Club" at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, which meets every Tuesday at the Center library from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is organized by Sandy Bissett, provided some additional information.

The cherry packing facility partially visible at the left side of the photograph is Libby, McNeill & Libby (LML) cannery. An 1932 photograph is reproduced at right. The  fruit cannery was expected to be completed by June 10, 1915, according to a newspaper article May 7, 1915. The cannery was operated during World War I, and was located near First and Madison, the later location of Columbia Fruit Growers. LML canned tons of local fruit for world-wide shipment, said Jamie Crouse, representing the club.  

In 1917, the Albany Daily Democrat reported plans to open "five modern apartment dormitories for Libby, McNeil & Libby." A 1926 survey shows the dormitories just north of the cannery.

The picture below, watermarked "Discovery Center," shows the cannery crew in 1932, with 47 men and 137 women pictured.

Lee Langston, Terray Harmon, Anna Bolton, Nancy Higgins and Todd Weller contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery photograph, above, is an early view of the Sunshine Mill, located at 901 E. Second St. It appears to have been taken from the bluff immediately to the south. One early photograph of the Sunshine Mill, on the Sunshine Mill Artisan Plaza & Winery website, shows large lettering on the east facing wall that reads “W.W.M. CO.” On enlargement, that lettering does not appear in this photograph, suggesting it was taken very early after its completion around 1910.

The print was submitted by Cherrin K. (Waddington) Peat, who lived in The Dalles from 1955 to 2009. She was the adopted daughter of Maurice T. Cushing, whose family homesteaded in The Dalles and has quite a family history there, she said. “I found these pictures and negatives in a photo box and thought they might be interesting.”

Many readers recognized the mill, but no one was able to identify the row of identical homes to the left, once located west and north of the mill.

Todd Weller was among those who recognized the old Sunshine Flour Company, “currently owned by my classmate Jimmy Martin. It is now his restaurant and Copa Di Vino winery. I have not been there as I am living in Hawaii, but I hear it is very nice. Go class of ‘82!’”

20 years ago – 1999

In what was literally a harvest of foreign diplomats whose nations buy fresh cherries from The Dalles, the Chamber of Commerce got a best foot forward for itself, the industry, the county and especially for The Dalles last week. The area is the focal point of the world’s most concentrated cherry production. Four of the cherry industry’s major importing countries sent their regional consul generals to The Dalles.

Three people were taken to the hospital by local ambulance after two vehicles collided at the intersection of Highway 197 and Bret Clodfelter Way on 3:20 Tuesday afternoon.

With the “Rough and Wild” excitement of the Fort Dalles Days Pro Rodeo quickly approaching, members of the rodeo association are working hard to get the grounds into top shape for the three-day event.

SALEM (AP) — Funding for a popular abstinence education program in Oregon could be slashed because some lawmakers believe it does not send a strong enough message about postponing sex until marriage.

40 years ago – 1979

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man sought for questioning in the assault of a woman and a girl on the White River June 21. District Attorney Bernie Smith said that the warrant for the unnamed suspect was issued on the basis of descriptions given by the victims.

There is no doubt that the gasoline situation is changing travel plans for people contacted this week by Man on the Street. He asked people whether the gas shortage had changed their vacation plans. Most said yes.

Tickets are available in several locations for a dance being held Tuesday at the Portage Inn for the benefit of the Mid-Columbia Children’s Center.

Oregon Wheat Growers League secretary Wes Grilley told the state Agriculture Department this week farmers would lose millions of dollars if the pesticide heptachlor is barred from use along the Columbia River.

60 years ago – 1959

The Mid-Columbia Home, Oregon’s “newest” state institution, officially went into operation here Monday with arrival of 20 patients from the mental hospitals at Pendleton and Salem.

A subdivision described as the second largest ever to be platted in Wasco county is being opened in the Chenowith area by J. R. Murray.

Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth, others have tried drugs, gadgets and even the abstaining method, say “no” to tobacco and alcohol. Elizabeth Gibson fishes. Mrs. Gibson has been fishing for 69 of her 90 years.

Three novels, a collection of sermons, and five books of the non-fiction variety make up the June listing of new titles for adults at the Wasco County Library.

NAHA, Okinawa (UPI)—A flaming U.S. Air Force jet fighter abandoned by its pilot struck an Okinawa schoolhouse today and exploded in the midst of a crowded housing area, killing and wounding scores of persons.

BERLIN (UPI)—The East German Communists resorted to a brief slowdown of truck traffic outbound from Berlin today in apparent retaliation for the West German government’s decision to hold its presidential elections here Wednesday. But the Reds made no major attempt to blockade the city, and even subdued their propaganda this morning.

80 years ago – 1939

Almost 60 brilliant red shirts made their appearance in The Dalles in the last day as Breakfast club members, preparing for their seventh annual Fourth of July celebration which starts tomorrow night, adopted the customary rule of "living' in their colors until after the holiday celebration has been completed.

Two changes in the personnel of the Wasco county public welfare commission have been made by Governor Charles Sprague, it was revealed today at Salem.

Programs for the fourth annual homemaker's camp and the second annual 4-H club camp, which will be held at Camp Defiance, 15 miles southeast of Hood River, were announced today following notifications that were sent to 600 Wasco county families.

PORTLAND, June 30. (UP)—The state of Oregon today was without a liquor control commission, following the adjournment "sine die" of the resigning commissioners last night.

SALEM, June 30. (UP)—Chicken will be on the menu at the state hospital for some time to come. One of the inmates, who had shown little violence in the 13 years he had been there, yesterday decided there were too many chickens at the hospital's cottage farm. Willing to correct this default, he last night went to work in the pens of the prize breeding stock, and wrung the necks of 400 chickens.

BERLIN, June 30. (UP)—Fuehrer Adolf Hitler plans to visit Danzig between July 20 and 30, well-informed Nazi sources said today. These sources believe the Danzig problem will reach its climax late in July or early in August, when Danzig will be returned to the reich without a general European war. Well-informed Nazis are wagering that Danzig will be part of the reich by autumn, and without war.

100 years ago – 1919

It may be two months before a permanent executive secretary will be appointed for The Dalles chamber of commerce, was the announcement made this morning by W. H. Wilson, president of the chamber. Mrs. Winnie Braden, for the past six months executive secretary of the chamber of commerce, leaves tomorrow for Portland to accept a position with the state of Oregon in the bureau of exhibits.

Congressman N. J. Sinnott of this city was one of the principal speakers at the Joaquin Miller memorial yesterday in Washington, D. C., at the Joaquin Miller log cabin in the Rock creek park. Congressman Sinott was chosen as one of the speakers for his intimate knowledge of Joaquin Miller and his cabin at Canyon City, Or.

Today is the last day on which it will be necessary to put a three cent stamp on first class mail matter, and the two cent stamp which became extinct with the entrance of the United States into the war will stage a come-back. Only one cent will be required on postal cards where two cents have been necessary of recent months.

WASHINGTON, June 30—Continuous nation-wide prohibition, beginning tomorrow, was to be announced as the aim of the "ultra" prohibitionists in Congress today. Resenting President Wilsons's efforts to have the wartime prohibition act repealed as soon as is legally possible, the drys were planning to push through Congress legislation that will prevent a wet period of a few months between the time the president declares wartime prohibition at an end and the great drought of constitutional prohibition.

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