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Terray Harmon, Randy Hildebrand, Gary Conley, Wilton Hart and Dale Roberts contributed to this report.

Terray Harmon said he had the same card, post dated 1910 in The Dalles. The ferry crossed from the bottom of Union St. in The Dalles to Dallesport. The house in the background is the old ferryman’s house, and is still there, he added.

The ferry shut down with the completion of The Dalles Bridge.

“My great-aunt used to take their sheep from the Klondike area near Wasco over to Mount Adams over that ferry,” said Randy Hildebrand of Wasco. “One year, the dog came back all by itself on the ferry, clear to Klondike,” he added.

Wilton Hart wrote that the image is from a “penny postcard,” titled “Ferry at The Dalles, Oregon, ca.1909.” A card in the private collection of Lyn Topinka  is dated June 22, 1909, has a divided back and was published by “Sprouse & Son, Tacoma, Importers & Publishers, Washington. Made in Germany.”

Gary Conley said that Dallesport, where the ferry docked in Washington, was called “North Dalles” in its early years. He pointed out that the tug pushing the ferry pictured was steam powered.

Dale Roberts said his mom and dad, Willis and Ellen Roberts, “took all us kids—there were five of us—we would cross the Columbia River on the ferry and travel east to Wishram” to visit an uncle, his father’s brother, who worked for the railroad and lived in Wishram. “It was a lot of fun, back in those days,” he said.

20 years ago – 1999

When Trail Blazer fan Gerry Reineccius wants her team to win, she picks up her crochet needles. The result? A Blazer’s win. Not only that, by the time the game’s over, Reineccius has produced two Easter baskets — rabbits with flexible ears — made from cut-up bleach bottles and crocheted yarn. “I’ve made more than 30 of them,” says the 70-year-old, who sells them from her home or sends them to her 20 grandkids and great-grandkids.

The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historical Museum, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, will offer three free Sunday wildflower hikes in the gorge on April 4, 18, and May 2.

In a respectable showing, 15 people attended an open house Monday about where future roads would go in The Dalles.

PORTLAND — In the biggest liability verdict ever against Big Tobacco, a jury ordered Philip Morris to pay $81 million Tuesday to the family of a man who died after smoking Marlboros for four decades. One juror, April Dewees, said the panel was angered by documents showing that Philip Morris knew of the addictive nature and cancer-causing properties of cigarette smoke but avoided telling its customers.

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) — NATO struck near a major city in southwestern Kosovo today and an alliance spokesman warned of an “extended campaign” to damage the Yugoslav military machine that has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. As the exodus of ethnic Albanians continued despite a week of airstrikes, more fighting was reported in Kosovo between Yugoslav forces and the ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army.

40 years ago – 1979

Concerts are scheduled at The Dalles schools every night next week, including two concerts featuring musicians from the Kauai, Hawaii, high school.

The Dalles Child Care Center on West Ninth Street will close its doors April 30. Jean Krier, president of the board of directors of the center, said rising cost for salaries is one of the major reasons for the closure.

Man on the Street this week found people generally agreed that the Columbia Gorge is a beautiful place and should be kept that way, but their opinions varied greatly over how much control should be placed on it beyond the policies and practices now in effect. The National Parks Service is making a report to the Secretary of the Interior who has authority to make a recommendation to Congress on the future management of the Gorge.

Wasco, Hood River and Sherman County commissioners have agreed in principle to take a more direct hand in the administration of some state and federal programs now operated by separate agencies here. Meeting Thursday night, the commissioners agreed to form a new administrative unit for some of the programs, it was learned Friday.

SALEM, Ore. (UPI) — The House Elections Committee tabled four measures Friday, including a bill that would have allowed an open primary election in Oregon.

60 years ago – 1959

Conservation studies at The Dalles Junior High School will be given a practical application Saturday during a tree-planting trip to Dalles City watershed.

A firm employed by Northwest Natural Gas Co. has estimated that population of The Dalles will be 16,000 by 1962, The Dalles Chamber of Commerce Members’ Forum was told yesterday by Charles Gueffroy, president of the gas firm.

April will be a big month for the pedal-pushing youngsters of The Dalles with a bike licensing day on the 11th and the second annual Bicycle Rodeo on the 25th. The two dates were set during a meeting of The Dalles Safety Committee at The Dalles Junior High School Monday afternoon.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (UPI)—Two men who bungled an attempt to steal the children of steel executive Richard Raese will be arraigned today on child stealing charges. They also face possible kidnaping charges.

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)—San Francisco police were skeptical today about the report that a 12-foot king cobra was at large in the city. The reason was that snake farm operator Scott Lamb, 50, Morgan Hill, Calif., wasn’t absolutely sure whether the deadly reptile was on the seat beside him when he drove into town.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—The traditional White House Easter egg roll was washed out Monday by a steady drizzle and 40 degree temperatures.

80 years ago – 1939

The possibility of a dry season for farm crops and of extra pumping at the city reservoir appeared today after Watermaster Roger Wilhelm’s annual snow survey revealed the smallest potential water supply since 1934. Wilhelm, who tramped 16 miles on snowshoes while getting to and from Brooks meadows Wednesday, said the snow appeared to be melting fast.

Mrs. E. Cary Wilehart, 74, who came to Oregon in an emigrant train over the Old Oregon trail in 1877 and formerly operated the Cary hotel on East Second street, died at her home, 1410 Bluff street, last night at 9:50 p.m.

Work of stemming and pitting maraschino cherries from the 1938 crop stopped at the two local cooperative organizations at the close of operations today. More than 400 women, employed at monthly wages approximating $25,000, will be temporarily out of employment.

PORTLAND, March 31. (UP)—It’s unconstitutional! That rallying cry of conservatives, will sound in Multnomah circuit court Monday, from the unaccustomed throats of counsel representing the three great divisions of organized labor, united for the first time in Oregon. Under fire is the Oregon anti-picketing law, passed as an initiative measure at the November 8 election by an electorate weary of violence and jurisdictional labor wars.

BERLIN, March. 31. (UP)—The nazi government, through the official DNB News agency, today denounced Great Britain’s pledge of military aid to Poland as “a highly laughable attempt to create unrest and sow mistrust” in Europe.

100 years ago – 1919

No petitions for changes in road location or opening of new roads will hereafter be granted by the county court until members of the court have personally examined the proposed work.

After an absence in Washington of more than a year, Congressman W. J. Sinnott returned to his home here yesterday to remain until congress is reconvened. This, he said, may be looked for at any time, but certainly not later than May 15.

With a remarkable collection of war trophies, the Oregon Victory Loan “trophy special” will arrive in this city next Saturday morning at 9:35 o’clock. The train showing side lights on the great world war just closed, will exhibit here until 11:35 when it will leave for Wasco. The trophy special is making a complete tour of the state.

Early construction of The Dalles-California highway will be planned at the April meeting of the state highway commission, when government officials, representing the forest department and the postroads will be present together with delegations from Wasco, Jefferson, Crook and Klamath counties.

PARIS, March 31.—When the “big four” resumed its sessions today the question of reparation was expected to be the principal subject of discussion. An effort was to be made to dispose of this problem, which is understood to have been chiefly instrumental in delaying the peace work during the past week.

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