History Mystery from May 19, 2019

Mary Batty and Carolyn Homer contributed to this report.

Regarding last week’s History Mystery photograph of Pulpit Rock, Carolyn Homer noted that the Masons, not the Knights of Columbus, sponsored the event, as stated in last weeks’ answer.

Last week’s History Mystery picture was scanned from a 5- by 7-inch black-and-white negative from the archives of The Dalles Chronicle.

The label on the envelop reads, “The Paris,” Pioneer Window, May 8, 1957.”

Mary Batty said the dolls and models looked like those at Maryhill Museum of Art, which have been there for 60 years or more and have been changed and improved over the years.

Carolyn Homer also said they appear to be the French dolls at the Maryhill Museum, which had a fashion show after the war. The dolls were from France and are still displayed.

The photograph appears to be taken from the street—wet pavement can be seen at the bottom right—which suggests life-sized figures.

A sign reads “1857,” but no other words are legible, even on enlargement.

So the mystery remains, at least for now—readers are encouraged to provide more information, if they know what “The Paris” might refer to.

Regarding “The Paris” window display, Caroline Homer noted the fashion show itself was from Paris, featuring styles from the 1940s during and after World War II. Because of the war, Paris could not afford a fashion show, so the dolls were created and they put the fashions on them, clothes, hairstyles, shoes and everything, and sent them overseas so we could see the latest styles, she explained. “It’s beautiful but it’s kind of sad,” she said.

Carolyn Wood said “The Paris” was also a fine ladies dress shop on E. 2nd, about the 300 block, during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. “I remember buying clothes there, and also my wedding dress in 1961. It was operated by Margeret Kimsey, as I remember.” Sandy Sargeant also remembered the shop, which she said went out of business in the 1970s.

Carol W. Earl noted that the date in the window, 1857, is when The Dalles was incorporated and suggested the display is commemorating the event. The window appears to be that of “William’s 1870,” which is now Hamptons furniture store, at 406 E. Second St. Harmon also recognized the location as William’s 1870.

Looking Back on May 19, 2019

Pat Fowler, Virginia McClain, Jeanine Howe Dirkson, Russ Brown, Laverne Bieto, Roger Howe, Mike Kilkenney, Caroline Homer, William “Bill” Hamilton, Dinna Hackler and  Terray Harmon contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was scanned from a 4-by-5-inch black and white negative from the archives of  The Dalles Chronicle. The label reads, “Knights Templar, Pulpit Rock, Easter Sunrise. Knights Templar, Commandery No. 13” and “volunteer instrumentalists.” The envelope is dated March 25, 1951.

Many recognized the home in the background as that of the late Jack Howe, who served as mayor of The Dalles for many years. Virginia McClain lived a block and a half to the east. “My son was Jack’s paper boy, and once he learned where Jack wanted his paper put each day, they were then friends,” McClain said.

Jeanine Howe Dirkson also recognized the house, at 200 E. 12th St., as it is where she was born and raised. “Pulpit Rock is right there on the corner, that’s why they are all out there,” she said. “It’s fun to see what the house used to look like.” Roger Howe grew up in the house as well, and noted that usually the Masons were at the Easter Sunrise service in their uniforms as well as those pictured.

Caroline Homer  said every year she takes her keyboard up to Pulpit Rock for the Sunrise Service, and plays the music for it. “I’ve been playing for the Sunrise Service for many years, and I’m still doing it,” she said. She said the Knights of Columbus sponsor the service, set up chairs and do the program.

20 years ago – 1999

A malfunctioning piece of laboratory equipment started a fire that resulted in water damage to at least three floors of Columbia Gorge Commmunity College yesterday afternoon, prompting officials there to cancel classes this morning pending a detailed assessment.

The Dalles School District is considering a hike in high school graduation requirements to keep students in school and prepare for new state requirements. The Dalles High School currently requires 23 credits to graduate, just one over the minimum required by the state.

Singer BJ Thomas, of “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” fame, will perform two shows Friday, May 21, at the Granada Theatre in The Dalles.

As if saving the biggest punch for last, the final two pages of The Dalles’ 143-page budget document generated spirited talk by the budget committee last week. Those pages list the annual salaries of city employees. It made a few budget committee members grind their teeth. Budget committee member Ken Farner said, “I’ve felt personnel costs in the general fund are excessive. City hall hasn’t downsized even though the services it supports have.”

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) — NATO missiles caused “great” damage and the deaths of four people in Serbia today, state media reported.

40 years ago – 1979

Students of the Borg School of Dance came home to The Dalles area from the Annual Tap Specialty Competition at the Portland Memorial Coliseum with five high point trophies.

The Columbia Park Hospital grounds have been nearly still for several months, but until mid-June, at least, the grounds will be bustling with activity. Since Tuesday, the Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service (RVICS) have had their motor homes, trailers and campers parked on the soon-to-be (in the fall of 1980) Judson Baptist College campus.

Kathryn Rozendal, who has a 4.0 grade average, will be valedictorian when The Dalles High School seniors graduate May 31.

Pricing wheat in line with foreign oil costs is a popular idea here according to Man on the Street who took comment on the idea this week. He reported some bumper stickers which said: “A bushel of wheat for a barrel of oil.”

WASHINGTON (UPI)—More than a third of the 100 U.S. senators are apparently millionaires, with the richest being liberal Republicans with family food fortunes, financial disclosure forms showed Friday. Last year there were an estimated two dozen Senate millionaires. Despite a poor year for the Ralston-Purina stock providing Sen. John Danforth, R-Mo., with his millions, he and Sen. H.J. Heinz III, R-Pa., of the pickle and ketchup family, were apparently the richest senators.

Looking Back on May 19, 2019

A view of The Dalles looking west from the area of Brewery Grade in 1965. Photograph created by blending two images taken on 4-by-6-inch black and white film.

60 years ago – 1959

One person was injured in a traffic accident involving four cars Monday afternoon about two miles east of The Dalles on the Oregon Trail Highway.

A cake auction sale will be the major means of financing construction of a Dalles float for the Portland Rose Festival Parade, it was decided last night.

Northern Utility Co. withdrew as an applicant for the right to serve The Dalles with natural gas today and confined its request to the Chenowith service area.

Local high school music groups with outstanding records for achievement will perform tonight at the school auditorium, making their final public appearance of the season. The Spring Music Festival, presenting instrumental and vocal groups, will start at 8 p.m.

Dalles City will appeal to Sen. Richard L. Neuberger (D-Ore.) for aid in getting assignment of federal interstate funds to provide for a connection between the Brewery Grade interchange, a part of the by-pass project, and the downtown area.

The nine wagons, two buggies and one nine-seated hack that appeared in Saturday’s Scout Parade are the product of generosity and hard work by a number of Wasco and Sherman county residents.

GENEVA (UPI)—The United States has told the Russians flatly that President Eisenhower could not attend any summit conference under the threat of a new Soviet ultimatum on Berlin, it was disclosed today.

80 years ago – 1939

Bob Will, senior student at The Dalles high school, received double honors today, when he was named the “best all-around boy” in the senior class and also was presented with the scholarship plaque for the highest scholastic standing in the class, at the annual senior class day exercises held at 1 p.m. at the high school auditorium.

A proposal for direct broadcast from The Dalles of a half hour’s radio program on the Rose Festival hour May 29, was being considered today by the general committee in charge of this city’s participation in the Rose Festival, and the “cherry queen” contest now getting under way.

Nine Wasco county farmers have been notified by H. R. Robinson, county weed inspector, to destroy by cutting and burning all white top weeds on their farms by tomorrow, it was learned today.

WASHINGTON, May 19. (UP)—The house committee investigating un-American activities decided today to subpoena Chairman John D. M. Hamilton of the Republican national committee and Major-General George Van Horn Moseley, retired, in its inquiry into an asserted anti-Semitic campaign.

OTTAWA, May 19. (UP)—With a slight nod of his head, King George VI today gave royal assent to a treaty with the United States–first time a British sovereign ever personally has approved a bill passed by the Canadian government.

100 years ago – 1919

Postage stamps which, it is believed, Edwin Primrose secured from postoffices which have been robbed during the last few months and which he distributed among his friends and confederates may serve as evidence showing his complicity in the postoffice robberies which have heretofore baffled the police. It has developed that Primrose, in his visits to The Dalles previous to the murder of Chief of Police Gibons, frequently made gifts of large sheets of stamps to his friends, and especially to those who were assisting to keep his movements under cover.

Practically every section of the state will be represented at the meeting of commercial club secretaries to be held in The Dalles Thursday and Friday this week, when it is planned to form a state association of secretaries.

Stronger and better than ever the Chatauqua attractions will come to The Dalles July 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Six “sure-fire” musical attractions are billed for this city, according to advance announcements of the Ellison-White system.

C. C. Fox of Madras sustained three broken ribs and his brother, George B. Fox of this city, had a miraculous escape yesterday when they lost control of their car on the Mosier hill and turned over several times after running the machine into the bank.

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