Mosier Community School students in a small “pod” under the guidance of Mrs. Drewett, were asked to write on the theme of Teacher Appreciation week.

“We all know Teacher Appreciation Week is different this year than ever before,” wrote Drewett as she passed along the student’s thoughts. “As a small token of our appreciation, Mrs. Drewett’s pod would like to send out the following:”

Thank you for allowing us to be silly and be ourselves.

Thank you to every staff member who is taking care of us even though we aren’t always the calmest group, and can be hard to take care of (sixth).

Thank you for teaching us.

Thank you for continuing to help us even when we are not at school.

Thank you for caring for us.

Richard and Ramona, thank you for giving us lunch.

Ms. Valle, Mrs. Bauc, Mrs. Kime, thank you for being in the office and doing all the hard work for us.

Thank you for doing clubs for us.

Mrs. Bauc and Ms. Harmo,  thank you for drama, costumes, choir and other amazing opportunities.


Mr. Wooden, thank you for teaching history in middle school.

Mrs. Drewett, Mrs. Jen and Mr. Wooden, thank you for helping us through it even when we didn’t understand it, and thank you for helping us until we figured it out.

Mrs. Lisa, thank you for the fun games during gym.

Thank you Mrs. Carter for stepping up to be a principal and for listening to students a lot. The middle school really appreciates that you “actually listen” to us.

Thank you for letting us play and do activities outside.

Thank you Mr. Wooden for doing the RPG club.

Thank you Mrs. Drewett for dance committee.

Thank you Mrs. Kate for Girls Empowerment Club.

Thank you middle school teachers for Place Based Fridays.

Mrs. Malitz, thank you for doing OBOB.

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