History Mystery for Feb. 9

Delbert Nicholson, John David Johnson, Heather Maurin, Robert Jamack, Karen Brice, Adam Bailey, Jim Shaver, Michelle and Justin Smith, Karen Brice, Terray Harmon, Bill Johnson, Mike Kilkenny, Andy Clark, Marla Budd, Ruth Pullen, Teresa Cummings and Cheryl Ortega contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was published in the March 3, 1983 edition of The Dalles Weekly Reminder. The caption under the photo reads, “Volunteer union carpenters Ray Chrisman and Rick Jackson are hard to work constructing the Babe Ruth Association’s new concession stand at Quinton Ball Park, part of a project started about two weeks ago. All labor on the project is voluntary, along with a good percentage of the material. Those donating time or materials include Tum-A-Lum Lumber, The Dalles Concrete, Rockline Sand and Gravel, Brown’s Roofing, the Lions Club, East Cascade Electric, Coca-Cola, Lumberman’s, The Dalles Disposal, Your Rental Center, Gordon Helyer Insulation and Bill Bliss with drywall and taping. The facility is used by high school, legion and Babe Ruth teams, and this year will enhance the Babe Ruth state tournament hosted by The Dalles.”

Callers almost universally agreed the mystery photo involved the “best burgers in town,” although one caller referenced Big Jim’s.

Bill Johnson said that growing up, the 16th Street and Quinton ball park was the only ball field in town.

Andy Clark said, “I live out in left field, been there 57 years. I don’t remember it being built, it’s been there a long time.”

Karl Vercouteren has written a blog about the ball field as part of the All Together The Dalles mural project, which features a building or location pictured on the mural destined for the south wall of The Dalles Chronicle building at 811 E. Second Street. He writes that according to C.H. Urness, John Lundell and Bob Bailey, the field was created in the mid 1950s when their fathers decided a new ball field was needed. The boys helped build the field, which incorporated salvaged materials from the Vaughn Street Field in Portland, which was demolished in 1956-57. The full article is online at www.alltogetherthedalles.com, click blog in the menu.

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