History Mystery for Jan. 25

Gary Conley, Terray Harmon, Kathy Shebley,  Russ Brown and Bill Johnson contributed to this report.

Last week’s History Mystery, above, was published on page one of the Jan. 31, 1970 issue of The Dalles Chronicle under the headline “Riverfront, downtown projects begin.” It was one of two photographs: the first was of work on “a protective dike on the upriver side of boat launching ramp at the small boat harbor on the Columbia River being built by Wasco County highway crews.”

The picture above was captioned, “June 1 deadline is what workers will be shooting for in construction of the Tapadera Motel, including a dining room and lounge, as work began this week. Among subcontractors on the project are a number of local firms, including John Milne & Son plumbing, heating and air conditioning, Hire Electric, Brown Roofing, The Dalles Linoleum, Jack Fisher Painting and Kennelly Glass.”

Gary Conley correctly identified the construction site, and said the small building in the background, located at the corner of Union Street, was Railway Express, which shipped baggage and packages via the railroad. The Dalles Grain Elevators, since burned and demolished, are also visible. Bill Johnson also noted the Railway Express, which is now gone as well.

Russ Brown said the view was through what was once the site of The Dalles Hotel, now the location of the Tapadera Motel. The operator of the bulldozer is almost certainly Dale Taylor on his 955, he said.

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