To the editor:

I think most engaged Americans are very concerned about the integrity and security of the upcoming 2020 elections. I know I am. It is confirmed and widely known that Russia attacked our elections in 2016 and 2018. U.S. national security advisors have warned many times that we can expect the same but worse in 2020.

Last week, Greg Walden voted against the SAFE Act. This would have required all federal elections machines to have paper ballots that voters could use to confirm their votes. It’s what we do in Oregon. It’s what helped him get re-elected. It’s a small but very significant step in preventing outside interference with our elections.

Besides voting against the bill, the published actions from the development of the bill show that Walden did not attempt to address or improve his objections to the bill.

So…Mr. Walden, why did you vote against having paper ballots which could be reviewed and confirmed like the basic and effective security measure we have here in Oregon?

If there were items in the bill you thought were problems, why didn’t you engage in trying to improve it?

I can’t think of any legitimate reasons for refusing a basic safeguard for our already threatened electoral process. I challenge Mr. Walden to convince us otherwise.

Cindy Allen

Hood River

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