20 years ago – 1999

Community covenant supporters gathered in The Dalles Thursday to discuss their progress and ponder the covenant’s future. “I believe The Dalles is noted for its disagreements,” noted Darlene Stevens, one of the movement’s longtime supporters, “but at the same time hundreds of volunteers work every day in organizations. There’s a lot of good news. I think the community covenant can help promote that good news and let people know what’s going on.

The annual Light Up a Life celebration has returned to the Gorge for the holiday season. Light Up a Life is an important benefit for Hospice of The Gorge, helping to support hospice care programs and to assure that no Gorge resident desiring hospice care at the end of life is ever denied due to inability to pay.

Marvin Belcher, in a cowboy hat, does a jig and sings “Jingle Bells” as he rings his bells for the fourth year as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer. His smile and dance wins smiles from customers walking into K-Mart.

The U.S. Supreme Court Friday dismissed a case that stems from criminal actions of the failed Rajneesh commune in south Wasco County. This Wednesday, the highest court was to address a Freedom of Information Act case that had arisen from the defense of two women charged with conspiring to murder the United States Attorney for Oregon.

DUFUR—Giving themselves scarcely a moment to ponder the high school football championship trophy soon to be behind glass in their display case, Dufur School Board got on to the challenging task of discussing the future of Petersburg School. Some 50 people, mostly parents and grandparents of Petersburg students, attend the meeting.

HOOD RIVER—The ongoing argument over snowplowing—residents complaining their streets aren’t cleared, Hood River County officials responding there is no money available—is erupting again. But this time, one local resident is considering taking legal action to get the county to plow the streets in front of his property.

CHICAGO (AP)—Global skies are teeming with so many planes that the entire commercial aviation industry is near crisis, the head of the world’s largest airline warns.

WASHINGTON – The Clinton administration hopes the threat of a new, national lawsuit will persuade gun makers to negotiate with cities that accuse them of negligently allowing guns to fall into the hands of criminals.

40 years ago – 1979

It was all in fun, but for a good cause when The Dalles Jaycees tried out Dave Lutgens’ ability at handling a big piece of pizza dough. Lutgens owns Shakey’s pizza and is donating the pizza for a $1-a-square sale beginning at 3 p.m. Saturday. Jaycees Pat Carson and Rollin Rosette, who is donating the Coca Cola for the project, got in on the fun. Money raised will go to the Jaycees’ project to furnish gifts to underprivileged children.

Police here are seeking the armed man who robbed the attendant of the Eastside Veltex Station at 2702 E Second St., of $238 early Thursday afternoon. Station attendant, Jim Wissinger, reported the robbery at 12:50 a.m. Thursday. He was not injured in the holdup.

Beef producers from the Mid-Columbia will gather at the Portage Inn Saturday in the fifth annual Mid-Columbia Beef Cattle Conference.

What would you like for Christmas? When Man on the Street asked the question Thursday, he found most people wanted health, peace, and the Iranian crises settled.

It’s shoplifting season and the law has new, sharper teeth. If you get caught stealing from a store in Oregon, the new law allows the merchant to collect for his goods plus a penalty simply my mailing you a letter. Parents are now liable for the thefts committed by their children and can expect letters from merchants in case of theft.

Sunday morning at the Calvary Baptist Church 11 o’clock worship, Pastor Don Boldt will continue his series of messages on Faith with the sermon “Faith Proving.” Soloist for the service is Mrs. Dennis Rogers who, along with Mrs. Boldt, will be singing with the Cascade Singers in their programs Dec. 9 and 10. The pastor’s message at the 6 p.m. worship is “History’s Greatest Test.”

WASHINGTON (UPI)—The energy Department announced today a proposed coupon rationing plan in which the government would mail every registered vehicle owner a check entitling him to a certain amount of gasoline.

PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI)—A demonstration project to determine the feasibility of using giant windmills to produce electricity has cleared its first hurdle, the Bonneville Power Administration said Thursday. The U.S. Department of Energy, in an environmental assessment report, said the three 300-foot tall windmills planned in the Goodnoe Hills near Goldendale, Wash., will not cause any significant environmental impacts.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—President Carter Friday promised families of the Americans held in Tehran he will not take any military action that “would cause bloodshed or arouse the unstable captors of our hostages.”

60 years ago – 1959

Opening of bids for north shore construction at John Day Dam will be opened Thursday afternoon in the offices of the Corps of Engineers at Walla Walla.

By virtue of an emergency clause, an ordinance providing jury trials in Dalles City Recorder’s Court became law last night. According to the approved provisions of the ordinance, those persons accused of a crime in Recorder’s Court may plead their case before a jury of six bona fide Dalles residents.

Theft of $40 in cash and checks from the First Christian Church in The Dalles was reported yesterday to city police by H. Harold Johnson, minister of the church.

Commerce through The Dalles Dam from January through November was approximately 136,000 tons greater than during the corresponding period of 1958, the Corps of Engineers reports. Wheat was the largest single commodity on the tabulation for the month, 57,263 tons having been moved downstream through the locks.

Charles Roth, Jr., chief of The Dalles fire department, was elected vice president last night of the Mid-Columbia Mutual Aid Association.

Following favorable response by Hood River citizens, negotiations are now under way to form a corporation to finance construction and initial operation of a $400,000 “environmental research” laboratory at Hood River.

WASHINGTON (UPI)—The United Steelworkers Union today reached tentative agreement on new contracts with major can manufacturers providing for a 34-cent package over three years, it was learned today.

80 years ago – 1939

Hopeful that all needy cases in The Dalles area will receive assistance from charitable organizations during the Christmas holidays, Administrator Carl Sandoz of the Wasco County Public Welfare Commission today announced plans for a “clearing house” arrangement.

Mr. and Mrs. Val Eymont entertained members of Townsend club No. 3 at a Christmas party at their home last night.

The final week-end encampment of Company H, Oregon national guard, was to open today at the armory at 3 p.m., according to an announcement by Captain. R. M. Weber. The guardsmen will spend the week-end, until 6 p.m. Sunday, at the armory and in field maneuvers to complete the additional week of field training ordered for the units.

The High School Parent-Teachers association met Thursday afternoon at the high school, Harry Cloninger, vice-president, presiding in the absence of the president, Mrs. Otto Hinkle.

PORTLAND, Dec. 8. (UP)—The state highway commission today planned an elaborate campaign for marking the 538-mile stretch of the Oregon Trail from Ontario near the Idaho border to Seaside on the Oregon coast. The commission, at a meeting in Portland yesterday, voted to mark the route prominently on all future maps and to erect appropriate markers at historic spots.

LONDON, Dec. 8. (UP)—The British Royal Mail liner freighter Navasota, 8,795 tons, has been torpedoed in the Atlantic ocean, it was announced today. Forty-three persons were listed as missing.

Europe’s warring nations make an important appeal to world opinion tomorrow when the league of nations hears Finland’s charges of aggression by soviet Russia.

100 years ago – 1919

Explaining in detail how Wasco county would pay his salary of $200 a month as principal of the Antelope high school, asserting that his three children would secure a considerable sum of school fund money for the Antelope school, the two letters here produced tend to show that Clyde T. Bonney, did as charged by interested persons, secure the position in Antelope by smooth manipulations and a statement setting forth that no matter about his salary demands, Wasco county would pay the bills.

The Dalles chorus next Wednesday evening, assisted by able talent from Portland, will present its annual concert in the local high school auditorium. The chorus proper consists of 46 members, and has among its singers some of the best talent in the northwest.

In order that the citizens of this city should be enabled to secure army goods without traipsing through the snow to the Wodecki warehouse, Mayor P. J. Stadelman and A. S. Roberts in charge of sales have arranged for two local stores to take over the government canned goods and sell them at government price to the city.

WASHINGTON—The supreme court has failed to hand down any decision on the constitutionality of wartime prohibition. The west still hope for a favorable decision next Monday.

BERLIN—The government today handed to the inter-allied naval mission a note of protest in connection with alleged mistreatment of German war prisoners.

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